Weekly Poll: The Republican nomination for governor in 2013; Bolling or Cuccinelli? (Poll #1)

Earlier this week, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli formally declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor. He faces Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling for the nomination, who welcomed Cuccinelli to the contest.

Since the campaign has officially started, we’re interested in knowing where Bearing Drift readers stand as of today as to who they favor for the nomination. And, we will regularly ask your opinion throughout the course of the campaign.

Poll closes next Saturday evening.

If the election were held today, who would you vote for in the Republican primary for governor in 2013?

  • Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli (63%, 609 Votes)
  • Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (37%, 358 Votes)

Total Voters: 967

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  • Brian E

    Should we not be concentrating on the 2012 election? Quite honestly, the fundamental transformation will by complete this time next year if Obama is reelected.

  • Yes, we’re concentrating on 2012. However, this is a baseline poll of BD readers, considering Cuccinelli just announced formally his intent this week.

    Additionally, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. We mainly wrote about the 2011 elections last year, this year it will be 2012. But we cannot ignore political news as it happens.

    Thanks for reading and your comment.

  • Macaca

    Since Kaine has wrapped up the Senate race since MacacAllen will win and Obama will release petroleum reserves in time for november voter motivation you might as well focus on the governors race. Besides firing up support for voter turnout, dem push polling will skew measures of support out of proportion for either candidate. And recall 2008. Remember when those economic indexes were manipulated to favor democrats?

  • Brian E

    I’m concerned about the divide of in-fighting that distracts us from the true issue…removing Obama.

    I’ll tell you I’m a die-hard Cuccinelli supporter and I’ll hold my nose and vote for Romney…or should I say against Obama. But there is so much community organizing that the left is doing (i.e. Occupy Wall Street, Treyvon Martin, Contraception, Free speech (Rush), etc.) that we need to be united…not divided.

    It’s not about your ability to dual task, but your inability to unite. It’s time that we do and don’t make my priority in defending Cuccinelli. So please give me a reason to be on your side.

    November 7th, we can have at it.

    It seems Macaca is proving my point and he’s right about the propaganda of oil reserves, the economy, skewed job numbers and community organization will be in full swing. Please keep that in mind.

    …and you have a nice blog…well put together.

  • George Allen is not yet the nominee. Bob Marshall would make a much stronger opponent for Tim Kaine.

  • kelley in virginia

    don’t forget AG. Rob Bell for AG!

  • Steve Vaughan

    I voted for who I think WILL win. That’s Cuccinelli. And it won’t be as close as this poll.

  • Alison Taylor

    Go KC!

  • Jack Weaver

    I can not even imagine anyone thinking about voting for Bolling. He is a hardcore politician first and foremost with the citizens of Virginia being secondary.

  • all4HIM

    Ken will be the best Governor Virginia’s ever had !!!

  • KC was doing an interview in Richmond on Friday (1140 a.m.) about the upcoming Supreme Court Case which he said he’d be writing about Monday-Wednesday. Asked it would be posted on-line he said yes and when asked what the was the URL he said “it’s shamelessly cuccinelli.com. So, I went there and all it is a place to sign up for his newsletters or give money to his gubernatorial campaign. I signed up for newsletters so perhaps that is the way in which he meant it would be on line. Does anyone know of anything otherwise? He gave a very good interview on the legal process of the pending case before SCOTUS, and did not expect any ruling late June.

  • Eric McGrane

    Subscribe to his “Cuccinelli Compass” newsletter for continual updates.

  • Cal Carnes
  • Sue

    As a conservative, I am excited to support Ken Cuccineli for governor and Jamie Radtke for US Senate. I am an American FIRST and FOREMOST and a Republican somewhere down the line…

  • @Eric. I’d like to subscribe to “Cuccinelli Compass” but the only place I can even come close to finding such a thing is on KC’s facebook page–and that was on page 2 of a google search. Is that what you meant I should do?

  • Craig – you can sign up for The Cuccinelli Compass, Ken’s newsletter very easily by going to http://www.Cuccinelli.com and filling in your name and email address on the left hand side of the page.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Thanks so much!

  • David C Okelley

    Put me on your E-mail list please

  • Justicelover

    I suspect Bolling would be a nice Governor. I expect Cuccinelli to be a great governor and nail the issues of accountability, processes, constitutionality, while improving the economic and job situation. The man is driven, but principled.

  • Let’s Be Free

    When is Bearing Drift going to endorse Bill Bolling, you know, because he is mainstream electable and wouldn’t accomplish a damn thing but would hire RINO’s like Brian Schoeneman?

  • Steve Vaughan

    Probably not a dime’s worth of difference between Bolling and Cuccinelli ideologically. There’s million of dollars of difference in their political skills, however.

    Brian S is looking for a government job?
    Got any evidence of that?

    Or are you just throwing rocks at random?

  • Bolling sure has the rhino advantage in the 3rd district.. Chris Woodfin did an inside job on the tea party and especially RP delegates.

  • Mary Herndon

    I think Bill Bolling is the right man for Governor. He should be our Governor now,however he stepped aside for the good of our party. He has my vote and I hope all other republicans

  • Tyler Spires

    Im sure all of the NOVA Rockefeller Liberal Republicans will be in the bag for Moderate Bill Bolling.

    And who are all of these people voting for Bill?

  • Mary Herndon

    I am very conservative! And I am very proud of voting for Bill Bolling. He is a great person who got the shaft just so there would not be infighting in the party. I see KC is just thinking of himself

  • Brian E

    By Bill Bolling stepping aside for Gov McDonnell’s election, he was looking out for himself because he caved to the powers-at-be to decide your governor. He allowed the party to make the choice and not you for political reasons. That’s why we have primaries.

    Meanwhile, Ken Cuccinelli is fighting against ObamaCare while Governor McDonnell is sitting on a bill that allows federal deputized, Virginia employees to arrest Americans against the first amendment. HB1160.

    Because Bill Bolling stepped aside. He did it for political clout in thinking about himself, not personal sacrifice.

  • Old-geezer

    I am undecided so I can not vote. When you do not know what to do, follow the advice of someone who is smarter then you. So guess I will vote for Brian Schoeneman’s pick.

  • @Tyler Spires: “NOVA Rockefeller Liberal Republicans” as you call us, drive the economy for the rest of the state. Without us, no Rest of Virginia.

  • Bill and Sandra Goode

    Ken Cucinelli for Governor

  • We need Ken C. To stand up to the onslaught of federal tyranny over the states and the people.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Keith and Dori
  • Dori Domerese & Keith Domerese

    Absolutely will be backing up Ken!!! You go Ken! Our prayers are with you ; )

  • Gerald Brittle

    This is Hager-Earley all over again. Cucinelli cannot win Virginia. Therefore pick a Democrat. Any Democrat. That’s who will be your next governor. Believe it.

  • DiverMike

    Those of us who were delegates at the last state convention will remember Cuccinelli’s illegal attack on one of his opponents. That robo-call was illegal and despite repeated questions about it, Ken has not responded once. He also lied to our faces here in Roanoke last year when he flat denied any possibility that he would run against Bill Bolling for Gov. Cooch is a snake like the one on his flag and I will NEVER vote for him in any election.

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