Mitt Romney for President

The Republican nomination process for president is well underway, with the two earliest contests in Iowa and New Hampshire now complete. The field has narrowed from an original eight serious candidates to the current six. Some ”experts” are declaring that the race is now effectively between just two.

The Board of Directors of Bearing Drift, in consultation with our roster of contributors, has voted to endorse Mitt Romney of Massachusetts for the Republican nomination.

This endorsement did not come easily or quickly.

None of the Republican candidates are flawless and none of them are so outstanding that they deserve acclamation. And while Romney has won an historic sweep of both Iowa and New Hampshire, it is hard to tell whether this is a result of his being a strong candidate or merely the strongest in a relatively weak field.

Each candidate has strengths and weaknesses, but we feel Romney has emerged as the only candidate with the ability, organization, skill and leadership to both beat the President in November and to govern America well.

Conservatives have good reason to be skeptical of Romney’s claims of conservatism, particularly at the beginning of this campaign. But he has now been campaigning in effect for the better part of five years, and he has been consistent throughout in articulating conservative principles with passion and conviction. He has staked out conservative policy positions with sufficient specificity that he cannot and and will not change those positions during the general election. Indeed, he has already focused his campaign on Barack Obama by contrasting Obama’s leftist record with Romney’s conservative agenda

The 2012 election, like all second term elections for an incumbent President, will be a referendum on President Obama’s leadership. And while the many Republican candidates and their supporters are often widely separated on policy and positions, the one thing they all can agree on is that the President has been a failure, both as a leader and as a manager.

Elected in the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, President Obama has done little to stabilize the economy, reduce unemployment and return America to economic expansion. Instead of focusing on job creation and providing economic stimulus – real economic stimulus, not a giveaway of hundreds of billions of dollars to states in the form of transfer payments and subsidies – he chose to pass a health care law that raised taxes on every American and will likely cause catastrophic fiscal problems in the decades to come. His management of the executive branch has been nothing short of incompetent. His Administration is largely regarded, by inside and outside the beltway as poorly managed, and he has appointed some of the most lackluster cabinet secretaries in recent memory.

Instead of hope and change, it’s time for America to get some good, old fashioned competence.

Of all the candidates who have put themselves forward, only Mitt Romney has the mix of experience and competence at a variety of levels that indicate he is ready to serve as President.

One of three governors in the contest, Romney alone has significant experience in executive positions outside of government. He has demonstrated in a variety of ways that he knows what it takes to lead organizations, and he recognizes that government works best when it focuses on core functions.

He has committed himself to governing as a conservative. Yes, he signed RomeyCare into law, but we are confident that Governor Romney recognizes that what may have been good for Massachusetts may not be good for Virginia or the rest of America. And it is also important to note that while the Massachusetts health care law is not something Republicans want to see enacted nationally, it was a far more free-market based program when it was originally introduced, only being reduced to its current form over Romney’s veto by his overwhelmingly Democratic state legislature.

Romney has come under unfair criticism from some of his opponents, including being attacked for being a successful businessman. It’s a sad day when Republicans begin to adopt class warfare style attacks of the left, particularly when those attacks are without merit. Romney has demonstrated what can be accomplished in the free market and he deserves credit for his business successes, not the kind of rhetoric we’d expect out of Nancy Pelosi.

Romney has also had a singular focus on balancing the budget. He sees it as a moral imperative to not pass on the burden of overwhelming debt to our children. As a successful businessman and governor, he has the record and know-how to inspire confidence in his abilities. We have confidence that he will follow through on this extremely important commitment. Given that the president has accelerated deficit spending and the national debt more than any other in American history, we can think of no other challenger more capable of turning this trend around.

Romney ran a strong race for President in 2008 and came close to winning. Ironically, he was the “anti-McCain” candidate in 2008 that many conservatives flocked to after viewing John McCain as being too moderate. Had foreign policy concerns not been at the top of voters’ minds before the market crash of September when the nomination was over, Romney may well have been the Republican nominee in 2008. Despite some claims, Romney has never been “next in line,” for the nomination. He has earned his success through hard work and diligence. He is not and was not a part of the Washington that gave us the massive debt and runaway regulation that most Republicans want to resolve in the next four years.

