Obama’s and Biden’s charitable contributions show their generosity – with other people’s money

Tonight President Obama delivered a State of the Union Address that focused heavily on stealing more billions of dollars from our kids to redistribute to Democrat voters people in need today.

What Obama didn’t mention is that he personally donated only 1% of his income to charity last year.  Same goes for Vice President Biden, who donated 1% of his income to charity in 2009 and 2010.  That was an increase from the average of $369 per year that he donated over the previous ten years.  I guess Messrs. Obama and Biden took their cues from then-Vice President Al Gore, who in 1997 donated all of $353 to charity.

By contrast, in the past two years Mitt Romney donated $7 million – 16% of his income – to charity.

The Democrats and their sycophantic “news” media love to perpetuate the myth that leftists are kind and generous to those in need in contrast to those evil stingy conservative Republicans.  The truth is that the Democrats are generous – but only with other people’s money.