Obama owes an apology to the American people

Barack Obama cares more about the feelings of these lunatics than he does about honoring the service of the American soldiers that they murdered.

Today, President Obama issued a formal written apology to the Afghan government for the accidental burning of some defiled Korans.  What he did not do was demand an apology from the Afghan government for the intentional murder of two American soldiers who were in that country to help the Afghan people.

Barack Obama’s presidency is defined by his pattern of kowtowing to America’s most vile enemies while routinely throwing our allies under the bus.  But for me, this time it is personal:

One of the American soldiers who was murdered in Afghanistan was a member of my family (by marriage).  He served honorably and selflessly in Afghanistan to help those people even though he had a wife and baby son back home.

This good man deserved and deserves better than a President of the United States who cares more about throwing his own military officers under the bus at the demand of a bunch of radical lunatic enemies of his country than he does about honoring the sacrifice of the American soldiers who were murdered by those very same radical lunatics.

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