Beyond Romney’s ability to govern, he also has demonstrated an ability to win. Elected office represents two separate and distinct jobs. Even the most gifted of governors cannot govern if he cannot win the election. So a President must be both good at campaigning and good at governing. President Obama is a perfect example – he is one of the most gifted campaigners in American history. But he cannot govern. Likewise, while some of the Republican candidates would likely be excellent in office, they have demonstrated an inability to win in presidential contests. Romney has shown that his campaign is the most organized and best equipped to take the fight to President Obama in November.

We are making this endorsement because it is apparent that Romney is not only the best candidate but also very likely the inevitable one. Accordingly, there is no reason to delay closing ranks behind him so that he can begin raising funds and adjusting his campaign to focus on defeating Barack Obama. After Romney wins in South Carolina, he will be the Republican nominee.

There is no doubt that Mitt Romney has the intestinal fortitude to take the “3 a.m. phone call” and make the correct decision. In matters of national defense, and emphasized in the endorsement by John McCain, Romney has proven he has the capacity to make the tough decisions to protect and preserve our nation as commander-in-chief. He has demonstrated already in this campaign superiority to any of the other candidates on national defense issues. Additionally, because he has taken a true introspective look at when life begins, we believe he will fight for the life movement and ensure Supreme Court justices are appointed that respect the rule of law instead of rule from the bench.

Mitt Romney had done what should be expected of conservatives and liberals alike – he has matured as a human being and developed political positions that demonstrate that maturity. While some deride his metamorphosis as political expedience, we see a man who has made deliberate and conscientious steps to develop a firm conservative foundation.

Overall, Bearing Drift believes that Mitt Romney represents the best candidate in the Republican field and the one candidate most likely to defeat President Obama in the general election. He has our endorsement.

  • freedom

    How much is he going to cut Gov’t and restore some semblence of sanity to the governing ESTABLISHMENT of this country?

    Romney represents staus quo. This country is in REAL trouble with many selfish thieves, and traitors to the Constitution in many offices in Washington and State government

    Ron Paul is closest thing to a true conservative standing for AMERICAN VALUES. Freedom cannot be sacrificed, because so many cowards “FEEL” safer.

  • freedom
  • Whit

    There is a common law doctrine called “unclean hands” which states that no party can come into legal equity in cases where their own malfeasance contributed to issue at hand. Romney started all of this when he allowed vicious attacks to be launched on his behalf in 08 and now. He is happy to divide the GOP which is what he’s done in both cycles. I don’t feel sorry that his business record is getting a hard and critical eye because he’s done the same thing to reasonably honorable folks like Santorum.

    As far as Romney’s politics, I suggest Bearing Drift treat him like it treats Obama. Look at what he did and not what he says. There are candidates like Santorum and Gingrich who have actually accomplished conservative goals in spite of their mistakes. Romney has no such record and can not make the case against Obamacare- he is practically its political Godfather! To pretend otherwise like BD is doing by blaming the MA legislature is absurd. The man will take any position to get elected and that’s ALL we know about his campaigning style.

  • Tyler Spires

    Romney is made from the same cookie cutter as Obama. The Commonwealth deserves better.

  • My goodness. At first I thought this was a tongue-in-cheek joke. Then I read it again. And again. And this an endorsement? Boy, real passion and fire in the belly here.

    Let’s be honest about this. As long as it Mitt vs the other five, he’s got this nomination locked up. But he won’t be beat Obama as long as he is Obama Lite.

    The real thing to keep our eyes on is Rand Paul. That’s what this whole Ron Paul campaign is about, in case you haven’t been watching the ball. Honestly, I just started watching this ball recently myself. Let 2012 go as a pass. Obama hasn’t really been that terrible. Clocks tick.

    Can’t vote in Virginia Primary per the Judge and RPV. Gotta love the Old Dominion.

  • BTW, JR–I mailed my check for the requested $7 a week ago. Still waiting to see my name listed. Craig Kilby

  • After a couple of field goals during the first quarter of the game, BD comes up with weak rationalization as to why Gov. Romney will or should prevail? This game is going to go the whole enchilada and way past South Carolina before Romney locks up the nomination. The supposed “sweep” only points out that more than 60 percent are not satisfied with Romney as the chosen one. Moreover, the contributing editor’s narrative sounds more like an opening statement for the defense rather than the confident charges of a prosecutor. Romney’s campaign lacks motivational passion. More importantly, the BD’s lukewarm endorsement raises the question, “Why endorse someone with whom you must justify his past transgressions. “Successful businessman” versus “Corporate Raider” brings to mind that success equates to “greed is good” of the fictitious Gordon Gecko. Just see how that concept is going to play out in job starved America.

