Mrs. Thatcher dismantles the looters

What better way to start the new year than with a blast form the past. Here, it’s Margaret Thatcher making one of her final sallies against the idea of income redistribution, an enduring favorite of Democratic pols, assorted occupiers and New York Times columnists. We are highly unlikely to see her like again, on either side of the Atlantic. As Dan Mitchell notes, “…it’s…painful to realize that the current crop of GOP presidential candidates seems generally incapable of making similar arguments.” Sad but true.

  • JZ

    I should listen to Thatcher every day to help motivate me. I don’t know how often they do “Prime Minister Questions” (I have seen a few times on PBS), but I would love to see a similar process in our federal govt. I wonder if we could match the British wit. One thought I have from this is that we should require all members to be present during debate in order to vote and we should pack them in like sardines.

  • Sara

    I agree JZ. How did our Congress end up being so insufferable?

    Thatcher is fabulous. At 3:08 the inserted Monty Python clip is great, too.

  • JZ, corruption does not work as well when representatives show up and work in real time on the floor. What motivation would they have to be present? We have rulew written on how to conduct when a quorum is not present and more.. Why? Because Congress voted for it.

    Check out the senate.. when senators give speeches on the floor, their colleagues are nowhere to be found and the few who might be present aint listening. They’re joking with aides, emailing press secretaries, lining their pockets or.. getting their first look at a speech they’re about to give before the numerous unmanned cameras that provide a live fed to c-span. The presiding officer of the freshmen of the majority party take rotating shifts to introduce them to the ways of the institution scanning their droid for kicks. Sit in there for few days and you know what you will see? Not much. Between speeches a quorum call here and a time killer there and a humorous act in which a senate clerk calls the roll at the rate of one name every couple of minutes. The press gallery above the dais? Empty. Journalists in the press lounge are putting stuff in their androids for aides of freshmen to deal with and surf for info on where to find senators who are somewhere else negotiating deals away from youtube centric reporters. Careers are built on this stuff I can’t make up.

    Rules used to require electeds be present and pay attention to what’s happening on the floor during debate and not be distracted by committee work. Is that an obsolete rule? WHY?

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