Dick Saslaw further undercuts McEachin’s new narrative on why Dems voted against the budget

More evidence, if it was needed, that the Senate Democratic hissy-fit over the budget is solely motivated by their desire for additional power comes from the Family Foundation, which posts an overheard conversation involving minority leader Dick Saslaw:

Last night was the annual Ken Stolle Chili Cook Off, a well attended political event hosted by the former state Senator and current Virginia Beach sheriff. Overheard at the event was the following statement to Sheriff Stolle by Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw:

”I’ve told them I’d end all this [B.S.] if they’d just give us parity on Ed and Health.”

Not even a chairmanship. Just parity on the committee that deals with social issues.

TFF makes Saslaw a somewhat cheeky counter-offer:

If Senate Democrats want partisan parity on Ed and Health, we urge them to appoint Senator Phil Puckett, one of the most pro-life Democrats in the Senate. That will give Senator Saslaw the equal party representation he wants, if that’s actually what he wants.