  • Brian Kirwin

    Wally, you suggest we wait until it’s over before we endorse?

  • This is a predictable endorsement. Not going to disparage the BD board just because I do not believe Romney is conservative enough.. I prefer Paul hands down but the bottom line remains..

    Obama must be defeated. I think Paul is the only candidate who can draw enough independents AND dems to the R column.. its that simple. Whoever the nominee is, throwing all we got in one direction and not at each other is what it will take.

  • Loudoun Lady

    Was it a unanimous vote?

  • Brian Kirwin

    Well, since Sarah Palin didn’t run, what choice did we have?

  • Thanks, Craig!

  • LL, no it wasn’t unanimous. Our board and our contributors encompass the entire spectrum from center-right to hard right and libertarian, and we never agree on anything. But there was enough support for the decision to move forward.

    To the Ron Paul fans – I understand you like the guy. But can any of you explain to me what exactly he’s accomplished in his twenty+ years in Congress? Why is Romney given a hard time for accomplishing things we don’t like while a man who has accomplished absolutely nothing is treated like the savior of the country?

    If Ron Paul were good at anything other than giving long-winded speeches on monetary policy, he might be a viable alternative. But the man has sat in Congress for twelve terms and didn’t stop one big government program or block one spending increase. Why does anyone expect him to be able to accomplish anything if he’s President? He’s never done it in Congress.

  • Tom Dykers

    This is a good decision. We should elect a proven executive to be the Chief Executive. Perry was a good executive in Texas, but has no effective campaign. For example, I volunteered several times to help Perry in Virginia, (my “oops”), but the campaign never replied. Then, he turned in his ballot petitions sloppily stuffed in a duffle bag. Many of them were not notarized or on double sided pages. By contrast, the Romney Campaign organized a team of volunteers, and trained everyone how to properly obtain signatures. They verified the signatures before they delivered them to the SBE. That is basic pitch and catch, but it requires attention to detail and organization. If we want to win this election, and have a great CEO, Romney is the man.
    Plus, the attacks on Bain Capital are repulsive. Anyone engaging in that kind of anti-business rhetoric should be disqualified.

  • Wow, a post that has me agreeing with Craig Kilby…

    I 2d what Turbo said.

    To Brian S.: Ron Paul has changed the debate on numerous issues: fiscal sanity, monetary policy, Constitutional adherence, civil liberties, preemptive war, government intervention in the economy, and yes the war on drugs.
    Changing the debate is exactly what Perot did about the national debt. The major parties co-opted that focus, and it is a large part of why there was enough public sentiment to force through surpluses in the nineties.

    You ask what legislative accomplishments he has achieved – Constantly working from the background to fend off out of control regulation and spending often does not yield a bill with a name on it. I was there in the late nineties when folks like Coburn, Shadegg, and Paul were working within the caucus to prevent out of control spending. A critical mass of opposition is necessary to prevent catastrophe. A majority is necessary to fully implement policy.

  • Norm Leahy

    The only thing we have ever decided upon unanimously is that Jim picks up the bar tab.

    The Ron Paul candidacy is important, useful and has the potential to become something big…for Rand Paul.

    Even before then, though, it’s entertainment value has been enormous because it scares the bejeebers out of folks like Bill Kristol. He wants the rest of the field, as divided and tractionless as it is, to stay in the race to prevent Paul from racking up the delegates and potentially giving Paul all sorts of leverage at the convention and beyond.

    I suggest that, if Romney does win the nomination and wins in November, he should make the cramp-inducing discomfort of Kristol and his ilk permanent by nominating Rep. Paul Fed Chairman.

  • Tom Dykers

    It is true that Ron Paul is good on spending, constitutional issues, and some others. My question to folks that would like him to be POTUS, is should we have a president with his foreign policy stands? For example, RP, if I am not mistaken, is OK with Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. To me that is troubling.

  • Paul, I understand the moving the debate point, but has he really done that? No one is really talking about any of the issues he’s bringing up nor most of what you addressed here. On the economic front, everyone is talking about reducing the size of government so that seems like a wash.

