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Mark Plotkin Out at WTOP

For those in Northern Virginia, if you listened to WTOP on Fridays, you would typically hear Mark Plotkin’s Friday Politics Program. This program would often feature Plotkin’s interviews with various local politicians and candidates about the issues facing the area. It was a great program, even if Plotkin’s politics were liberal leaning.

Imagine my surprise when I read that Plotkin and WTOP have parted ways, creating a void on Fridays. The Washington Post [1] reported today that the decision came as a surprise to many Washingtonians who listened to his commentary, especially when it came down to voting rights in D.C. WTOP would not release any additional details, but it has been speculated that Plotkin’s behavior could be the cause of the separation. Prior to WTOP, he hosted a show with WAMU about politics. He left WAMU in 2002.

While Plotkin’s presence on the airwaves will be missed by some in the D.C. Metropolitan area, it will be interesting to see who will fill the void at WTOP in the meantime.

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