Obama calls Sandra Fluke while continuing to ignore the family of fallen soldier TJ Conrad

President Obama found the time to call Sandra Fluke (above) to express admiration for her demand that taxpayers give her $3,000 per year to subsidize her sexual promiscuity, but he continues to ignore the families of fallen American soldiers.

The Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces, President Barack Obama, recently took time out of his busy day to place an admiring call to Sandra Fluke, who had earlier this week testified to Congress that the taxpayers of this country should pay her annual $3,000 birth control bill.

Ms. Fluke, a Georgetown Law School student, had been the subject of criticism following her testimony. Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut.”  Obama apparently expressed his “disappointment” in Limbaugh’s comments.

It is no fluke that Ms. Fluke gained gushing “news” media coverage for her “courageous” testimony and for her being “victimized” by Rush Limbaugh.  Dutifully misidentified by the establishment “news” media as a 23-year-old co-ed, Ms. Fluke actually is 30 and is the past president of the leftist Law Students for Reproductive Justice.  She is also a long-time activist in the leftist version of the “women’s rights” movement.

The Democrats are entering an election year with an abysmal record and a country in financial crisis.  Their only chance to see their leftist president reelected and to hold on to the Senate is to distract the American people from the devastation that their policies have wrought.  And so, with the enthusiastic assistance of their loyal “news” media, they’ve dictated a narrative that focuses not on the fact that ObamaCare infringes on the most basic religious freedoms of the American people but on making a victim out of a 30-year-old feminist activist.

By the way, note that ObamaCare wouldn’t require schools like Georgetown to provide contraception in student health insurance plans because ObamaCare regulates only employer-provided insurance plans.  But why let the facts get in the way of a good opportunity for the “news” media to create another leftist victim at the expense of a leading conservative?

Today Barack Obama played his part in this latest Democrat/”news” media collaboration by telephoning Ms. Fluke to express his admiration for and solidarity with her.  These kinds of contrivances are par for the course in the Democrat/leftist playbook and should surprise no one.

The remains of Sgt. TJ Conrad arrive home from Afghanistan

But Obama’s perverse values and priorities really come into focus when we consider the fact that he never called the family of Roanoke native Army Sergeant T.J. Conrad, the brother of my niece (by marriage), who was killed February 23rd in Afghanistan by Islamist lunatics to whom Obama quickly issued an apology for the burning of desecrated Korans at a U.S military base.

Obama found the time to apologize to the Islamists who have declared and waged war on America.

He found time today to give a speech comparing himself to Gandhi and Mandela and comparing his statist agenda with the women’s suffrage and the civil rights movements.

And he found time to call a feminist activist – who is absolutely not a slut – to express admiration for her desire to force the taxpayers to pay her $3,000-per-year birth control bill.

But the president could not find five minutes to call the family of a fallen American soldier.

The presidents that we have elected over the course of our history have been a mixed bag.  Some, like Washington, Jefferson, Polk, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, and Reagan, served honorably and with distinction.  Others, like W.H. Harrison, Buchanan, Harding, Nixon, Carter, and Clinton (who might just make his own call to Ms. Fluke), not so much.  But never before have we had a president whose priorities were so hostile to American values as Barack Obama.

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