    And while he can claim some behind the scenes credit along with Shadegg and DeMint in the 90s, all of those guys were still around during the spending sprees of the 00s and weren’t even speed bumps. He has just not been an effective legislator and I don’t see that changing if he gets elected president.

    Paul at the fed would be an unmitigated disaster.

  • Sara

    “Instead of hope and change, it’s time for America to get some good, old fashioned competence.”

    So true. I’ve had enough with incompetent, over promising rock-stars and once-a-week radical transformations. Boring competency sounds pretty good right now. Just do the dang job and leave us alone to enjoy the fruits of our labor already.

  • Steve Vaughan

    I think you guys are right, Mitt’s become inevitable. Time for him to start thinking about vp choices. He should probably rule out all the other GOP presidential contenders…with the possible exception of Pawlenty, who dropped out early …because they all have serious weaknesses exposed by the canmpaign.
    That leaves the prominent Republicans who chose not to get in this cycle, Christie, Jeb Bush, McDonnell, Barbour, Daniels.
    Christie and McDonnell would be best at the “hit man” role that typically falls to the vp candidate. (McDonnell would have to revert to the guy who was in the House of Delegates for a decade, not the statewide candidate and official of the past 7 years).
    Having someone named Bush on the ticket would provide too good a target for Democrats and steer the discussion in directions I’d guess the GOP would like to avoid.
    Barbour’s too southern, he’s almost a charicature of a southern pol.
    Daniels or Pawlenty would be good safe middle-of-the road choices, which is sort of the Romney style.

  • The best damn gop chair I have known taught me to focus on the issues, then support the candidate you believe to be the best and let the supporters focus on their own issues.. Campaign hard and Get Out The Vote for the most conservative choice who can win the primary.. Cast your vote for the R in the general even if you have to hold your nose.. get along at least until after the election, resume the fight for principle in the local and state races.. Your guy lost? Get mad, get involved at the local level, run for local office and make a difference next round.. If you hear yourself using similar tactics and or language of the left, its time for a come to jeebus meeting because you are compromising your own conservative principles.

  • I was pleased to read that prados agreed with me, and also that Norm Leahy parroted my own observations aout Rand Paul. There is no more sincerest form of flattery.

  • DeMint’s Call for Respect of Paul, Libertarians Key for GOP Electoral Success

  • MD Russ


    I believe that Barbour has pardoned himself from any serious consideration.

  • MD Russ

    Wally Erb,

    Gordon Gecko was right. And his character was probably based on the viewpoint of Milton Friedman as shown in this interview with Phil Donahue over 30 years ago. Remember, Gecko didn’t go to prison for capitalism. He was convicted of insider trading–he cheated. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking an unprofitable company and making it profitable. And that normally involves people losing their jobs, people who are largely the reason that the company is unprofitable in the first place. I have never worked in any large organization that couldn’t afford to lay off at least 10% of the staff. Ironically, the closer you get to the executive with P & L responsibility, the more likely you are to find over staffing.

  • J.R.,

    I want my money back. 😛

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  • Jamie Jacoby

    “It is true that Ron Paul is good on spending, constitutional issues, and some others. My question to folks that would like him to be POTUS, is should we have a president with his foreign policy stands?”

    His foreign policy stands are completely consistent with his views on spending and Constitutional issues, which you admit you like. Reconciling the facts of the fiscal condition of the federal government with the role of “world policeman” seems difficult for a great many people; it’s a paradigm that will eventually break, but will it be too late?

    We are deficit-spending (by printing, and by borrowing in some cases from our likely enemies) between 10-11% of GDP each year for the past three years, then claiming economic “growth” of 2.5% of GDP (10% – 2.5% = GDP is truly shrinking), all while the stock market magically levitates on ever-falling volume. See? Is the MSM really kidding anyone?

    Oh, by the way, Obama wants another $1.2 Trillion debt ceiling raise. Does anyone besides me care anymore? I guarantee he’ll spend every penny going into election season: “Wow, look at that ‘growth!'”

    Depending on whose numbers you choose to believe, the U.S. spends more on its military than the rest of the planet combined. Is this “defense”? What the hell are we defending against? Is Iran an existential threat to the U.S.? Was Iraq?

  • Henry Ryto


    Never speak of “Ron Paul” and “sanity” is the same sentence.


