Trump to endorse…Romney

The hot rumor last night was that reality TV show star, Virginia property owner and comb-over champion of the world Donald trump was going to Nevada to endorse Newt Gingrich. Except it now looks like the Trumpster is going to endorse…Mitt Romney:

Donald Trump will endorse Mitt Romney for president here shortly after noon on Thursday, a source confirmed.

In typical Trump fashion, the endorsement up until the last minute had the flamboyant air of mystery — and chaos — associated with a man who is perhaps best known for firing people on prime time television. Wednesday night, reports were leaking out of Newt Gingrich‘s campaign that Mr. Trump was throwing his support behind Mr. Gingrich, and as late as Thursday morning, several news organizations, including Fox News, were still reporting that Mr. Gingrich was in line for Mr. Trump’s endorsement.

The Romney campaign did not release their public schedule until Thursday morning — a rarity for them — and even then their 12:30 p.m. slot (the time at which Mr. Trump is set to endorse) stood vague, offering only: “Romney for President Event. TBD Location. Las Vegas, Nevada.” Mr. Romney will appear with Mr. Trump at his Trump International Hotel & Tower here.

That ought to set tongues wagging.

  • MD Russ

    Does Mitt really think that this is going to be helpful?

  • Tim J

    What was the “Deal” that Trump got for the endorsement?

  • MD Russ

    The name of Romney’s barber?

  • And MD wins the thread…

  • Steve Vaughan

    Were there really Republicans out there saying “I’m not making up my mind until I know which way the Donald is voting”? And, if so, could we all agree that they should be stripped of their right to vote for felonious stupidity?

  • MD Russ

    The Fix in the Washington Post has an interesting factoid on that, Steve. According to a WaPo-Pew poll, 26% of likely Republican voters said that a Trump endorsement would make them less likely to vote for that candidate while only 8% said that it would make them more likely.

    Kind of makes you wonder whom Jack Abramoff is going to endorse…

  • I have to agree with MD. I don’t think this really helps. Romney already has the “hair is the most important feature in a candidate” part of the base’s vote.

  • Steve Vaughan

    MD: So maybe Trump is still supporting Gingrich by endorsing Romney;-) I wouldn’t have thought he was that clever.

  • MD Russ


    LOL. Trump is a lot smarter than most people think.

  • ToR

    Trump is an idiot. The guys on Fox News couldn’t believe they were actually covering the endorsement. Mitt looked like he couldn’t believe he was accepting it himself.

    Can’t believe I had to watch that. I switched from Fox to CNN to MSNBC to avoid the stupidity and they were all showing it. What a waste.

  • Yet this thread has received the most comments of the day. And, if I bothered to check, I bet the most visits.

  • Sara

    OK. I’ll admit that I find Trump’s endorsement of interest. He wants to beat Obama, so he has that part right.

    Trump has been quite vocal in expressing his frustration with the GOP candidates. Who hasn’t? I don’t think that makes him less credible. So he left the GOP – isn’t the GOP looking to corral independents? To me, Trump represents a hard headed, money motivated red blooded successful entrepreneur, who happens to be pretty interested in what happens politically. Laugh all you want, but I’d rather have his endorsement than not have it. Guarantee you Newt wished he got it.

    That doesn’t mean it will sway people to vote Romney, but they may at least listen as to why Trump feels Mitt is the one who can save our country. That’s a big, bold statement from a businessman who travels all over the world, understands international finance and the effects of heavy regulation, and is concerned that China may soon have our number (if it doesn’t already.)

    That’s all, so whether it deserved all the hoopla press coverage, no, that was over the top. But everything Trump does is over the top. Can’t blame him for knowing how to seize attention.

  • MD Russ


    The Donald didn’t endorse Romney today, he endorsed The Donald. It has always been about him and his swollen ego and never about anyone else. He made the endorsement because he is attracted to cameras like flies are attracted to crap. He is desperately trying to find a way to remain in the spotlight and somehow look relevant to a political process that dismissed him as irrelevant. He made his big show today after looking at the Las Vegas odds and determining that Romney was the 8-5 favorite. It was just that simple and nothing more. The fact that Romney had to stand there and be kissy-kissy with someone he most likely loathes just goes to prove the old adage that if you want to be a princess then you have to kiss a lot of frogs.

  • Sara

    All of that is true…too. Trump wants to be a kingmaker, he has the ability to pull (sucker) the media like others can’t. Discount it if you want. I’m a blogger, search queries and web stats tell the story. I reiterate, I don’t think endorsements carry a lot of weight, but they do help carry a narrative.

  • MD Russ

    Sara, that is exactly right. Endorsements don’t pull votes but assholes like Donald Trump can put the bad-mouth on you. So Romney had to stand there and smile and pretend that he was thrilled with Trump’s endorsement, as if it will matter one iota. And then when Romney wins, The Donald will be able to prance around and claim the credit.

    This shithead self-promoter reminds me of Jesse Ventura, except that Jesse actually looked good in a pink feather boa.

  • MD, knock Trump all you want. This is the endorser you leftys will love to hate come november.. people who never vote will turn out now.. deja vu all over again..

  • Darrell — Chesapeake

    Can’t you see what’s going on? Trump is endorsing Romney so he can claim the tea party vote as an independent.

  • MD Russ


    Not only can’t I see what’s going on, but I can’t understand what point you are trying to make. Clarify, please.

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