Left responds to Cheney heart transplant

After all of the recent lectures and admonitions from the left about civil discourse, let’s check in with them and see what they have to say about former Vice President Dick Cheney’s heart transplant today:

The Daily Kos, under the headline “Cheney Gets a New Heart- Literally Sorry for the Confusion, says:

Contrary to popular belief Dick Cheney does have a heart. $omehow a man his age has come up on the transplant list. His condition has not been released besides his presence in the ICU.

They include this picture for good measure:

Our friends at the Huffington Post are carefully screening comments and excluding the ones that they deem too uncivil to be published.  In fairness, the main article is compassionate and non-political, and many of the comments are along the lines of “I don’t agree with his politics, but I wish him a speedy recovery.”  However, here are a few gems of civil discourse that survived the HuffPo filter:

First, wouldn’t surprised me if he bumped a few people to get that heart.
Second, maybe he will have a REAL heart this time.  For all those who thank him for his service, he is a greedy, selfish, arrogant pidley excuse for a man.

This is TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS. This old old man doesn’t fit ANY of the requirements to get that new heart. He’s not worthy of it physically let alone as a decent human being. There isn’t a transplantation team in the world that would approve…unless there is a lot of cash involved. How disgusting.

Now that he’s got a heart, maybe he’ll learn how to use it and live in this wonderful world like a normal human being. It doesn’t take much, just a heart!

[This one was posted by a “HuffPost Community Moderator]  “Cheney, 71, …has had a long history of heart trouble.”  …understatement…

Yeah, there is no way in hell you would ever get a heart transplant with a medical history like his. Must be a 1% thing.

Something tells me that a younger, more vibrant person out there could have used a heart transplant more than this poor excuse of a human being. Giving it to a 71 year old tyrant who has done nothing but turn his country backwards seems to me that the Ethics Board of Organ Recipients has been greased with money quite adequately.  How can a man of his age, history of poor health get a transplant??????  So much for integrity. I am ripping up my donor card.  Money talks.

Wondering what comments the HuffPo didn’t print?  Check out rawstory.com, which doesn’t filter comments (warning – graphic language):

Where did they find one small enough?

Almost makes me rethink my donor status on my driver’s license.  I’d like the fine print to say use any organs except to help war criminals squeak out a few more years.

I’d wanna fucking kill myself if my organs went into a right winger let alone fuckin chainy!

Where did they find a heart black enough to be suitable for Cheney?  Just hope it doesn’t last very long.

Wait…he had a heart?

What d’ya know? His FIRST heart.  Imagine this asshole opened up and lying on the table when all of a sudden the doctor carrying the heart says “Oops!” then we hear a muffled splat. A beautiful sound that would have been indeed.


pray for rejection

Boy, if I was the person who died and knew my heart went to Dickhead Cheney, I’d be pissed off .

That is a waste of a good heart. Die you miserable bitch, die.

straight out of a frankenstein house of horrors ….. EVIL lives again !!  i’d wish for a staph infection …. but no bacteria will touch that thing.

Weak, immobilized and in pain is exactly where that asshole *should* be.

The clock is ticking on this evil prick who should be caged in a cell awaiting hanging.  They will have to maintain 24/7 surveillance on his grave to prevent people from pissing and shitting on it. This monster fucked up the world for his own rotten greed.  Car horns will be blowing all across the land when he finally takes his dirt nap.  Worst American in my lifetime.

Unknown donor????  I wonder who’s heart they stole or diverted from someone more deserving of it.

Sheesh, how many people have to die to keep this POS alive, anyway?

Now, what was it you all you lefties were saying about how Rush Limbaugh needs to be taken off the air….?

  • I’m sure Media Matters will jump right on that and call for Opie to be pulled off the air….

  • It’s completely true that if either side bases their ideas about the other side on the (often anonymous) comments sections of blogs and online media, then it’s no wonder that the well of political discourse in any meaningful way is completely poisoned.

  • Gretchen – Bearing Drift does not filter comments (except in very rare and extreme circumstances), yet we almost never see comments like those above at this site. The fact is that as a general rule, conservatives do not spew the kind of hate speech that leftists do.

  • LittleDavid

    At the risk of having this post deleted for distasteful humor….

    What do you mean he had a heart transplant? You can’t replace something that didn’t previously exist.


    Why are we giving him another one? Shouldn’t every man be limited to poisoning just one heart?

    If you hear these anywhere else, they are stealing my material.

  • Lovettsville Lady

    Little David, are you proud of those comments?

