Tim Kaine Silent on Virginia Budget

Senate Democrats in Richmond have decided to put power before the people and refuse to pass a budget. Not because it doesn’t do enough for Virginians, no, but because they want more out of Senate committees. The same Senate Democrats who have been hammering for weeks now about how Richmond needs to focus on something other than social issues have spent that same time ignoring a budget that determines the livelihood of teachers, police officers, firefighters, state workers and more.

And Tim Kaine is silent.

Tim Kaine, who would be a decisive vote in the United State Senate and maybe help the Democrats there finally pass a budget after nearly three years without doing so, is taking a pass on this issue in Richmond. Why? Well, probably because he can’t use it to divide Virginians, pander to his base, beg for money, whip the media up in a frenzy, and otherwise focus on the very divisive politics he NEEDS to focus on if he’s going to have a chance at winning.

Because on the issues that matter he fails.

Kaine was quick to wade into Richmond politics when it suited his electoral needs. But now that it’s on the very issues that impact Virginian’s day to day, he’s silent.

Where’s the demand from the media that Tim Kaine take a stand on Virginia Democrats and their obstructionism in the Senate?

Where’s Tim Kaine calling on them to stop playing politics and start doing their jobs?

All we hear are crickets.

Tim Kaine: Take a stand and call on Senate Democrats to PASS THIS BUDGET and stop putting politics of power before the people.

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