Roanoke College: Allen by 8pts

Governor Abuser Fees can’t be happy about this:

Allen holds an 8-point lead over Kaine, up from a three-point margin in September 2011. That current margin is unchanged when looking only at registered voters. Allen leads among political Independents (43%-38%), but he trails Kaine among ideological moderates (50%-33%). Allen benefits from the much greater percentage of self-identified conservatives in Virginia as compared to the smaller number of liberals. There is also a gender gap with the potential candidates tied among women (40%-40%), but Allen leads among men (49%-33%).

Allen can boast a five point lead among independent voters too… and among women, Kaine is actually tied — illustrating how Kaine’s three week pogrom on personhood radically hurt the former DNC chairman’s messaging among independents and women.

Brutal numbers for Kaine in Southwest Virginia as well, an area where he absolutely needs to pull even to have a chance.

Meanwhile, Allen’s messaging on jobs, energy, and the economy seems to be lifting the eyes of many Virginians eager for solutions during the economic recovery.  That Allen has consistently hammered away at clean coal and alternative energy resources while Kaine stays wedded to Obama’s “green energy” platform seems to be costing Kaine critical support.

Allen on the economy.  Kaine all over the map (and losing).   There’s your takeaway.

UPDATE: Virginia Virtucon had practically the same read:

While Allen is talking about the economy, jobs and energy independence, Kaine is running on “macaca,” social issues, George W. Bush, Ken Cuccinelli and being President Obama’s “unabashed” defender. Coincidence? I think not. Plus Kaine’s decision to close the state’s highway rest areas while sitting on $1 billion in road funds and his recommendation to send convicted double-murderer Jens Soering to Germany where he would have been eligible for release in a few short years will be key issues working against him that have only just begun to penetrate the electorate.


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