    What’s wrong with people on the left? Were they born this mean and unkind? Are they soulless, born lacking in humanity? Or is it learned behavior? Whatever it is, it’s very sad.

  • LittleDavid

    Lovely lady,

    Yes I am proud of those jokes. They were very funny and very pointed.

    I guess you just do not have a sense of humor.

  • LittleDavid

    I’m going to get more serious. Dick is enjoying health care that we can not afford to provide for most. While God is forgiving, He is not a fool. Perhaps Dick is trying to delay the judgement?

  • Really, Gretchen? I was under the impression that dismissing Conservatives as “greedy” was well within the Democrat mainstream. And are insufficiently “compassionate” and/or “don’t care” because they don’t embrace every Big Government program to come down the pike. Or dismiss Conservatives as “far right.”

    I suppose that you can pretend that these are the mere rantings of Internet moonbats, but I could only conclude that you haven’t visited “Blue Virginia” recently. Or ever.

  • LD – Your comments reflect your character. The fact that you are such a coward that you posted them under a pseudonym also reflect your character.

  • Oh, he’s David Obermark, trucker extraordinaire. Former Navy Chief. He’s a paragon of taste and class. I banned him once. You can thank Shaun Kenney for him still being here. Quite frankly, he’s the only person who comments on this site who I have a visceral reaction to every time I see his inane avatar. You’re right, Ken. He tried a blog once. No one read it. Guess where he comes instead? I take it as a compliment that he does. And I am glad he does. You know what they say – better to stay quiet and leave people guessing as to your intelligence than to speak and eliminate all doubt. David, apparently, never heard that saying.

    More to the point – he’s proving the hypocrisy of the left. Let him. There’s a reason their symbol is an ass.

  • Lovettsville Lady

    Oh my gosh, I thought Little David was a young teenager!

    LD, your last comment makes no sense because most of those in the US waiting for heart transplants receive them. Cheney was on the list, just like everyone else. He waited two years. Of course in other countries he, and the others on the list, would not have option of a transplant.

  • lon cheney

    hope he has a friggin heart attack !!

  • Brian Kirwin

    The comments the left make give us a clear view of how they’d run Obamacare.

  • Tim J

    I bought the leather bound and signed edition of Cheney’s latest book. God bless him for his service to this country.

  • Let’s Be Free

    In view of his great concern for women and his abiding respect for politically active daughters, no doubt Barack Obama will be calling on Liz and Lynne Cheney today, to express his outrage and offer his moral support.

    As for Ms. Laskas’ comment, she is living in LaLa Land. I have many “progressive” friends who are posting these ad hominem Cheney attacks, for attribution, on Facebook. The slurs from the left are real. They are consistent. They are vicious and unyielding. Get your head out the ground. The Obama bunch are ignorant hypocrites.

  • Joan

    Even Yahoo! got into the act by asking if Cheney was too old for a transplant, and shouldn’t they have left the heart for someone younger. Bah!

    I am praying for Mr. Cheney’s swift recovery.

  • LittleDavid

    Look guys, my jokes were nothing more then what politicians might deal with when they are roasted at the press club every year. Politicians line up to be the recipient of those jokes.

    I think Dick Cheney is man enough to take the jokes, at least man enough to take those as timid as the ones I presented.

    I seem to recall him laughing in amusement one time when they played the Darth Vader theme when he stepped to the podium.

    For the record. I do personally disagree with anyone who insists on an expensive heart transplant so late in life. If you want to witness how to face end of life, I volunteer my wife as an example. God blessed she and I with years of additional life after she had been told she had only months to live. Well, it appears like we may have drained the end of the blessing.

    My wife will soon be going into the Doctor for an expert opinion of what we already know is probably true. There is a slim chance that we are wrong, but it is going to take yet another miracle, and we can not be greedy in expecting yet another.

    I ask for the prayers of believers. Please pray that I have the strength to help my wife in this very difficult time. She is an amazing woman. Throughout my life I always explained that the only reason I ended up getting her to marry me was because of pure luck. As she faces the end of her life, I am astounded by her courage. She’s busy trying to figure out how to pass on as frugally as possible. If everyone followed her example, the problems with Medicare, Medicaid and the entire health care system would be solved overnight.

    Me? I’m selfish. I do not know what I am going to do without her. Please pray that God gives me the strength I need to not fall to pieces. I need God’s help.

