Super Bowl Commercial Open Thread

Eli Manning v. Tom Brady. Yawn.

The true measure of Super Bowl super-ness is the commercials.

Let us know what you think of the commercials in this open thread. And Mashable has a Live-Blog.

I wonder if there will be any politics…hmm. Remember last year’s GroupOn commercial?

Update: My personal favorite:

“The world is about to hear the roar of our engines!”

  • OK…that Hyundai commercial with the Rocky theme was lame. Too bad money was spent on that.

  • Daylight in a headlight? I have a hunch that makes more sense to my daughter.

  • Conservativa

    Elton John’s career looking much like Wm. Shatner’s.

  • I am very disappointed in Chevrolet. Yes, I own one, but I have had far more issues with my Silverado than my previous Ford Ranger. And Ford never took a bailout.

  • BATTLESHIP!!! Yeah, Baby!

  • GE gets best ad to this point. “We are the power that makes the beer!”

  • VW – nice job. The dog was classic.

  • OK…not spending all night talking to myself. Good night, folks. I’ll enjoy this with my friends who I am with.

  • VW takes the cake

  • That Chrysler commercial was AMAZING! Much better, in my opinion, than last year’s with Eminem. (It’s hard to beat Clint Eastwood, though.)

  • Ann Flan Kirwin

    Does anyone besides me think the polar bears are getting tedious?

  • Ann Flan Kirwin

    Ferris Beulher, we love you!

  • I’m with you on the polar bears, Ann. Aren’t we overdue for another one anyway?

  • and to think…polar bears represent all that is good and pure. yet, here on Virginia’s conservative voice, two of our dearest and most responsible contributors are willing to throw the innocent sweetness that was transcendent in those commercials into the icy waters. For shame!

    I bet you all liked the sexy Fiat and Go Daddy commercials best! Perverts.

  • Mormor

    Not a commercial, but I thought Madonna did a
    great job during halftime.

  • Tim J

    Madonna moved like an old lady who had skipped her arthritis meds. Her arms were pretty buff, though.

  • ManBearPig


  • John Jackson

    Eli vs. Tom – Yawn? That was a hell of a game! I believe I know someone who’d actually buy Playboy just for the articles.

    …and Madonna sucked! She’s been doing that same routine for the last 40 years. All that was missing were the cones and a bed she could hump.

    Agree with ManBearPig, “We Go” took the cake.

  • It was a subtle joke, John – written at least an hour before a very good game. You know, there are some people who actually do watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.

    I am not one of them.

    And for someone who likes to disagree with us so much, you sure do spend an awful lot of time here.

  • Sara

    Tim J,

    I may not respect some of Madonna’s past behavior, but people who criticize her because she is on stage at 53, calling her “arthritic” (when she is anything but) are simply sad. Would you rather she did a few more porno hip thrusts like most younger stars do today, calling it entertainment?

    She’s an entrepreneur with amazing creative abilities. What she and her crew pulled off at halftime was amazing, when you consider a football game was played on that same field just 10 minutes before and after. Mocking her for her age is just petty.

  • Damn,m this does not happen often, I stand with Sara on this.. Madonna put on a good show. America needed this.

  • Brian Kirwin

    Madonna didn’t sing! Her voice was recorded.

    Epic fail!

  • John Jackson

    Mine was a subtle joke also. Guess you didn’t get it.

    Actually, I agree alot with what’s being sold here, it’s just I normally save my comments for eminent domain issues and Tea Party bashing. Which seems to come quite a bit.

  • Tim J

    Brian, ditto.

  • Ann Flan Kirwin

    I’m impressed Madonna kept it as clean as she did. And she went for actually looking like she was having fun up there vs trashy sex pot. Good choice.

    J. R. – the polar bears used to be cute. They need to bring back the original marketing team that did their commercials. Whoever’s doing them now sucks.

  • Tim J

    Relatively clean, with the exception of the middle finger “attitude malfunction” by MIA.

  • We do not TEA Party “bash.” Where do you get that notion?

    We find some of what they do to be a bit irrational, unnecessary, and unconventional in furthering conservatism, but I think “bash” is a rather loaded term.

    Besides, several of us that blog here were part of a conference that occurred in Charlottesville in 2009 – right after the GOP drubbing of 2008. From that convention, a lot of the TEA Party movement sprang up here in Virginia. The conference was held by Pat McSweeney and Jamie Radtke.

    So, you can probably call BD more TEA party than many of those who are actually in it.

    We just recognize when to pick our battles. Not everything always has to be a zero sum game. In fact, to get anything accomplished in politics, you often can’t go that route.

    We’re biding our time and have chosen a more methodical approach to political commentary and activism. But our core conservative convictions are as strong as ever.

    From time to time, we may be critical of their approach though. That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate their sentiment.

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