Virginia’s GOP Primary Buffet Just Got Extra Helpings…

…and it ain’t just whispering.  It’s a court order.

A big development in the lawsuit filed in Virginia by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and joined by Gingrich, Santorum, and Huntsman contesting the state’s ballot access requirements. The federal judge has just filed an order saying that there is a “strong likelihood that the Court will find the residency requirement for petition circulators to be unconstitutional” at the hearing scheduled for Friday. So it is very likely that there will be additional candidates on the Virginia GOP ballot besides Romney and Paul.

The Heritage Foundation has more.

If this happens, Virginia as a bellweather just before Super Tuesday could be a massive contest between the final four candidates… provided Santorum also makes it on the ballot (to make a five-way showdown).  While Santorum didn’t even submit signatures, it would all but assure that Gingrich, Perry, Romney, and Paul would indeed make it on the ballot.

Stay tuned…

  • This is game over on the motion for a preliminary injunction — Perry et. al. win on the equities when they show up with frustrated petition gatherers and would be Perry/Gingrich voters at the PI/TRO hearing complaining they are being frustrated in the exercise of their consititutional rights.

  • This is great news! I want Virginia to be a state that has a voice, not just a blimp on the radar screen in this MOST important election. LET’S REPLACE OBAMA!!!!

  • Mike

    Candidates who do not respect the rules of the game cannot be expected to respect the rule of law as President.

  • Darrell

    Break out the party registration cards boys and girls. Virginia election law is about to enter a new era.

    Unconstitutional, imagine that. But then, much of what the incumbent protection team has been doing was designed under color of law.

  • Darrell

    will our military will be disenfranchised this election?

    To be honest, being disenfranchised is a normal occurrence. It’s called the absentee ballot, and in many places the election is over and done with by the time the military person gets their ballot.

  • Darell, that needs to change doesn’t it? Especially since the military typically votes Republican.

  • Laura

    It bothers me that people say “its the candidates fault.” Clearly they are uneducated to the fact that candidate Gingrich, for example, submitted MORE than the required amount of sigantures but they there were a lot of discrepencies and shenanigans when it came time to validate them. As for Romney and Paul, their signatures were not subjected to the same scrutiny. How is THAT anyone candidate’s “fault?”

  • Laura, Pauls signatures were subjected to scrutiny.. No other candidates signatures were better validated.. mark my words.

  • Laura, because all of the candidates were aware of the rules and the threshold that would allow them to get automatic approval. Only Romney met that. The others could have, but didn’t. And in any race, the buck stops with the candidate.

  • Paul could have submitted over 15k signaturea and met the default requirements but chose not to on purpose so there would be verification and no question whatsoever that he met the requirements.. Smart move since Romney has over 15K signatures that are unverified but passes muster with the established rules thet so many are not happy with.

  • Mike McKay

    How can the rules be changed after the game started ?

  • This just goes from bad to worse. First I’m told I can only vote for Romney or Paul, and had just about put on my aluminum foil helmet and swallow my poison pill, and now I’m told that a Federal Judge has decided I can’t vote at all, period. At this rate, there won’t even be a General election in November 2012. God, I (used to) love this country.

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