  • Jerry Zeigler

    @JR: the “former Navy Chief” was not needed as part of his identification and his behavior is certainly not reflective of the majority. That is like a newspaper article that states “sailor arrested for DUI”.
    And as Brian pointed out, this kind of explains why many in the left like the idea of comissions deciding who should receive healthcare.

  • LittleDavid


    My wife has asked why if someone insists that we spend every last dime to prolong their life by a few weeks, she should be expected to help pay for it.

    I am sure Dick Cheney’s bills for his heart transplant was was at least partially paid for by tax dollars.

    After my wife was told she had only months to live, she ended up refusing Doctor recommended treatments and it is not an exaggeration to explain we entrusted her life to God. If God was willing, she would live. SHE LIVED, PRAISE GOD. I am convinced that, because her continued existence on this Earth was in accordance with His plan, a burglar might have put a gun to her head, pulled the trigger and wondered why the gun jammed. Well it would have jammed because God was not done with her yet.

    But as the Bible says, it comes upon each person to die and then to face judgement. My wife fears not the judgement, she fears the expense she might cause getting to it.

  • Old-geezer

    Death has been called the last mystery of life, the last great adventure. And it is something that we all will face sooner or later.

    Little David, I admire your wife for her courage. I hope that you will find the courage to be strong for her. Remember that when she passes from this life, she will be with God. The God of love and compassion.

  • LD- I’m very sorry to learn about your wife’s condition. She and your family will be in our prayers.

    Given your family’s situation, one would especially think that you would have resisted hurling gratuitous insults at another human being who just survived a life-threatening medical procedure.

  • LittleDavid


    Your complaints about my jokes would hold more water if you did not hear some of the things I hear on the CB about President Obama. My jokes were jokes, but these people are serious.

    If I need to prove my point, I would ask you to examine how many people still think President Obama was born in a foreign country. I believe I read where the Washington Times complained that they are the only ones publicizing that a right wing podunk Arizona county sheriff gave his “expert” opinion the Obama birth certificate was a forgery. They were not joking, they were serious. Some of Barack Obama’s opponents have suggested they might be deadly serious and I stand as personal witness to such comments. If they lose at the ballot box, well, then it will be necessary for an armed revolution to take back America.

    What does the Bible say about removing the plank from your own eye before complaining about the splinter in the eye of your opponent?

  • ProudLiberal

    “The fact is that as a general rule, conservatives do not spew the kind of hate speech that leftists do”

    Ken Falkenrath – You argue a straw man. On a local blog without nationwide readership you’re less likely to attract the attention of trolls, but a quick tour of townhall.org or humanevents.com would give you some equally outrageous sentiments from righties. By your own admission, the majority of the HuffPo comments were level-headed and semi-human, yet you focus on the shrill and toxic comments of a few and use that to characterize liberals in general. If I were to find some choice comments about, say, Ted Kennedy’s passing (they exist)and extrapolate that to conclude that all conservatives were raging dickholes, what would your response be?

    I’m glad you’re above such vitriolic attacks. I cannot say the same for all conservatives or all liberals. But step outside your glass house before throwing rocks at ours. Hypocrisy exists on both sides and if you throw Bill Maher in my face, I’ll throw Andrew Breibart (RIP and prayers to his family) back in yours. You don’t have any more right to play the the civil discourse card than liberals do.

  • Tim J

    “yet you focus on the shrill and toxic comments of a few and use that to characterize liberals in general”… congratulations Ken, they put their panties on backwards which are now are painfully bunched up in sensitive areas.

  • Steve Vaughan

    Much ado about nothing.
    Personally, I’m glad the former veep had a heart installed. Finally.

  • Mike Barrett

    If this Journal wishes to start a trend, how about doing so by avoiding inflammatory headlines and articles designed to increase blood pressure, anger, and fear, and in many cases, all three.

    Do you have to engage in yellow journalism to keep readership up? If that is the case, it is not working since the same grouches post their rhetoric all the time.

    Do you really believe that the only way you can win the Presidency is to either make voters mad or angry or both?

  • Brian Kirwin

    Mike, what is so inflammatory about “Left responds to Cheney heart transplant”

  • MD Russ


    You’re commenting on remarks that are designed “to increase blood pressure, anger, and fear?” Really?

    Proud Liberal,

    Yes, I remember some of the uncharitable comments made when Ted Kennedy died. I also remember quite vividly the outraged apoplexy of the liberals who damned all conservatives as heartless bastards and worse. The shoe really pinches when it is on the other foot, doesn’t it?

  • Cody Allison

    There is my image of Cheney behind a desk that i made…:D It’s nice to see it’s being put go good use…

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