Congressional redistricting passes state Senate 20-19

In a vote a little earlier than expected, Congressional Redistricting, Del. Rob Bell’s HB 251 has passed the state Senate 20-19 today and heads over to the governor for signature.

Senator John Edwards (D) is on a leave of absence and did not vote, so no tie-breaking vote was required from Lieutenant Governor Bolling. Sadly, Democrats decided to be completely partisan on this bipartisan bill and vote along party lines.

First to react to the news is U.S. House Majority Leader and 7th District Congressman Eric Cantor:

“I commend the General Assembly for its diligent work in drawing congressional districts that are fair and true to the one-man, one-vote principle. This legislation was the only plan presented which enjoyed both bipartisan and biracial support. It is a unity plan that represents compromise by both parties, and enjoys broad community support as well. I am pleased that the General Assembly was able to move quickly on this important issue to ensure that all Virginians are represented equally and that this year’s elections will be able to take place as currently scheduled.”

“I look forward to getting to know and representing the citizens of New Kent, and the additional portions of Spotsylvania that will now be a part of the 7th District.”

After being signed into law by the governor, the districts will have to be reviewed by the Department of Justice under the Voting Rights Act.

Not surprisingly, Democrats, as they are want to do, have filed suit.

You can view the new maps here.

In related news, the Supreme Court today struck down congressional district lines drawn by a Texas federal court saying that it failed to meet the intent of the state legislature.

  • MD Russ

    Perhaps someone from Rep. Frank Wolf’s office is reading this and could take note that it was Del. Bell’s version that passed. Wolf’s office seems to be under the mistaken impression that my precinct in central Fairfax County is moving from the 11 CD to the 10 CD since I got a fundraising letter from Wolf this week.

  • Steve Vaughan

    Be interesting to see how the DOJ views this..given that a plan that increased minority representation was rejected.

  • This is true, Steve. I would have much rather seen a minority-majority district for Hispanics drawn in NoVA between Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran. 🙂

  • I’m really disappointed that in today’s world we can be so racist as to insist on districts drawn by race, and we can believe the only way a minority can be elected is to do so in a majority-minority district.

    I guess 47 years of civil rights is not enough.

  • LittleDavid


    If you think racism is dead, you need to get out more. Our nation is improving, however racism is not dead.

    Just a couple days ago, I heard a couple members of the KKK complain that the American Defense Authorization act was aimed at their organization.

    I only have to read some of the writings on truck stop toilet walls to see examples of racism. The truck stop owners can even repaint the stalls and the next day new comments are back.

    We have traveled far, but much distance remains on our journey to overcome racism.

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