    This smells of trying to close the door while the process is still early. Granted, if our two candidate primary ballot holds in Virginia, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Romney. However, that’s because I can’t stand the Paulestinians.

    However, I have two large problems here:

    1. You should have held your horses until after South Carolina. Can Romney win in the South? If he can’t, couple the South with the traditional Democratic bastions and we have trouble in November.

    2. With the canyon between Romney’s rhetoric and record, exactly what would we be getting? Would a majority of Americans vote for what’s behind Door #3?

  • Jim Hewitt

    Another great article and a good choice for President as well. I say good because I understand the rationale for your endorsement. I have a Romney supporter for over 4 years now and will continue to support him to the end because I feel he is the best GOP Choice for President. I too have done the research and find him to be the best choice for this time in our Country. That is not to say that each of the other candidates do not have their good points as well. We are in such dangerous times in our Country we need a candidate who has a proven track record of successfully turning around businesses, organizations and governments. We need someone who truly understands the economy and how to stimulate it in a way that does not raise taxes on anyone or increases governmental regulations. Governor Romney has done that and I believe at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue he can do it again…

  • @Stearns – Thank you for the donation. We also still welcome any advertising on BD by the Texas congressman. 🙂

  • Jamie Jacoby

    Jim Hewitt,

    Please enlighten us all on Romney’s plan for dealing with the budget deficit.

  • Win lose or draw Ron Paul is changing the field of play in the way that nobody else has. BRP (Before Ron Paul) few if any saw how the Fed was silently reaching into our pockets to expand big government beyond the pale. BRP to be a conservative or a Republican meanst having to monger every war unlimited time and on an unlimited budget. BRP young people had no reason to believe in an America that could be reborn with liberty for all. Ron Paul is a game changer.

  • …and Ron Paul has brought a new generation forward that will reinvigorate the gop from the inside out. The party needs a health dose of libertarian conservatism.

  • How does the party reconcile with Romneys flip flops?

    Flip.. “Climate change is real and caused by humans.”
    Flop.. “I didn’t say how much was caused by humans”.. his answer for not believing now?

    Flip.. “It was the right decision to go into Iraq. I supported it at the time, I support it now.” This was just 4 years ago.
    Flop.. “If we knew at the time of our entry into Iraq that there were no weapons of mass destruction, if somehow we had been given that information, obviously we would not have gone in.”

    Flip.. “If Massachusetts succeeds in implementing it, then that will be a model for the nation.”
    Flop.. “When I said nation I didn’t mean Federal.”

    Flip.. “I respect and will protect a woman’s right to choose. I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years we should sustain and support it”
    Flop.. “I’m pro life and Row v Wade went too far.”

    Flip.. “I’m not in favor of privatizing Social Security or making cuts”
    Flop.. “I’m now in favor of partially privatizing Social Security and raising the retirement age.”

    Flip.. “I believe that the Clinton compromise [Don’t Ask Don’t Tell] was a step in the right direction. I am also convinced that it is the first of a number of steps that will ultimately lead gays and lesbians being able to serve openly and honestly in our nation’s military. That goal will only be reached when preventing discrimination against gays and lesbians is a mainstream concern, which is a goal we share.”
    Flop.. “When I first heard of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, I thought it sounded awfully silly.. President Obama should never have done away with the policy.”

    Flip.. “Don’t line up with the NRA” and “Any description of my being a hunter is an overstatement of capability.”
    Flop.. Now he’s an NRA member and says “I’ve pretty much been a hunter all my life.”

    Not on the attack, just asking you folks what this indicates?

  • It indicates that Romney talks a lot. He’s a politician.

    There was no reason for us to wait to endorse until after South Carolina. After Romney wins South Carolina, which he will, the value of endorsement goes to zero. At that point he’ll be the nominee and no one will be able to stop him.

    At this point, with him taking the lead in the national poll (which only has value insofar as every candidate who has led the national poll after NH has gone on to win the nomination since 1976), him leading in both SC and FL by double digits, there is simply no path forward for anyone else.

    Gingrich, Santorum and Perry sealed the nomination for him by not collectively deciding that one or two of them should get out to try and solidify the anti-Romney forces behind one candidate. Perry is getting bad advice, Gingrich’s ego won’t let him get and Santorum legitimately deserves to stay in after Iowa. That no one got out gives Romney the nomination.

