What Voters Really Want

One set of numbers from the Florida primary are particularly revealing, and put the lie to the idea that Republican voters care more about ideology than victory.

As reported by Fox News, 45% of Florida primary voters stated that the ability to beat Obama was the most important factor in selecting a candidate, while 14% said they consider “most conservative” to be the most important factor. That means more than three times as many primary voters are concerned with victory than with ideological purity.

Before some readers protest that Florida is not representative of the nation as a whole, the fact is that the sunshine state comes about as close to mirroring the general electorate as almost any state. It combines the tea party leanings of the northern part of the state (panhandle), the more moderate, mainstream inclinations of southern Florida (with many transplanted northerners) and the more independent swing voters in the central part of the state (I-4 corridor).

The revelations in these numbers, combined with an outsized cash advantage for Romney and an upcoming month with only one debate (though Florida voters who considered debate performance the most important factor actually preferred Romney) adds to a rapidly growing sense that Romney is not only in the drivers seat, but perhaps ready to lap the field.

  • Mike Barrett

    Yes, that may be the case, but since turnout was down from the last presidential primary, it may also indicate that Floridians are starting to give up on the GOP. Frankly, the pictures of Romney at his victory celebration showed one reason; totally white faces. Anyone who confuses Romney with a big tent is ignoring reality. Further, the 99% are finally beginning to realize that a vulture capitalist who plays in the Corporatist global marketplace and cares more about financial returns than about the prosperity of workers, is not the person to lead our nation. The republican party is more about division than about the unity of our citizens. For them, so long as the 99% increase their wealth, who cares about the rest?

    Now of course you won’t hear that on the stump, but how long can those who created the dismal conditions of the Great Recesssion created by the Bush republicans fool us into believing we should bring them back to do it again?

  • Tim Donner

    Wow…I’ve never seen so many cliches packed into a single reply. Nice job!

  • Sara

    Tim, well you know Mike IS a cliche. He can’t help it.

  • MD Russ

    C’mon. Ya’ll are being too hard on Mikey.

    “For them, so long as the 99% increase their wealth, who cares about the rest?”

    I agree.

  • Sara

    LOL true, fail.

  • Thomas Conway

    wow – you march in step VA GOPs are really scaring me – the fact that you dismiss Mike’s points as a matter of form is ridiculous. Whether he used cliches or not, his points are correct. The average middleclass/lowerclass is recognizing the disparity between classes (1% v. 99% if you will) and this isn’t going away. The country is statistically 40 something percent independent and the GOP is shrinking. In fact, the only growth in the GOP this election season has probably only come by way of Ron Paul drawing in new blood.

    This problem is way bigger than your “who’s ready to lead the GOP” – its about WHO can prep us for and overcome the coming economic disaster. I don’t think any of you have been doing any of the real research you need to be doing to understand the scope of the problem. Here is a link for you:


    Most people think the CBO is lightening the numbers so it doesn’t look too bad – and if they have, then that means we are REALLY in big trouble.

    Our economy isn’t going to tank because of some crony corporatism, or another war, or overseas installations, or combatting terrorism, or our bloated entitlement system… its going to be ALL of the issues coming together as a perfect storm that is going to spell our downfall (not too many cliches yet?). The ONLY way we are going to avoid this is if we CHANGE our perspective of what our government is supposed to accomplish. And as Ron Paul says, going to the Constitution to figure that out is the best start.

    Donner – what happened to you stumping for Romney? You were at a Paul fundraiser last time i saw you! btw – i actually volunteered to help with your campaign but never got a call back from the postcard i sent in. If you run again, let me know and contact the local arlington/alexandria ron paul meetup group

  • Thomas Conway

    check this out – newest comparison sheet – this will be distributed throughout VA – feel free to share/print/canvass with


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