As we approach the Iowa caucuses like a runaway train, some things about the state of politics in Virginia have me confused.

To wit:

If the Virginia Republican primary petition process was so obviously rigged, why didn’t the fellow who is in every way but openly Bob McDonnell’s favorite (Rick Perry) make the ballot? Has the land of the Byrd machine fallen so far in fixing elections?

Is Bill Bolling’s staff trying to push me to Ken Cuccinelli? Do they realize how many people they’re pushing away from Romney with their combination of tone-deafness and smart-alleck remarks masquerading as a press release under the boss’ name?

On the other hand, if Bolling must suffer for his staff due to one press release, why can’t Paul suffer for multiple newsletters written by insert-scapegoat-here than went out under his name?

Speaking of Dr. Paul, of the two candidates who made the Virginia ballot, he is the only one who is on record in support of allowing the federal government to use its monopoly/monopsony power to influence price and services in the health care market – a position I consider far, far more dangerous than the individual mandate; he has openly supported reflating the housing bubble and creating moral hazard in the insurance market via tax-code chicanery; he refuses to support the Ryan Medicare reform; and he has called for maintaining the current sclerotic entitlement system for Americans as young as 26 (Weekly Standard) . . . and Mitt Romney is the “liberal” on the ballot?

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