    I hope that folks will be able to switch focus quickly and stop bashing Romney and start focusing on Obama now.

  • I think the problem Brian is that he best through beer goggles.. When sober the picture is not so pretty. A lot of fools still love prince Obama.. There is still enough room for Obama and co to squeeze another set of rounds off and we have unspent ammo lying all over the floor.

  • Turbo. Some of us get this. Some actually do read it. But you have to realize that BD is a club, and they have made up their minds. Mostly because they all have a lot of money riding on this. Our comments really mean nothing, other than to prove they have a blog.

  • @Craig – How do I get some of that money?

  • Norm Leahy

    I’m perfectly happy to let Craig play on the board of this blog, or “club.” Just so long as he understands that the club has no dress code, but also no karaoke night.

    And as for “parroting” your remarks about Paul…don’t flatter yourself too much. I said the same thing about Ron and Rand on Coy Barefoot’s radio show on Monday, well before you graced our digital pages with your insights.

  • Brian, SuperPacs have changed the game, and so has the changes in primary dates.

    Hence, I disagree with your assessment enough to post about it.

  • It so interesting, based on polling data, that BD has already projected Romney to be the winner! It’s not the polling or popular metrics that are germane, it is the delegate count. Of the 2249 delegates available, there are 1149 required to prevail at the convention. Thus far Romney has 13, Paul 9, Santorum 6, Gingrich 4, Perry 3, Huntsman 2. Since the prevailing candidate need 50% plus to sew it up, and thus far Romney is garnered less than 50% of the delegate count, what is to prevent a good old fashioned floor fight or a shift in delegates attained versus polling data? South Carolina has a measly 25 delegates. BD has let media spin taint their projections.

  • Wait, Jim buys the booze, and there is money for contributors riding on the success of Bearing Drift!

    I have changed my mind and believe the endorsement makes sense as it is clearly in the rational self interest of the contributors.

    How do I get a piece of the booze and money train?

  • Wally, we didn’t let the media spin anything. We looked at this historically.

    It is rare for a Republican race to last past Super Tuesday. And while, of course, this is about delegates, it’s also about money and organization and only those campaigns that have created a full primary/caucus strategy are going to be able to play in the races down the road.

    BK’s point about SuperPACs only goes so far – SuperPACs are only worthwhile for running ads, TV and otherwise. Anything else is beyond their capability because they can’t coordinate with the campaigns. So that makes them of limited value, especially seeing as how each of the major candidates has their own and they’re all relatively well funded.

    The only two campaigns that have demonstrated organizations are those that have run before – Romney and Paul. And despite their multiple protestations to the contrary, Paul is not electable, either for our nomination or in the general. Romney is it.

    And if we’re making money off this, I’m pretty annoyed that I haven’t gotten my cut. And it’s a bad idea not to pay the lawyer first.

  • Jim Hewitt

    Jaime Jacoby

    Three simple words — Cut, Cap and Balance

  • Whit Sours

    I continue to have serious concerns about Romney’s candidacy and how the campaign has advanced to this point. I made these concerns known earlier in the post as well as rebuttals to some of BDs endorsement points but for better or worse, they were ignored. I will support him in the general but I have serious doubts, based on statements made and statements withheld, that many of Romney’s supporters would faithfully support the other GOP candidates, should one currently in the race win or a brokered convention bring another name to the forefront. Will Bearing Drift and its editors commit to supporting Santorum, Gingrich or another currently unknown GOP candidate should they be nominated over their first choice? I believe the answer to this question is as important as their support of Romney.

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  • Machtyn

    Don’t believe everything that Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Fox News tell you about Mitt Romney. Why? Because they have been incorrectly stating his positions since 2007 (or before). Why is anybody’s guess. will soundly refute the misconceptions and lies put out by the Erick Ericksons, the DNC, et al.
    Romney – Fully endorsed by the NRA, Pro-Life groups, TEA Party groups, and many “true” Conservatives around the nation. He is the only candidate who has a purpose, a plan, and an organization that can take Obama out of office.

