Tim Kaine Doubles Down on Obamacare [Updated]

Is it George Allen’s birthday already again? Because Tim Kaine just gave him an incredible gift.

In a statement today, Kaine said:

“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has impacted millions of Virginians by putting patients, instead of insurance companies, in charge of their health care.”

Really? He wants to celebrate the two-year anniversary?

This as the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Voters shows that 62% believe it is at least somewhat likely that the health care law will cause some companies to drop health insurance coverage for their employees.

On Monday, oral arguments begin in the Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of certain parts of Obamacare.

Charles Krauthammer writes: Ultimately, the question will hinge on whether the Commerce Clause has any limits. If the federal government can compel a private citizen, under threat of a federally imposed penalty, to engage in a private contract with a private entity (to buy health insurance), is there anything the federal government cannot compel the citizen to do?

The Wall Street Journal says: As the Affordable Care Act suits have ascended through the courts, the Justice Department has been repeatedly asked to articulate some benchmark that distinguishes this specific individual mandate from some other purchase mandate that would be unconstitutional. Justice has tried and failed, because a limiting principle does not exist.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus writes in the Orlando Sentinel: With a price tag reaching $1.76 trillion over the next 10 years, President Obama promised Americans the benefits would outweigh the costs. The massive government takeover of health care, he insisted, would offer “affordable care” and “patient protection.” The economic risks, higher taxes, and government bureaucracy were worth it, Democrats said. They were wrong.

So with the cost estimates soaring, the American people wanting it repealed and an uphil Constitutional battle brewing in the Supreme Court, Tim Kaine wants to throw a party?

Apparently, like his backtracking on the HHS mandate, he didn’t check in with the White House first.

They’re not celebrating.

Kirwin says: Thanks to Obamacare, I don’t need a job!

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George Allen issued the following statement in response to Kaine:

Statement from George Allen on the Second Anniversary of the New Health Care Law

March 23, 2012

Statement from George Allen on the Second Anniversary of the New Health Care Law
Henrico, VA – Today, George Allen issued the following statement on the second anniversary of the passage of the new health care law:

“This government-run health care law gives Washington too much control and patients too little. No Washington bureaucrat should get between patients and their doctors. We need to trust the people – put them in charge with quality, affordable portable health care options like personalized Health Savings Accounts. I believe the solution to our health care system is not more government, it’s more Freedom.

“My opponent, Tim Kaine, has called the law a ‘great achievement’ and a ‘big step forward,’ but that’s not what I hear from families, small business owners and seniors throughout Virginia who will be affected. Whether it’s business leaders from Emporia and Greensville County or restaurant owners in Prince William and Fairfax counties, they all say the uncertainty and costs associated with new regulations and mandates are hampering or will impede their ability to hire and expand their businesses.

“Despite promises, this new health care law has become one of the biggest impediments to job creation today. Health care costs are on the rise, taxes have increased and small businesses have been saddled with burdensome fees, penalties and mandates. This is not the health care reform Americans want or deserve. I want to be the 51st vote in the U.S. Senate to repeal and replace it.”

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