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378 signatures vs. 364 signatures per day…


…just in case Tim Kaine donors want to know where their money is going.

Allen vs. Kaine — efficiency vs. profligacy.  Need proof?  Look at how they run their grassroots campaigns [2], as SWAC Girl explains:

What if the Allen campaign had the luxury of continuing to collect petitions right up through the deadline? If we do the math, it’s in favor of George Allen’s grassroots efforts:

1) All campaigns began collecting signatures on January 1, 2012.

2) George Allen turned in 26,869 on March 12th. Assuming they were collecting signatures up through the 11th, that’s 71 days, an average of 378.4 signatures a day.

3) Tim Kaine is turning in 30,866 today. Assuming they were collecting signatures through the 25th, that’s 85 days, an average of 363.1 signatures a day.
So if Allen had kept collecting at his rate, the campaign would have turned in 32,164 signatures today. But because of the primary challengers and ballot position, he didn’t have the luxury of waiting another two weeks just to pad his numbers.
I wonder how much more Kaine paid his staffers and signature collectors (and how much of that was spent on the AFL-CIO) than Allen paid his grassroots volunteers in pizza?
…no wait.  Don’t answer that.  We know.