The Tide Is Turning on Abortion

Just over 39 years ago the Supreme Court made one of the most treacherous decisions in its history in the form of Roe v. Wade. Based upon false pretenses, the case ultimately resulted in a court decision that twisted the 14th Amendment to guarantee the right of an abortion doctor to terminate the life of an unborn child. For years, supporters of abortion have been claiming that this decision is here to stay and that those who believe in the God-given rights of the unborn child should simply shut-up and get with “progress,” however, this supposed consensus no longer exists.

The truth is that the next generation of Americans stand prepared to overturn the practice which has eliminated 50 million of their peers. Pro-life student organizations are becoming increasingly influential on college campuses across the country and statistics are showing a real shift.

Over the years, the pro-life movement has done a good job of refining the message while not losing the forcefulness behind the original argument. This is the mark of a successful movement that has learned and developed over time. Most recently, Personhood initiatives are being offered in states around the country, including here in Virginia. There have even been calls for national Personhood legislation that would drive a stake through the heart of Roe v. Wade and force the Supreme Court to respond to a past inexcusable decision.

The tide is most definitely turning and legalized abortion does not have to be a reality.

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