  • J. Douglas McGeary

    I applaud you for your endorsement of Mitt Romney. Our country is in desparate need of restoring its constitutional principals and conservative philosophy. I truly believe Romney is the most conservative candidate and the most qualified candidate to restore our country to prosperity. Thank you

  • Jamie Jacoby

    Romney’s top campaign contributors:

    Goldman Sachs $367,200
    Credit Suisse Group $203,750
    Morgan Stanley $199,800
    HIG Capital $186,500
    Barclays $157,750
    Kirkland & Ellis $132,100
    Bank of America $126,500
    PriceWaterhouseCoopers $118,250
    EMC Corp $117,300
    JPMorgan Chase & Co $112,250
    The Villages $97,500
    Vivint Inc $80,750
    Marriott International $79,837
    Sullivan & Cromwell $79,250
    Bain Capital $74,500
    UBS AG $73,750
    Wells Fargo $61,500
    Blackstone Group $59,800
    Citigroup Inc $57,050
    Bain & Co $52,500

    Ron Paul’s top campaign contributors:

    US Army $24,503
    US Air Force $23,335
    US Navy $17,432
    Mason Capital Management $14,000
    Microsoft Corp $13,398
    Boeing Co $10,620
    Google Inc $10,390
    Overland Sheepskin $10,350
    IBM Corp $8,294
    US Government $7,756
    DUNN Capital Management $7,500
    Corriente Advisors $7,500
    Greenstreet Co $7,500
    Northrop Grumman $7,272
    Lockheed Martin $7,208
    Intel Corp $6,855
    US Dept of Defense $6,524
    United Technologies $6,316
    Federal Express Corp $6,255
    Entergy Corp $5,950

  • Jamie Jacoby
  • Jay

    How will Mitt depend racist practice when he was in charge of his ‘stake’? I’m very concerned that once Mitt’s the only one standing, the left will take him down with his support of the racist policy of the Latter Day Saints (Mormon) church to exclude African Americans from their priesthood. One could argue that as a member of a church you can’t be responsible for all of its views, BUT, Mitt was a Stake President in Massachusetts and since Mormons don’t have paid clergy, only volunteers, the Stake President is similar to a diocese Bishop. A very powerful position. How will he respond to this? Much worse than just belonging to an all white country club … he ran it!

  • DisenfranchisedinLynchburg

    Sad to see such an endorsement. Time to remove the conservative label at BD and just call it Republican Drift, you’ve lost any conservative bearing you had.

    As I’ve stated in a separate post on BD, not since ole Calvin Coolidge have insider Republicans supported a competent conservative winner for the White House. Instead, the establishment has loved progressive losers like Landon, Willkie, Dewey (2x), Nixon (3Xx -EPA anyone), Ford, Bush I (1st election owed to Reagan), Dole & McCain. A truly amazing line of eastern establishment (mindset) liberal losers.

    Romney is a continuation of this long line that has contributed mightily to the extreme over-expansion our federal government. Bush II was a winner, but liberty lost with his progressivism (TSA anyone?).

    The more I watch and listen to Paul, the better he sounds. His views on foreign policy may seem radical and are probably misunderstand by most, but the Kennedy-Bush brand of paying any price and trying to take democracy to other countries has proven a disaster. Time to rethink a strong and sensible defense and foreign policy. Time to rein in costs and fix our bloated and inefficient military bureaucracy and procurement system. And, maybe Washington really was right regarding foreign entanglements. Any way, it’s time the elites, who have no sons in the military (I do not think any Romney has ever served), stopped sending other people’s children off to fight battles with no plan for victory and no real benefit for the American people.

  • Kolby

    So I heard some guy on the radio Sunday morning saying some pretty solid conservative stuff. He directed his audience to this website, I was assuming it was his own. This is my first time visiting this website, and will most likely be my last. Anyone blasting a Romney endorsement at the top of their page has clearly lost their conservative bearings.

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  • kimbercarrier

    Wow I thought a so called Conservative site like this wouldn’t fall for Mitt’s smooth talk. I guess you’re as Conservative as he is. He will just continue the same old mess we have now, just with a different name on it.

    You would think people would learn after bush’s compassionate conservative crap. Obomney can’t beat Obama. Ol Mitt has his rhetoric fine tuned and the republican’s (phony conservatives) are just falling for it.

    If, a big if he should win we are not going to see a whole lot of difference from what we’ve had for the past 12 years.

    Ron Paul is the only one offering any real difference. He is the only one wanting to cut the size of government and not just reorganize and rename programs.

    May GOD help us.

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