GOP must denounce and disavow Ron Paul

In 1991, when former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke ran for Governor of Louisiana as a Republican, he was resoundingly disavowed by Republicans from President George H.W. Bush on down.  President Bush even went so far as to endorse the Democrat candidate in a successful effort to ensure Duke’s defeat.

It is now time for Republicans across the country to give the same treatment to Ron Paul for his long association with and promotion of racist, antisemitic, and anti-gay sentiments.

Here are a few:

From a 1992 issue of the Ron Paul Political Report:

“Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks three days after rioting began.”

From an issue of the Ron Paul Survival Report:

“If you have ever been robbed by a black teenaged male, you know how unbelievably fleet-footed they can be.”

From the May 22, 1996, Dallas Morning News:

In the interview, he did not deny he made the statement about the swiftness of black men.

“If you try to catch someone that has stolen a purse from you, there is no chance to catch them,” Dr. Paul said.

From the January 1994 issue of the Ron Paul Survival Report:

“[Gay men with AIDS] enjoy the attention and pity that comes with being sick.”

From the June 1990 issue of the Ron Paul Political Report:

“I miss the closet. Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off when social pressure forced them to hide their activities.”

From the September 1994 issue of the Ron Paul Survival Report:

“Those who don’t commit sodomy, who don’t get blood a transfusion, and who don’t swap needles, are virtually assured of not getting AIDS unless they are deliberately infected by a malicious gay.”

From Eric Dondero, a former senior staffer who worked for Ron Paul for twelve years:

“[Ron Paul] is . . . most certainly Anti-Israel and Anti-Israeli in general. He wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all. He expressed this to me numerous times in our private conversations. His view is that Israel is more trouble than it is worth, specifically to the America taxpayer. He sides with the Palestinians, and supports their calls for the abolishment of the Jewish state, and the return of Israel, all of it, to the Arabs.”

Paul has denied authoring or even knowing about the newsletter articles even though they were all published in newsletters bearing his name, and many of them were written in the first person.  His denial is as incredible as Barack Obama’s denial that in the twenty years that he sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church he never heard him utter a single bigoted or anti-American statement.  In fact, Paul’s denials are even less credible because the offensive statements appeared in his newsletters bearing his name from which he profited.

The modern home of political bigotry is the Democrat Party, which advocates for racial distinctions and viciously attacks any minority who dares to hold a non-conforming view.  The Republican Party is the party that advocates for a colorblind meritocracy, and there is no place for bigotry in our tent.  Ron Paul’s claims of ignorance of the many repeated bigoted statements that appeared in his newsletter under his name defy credulity, and he insults our intelligence by making such claims of ignorance.

Paul is known for his passionate base of supporters, and I have no doubt that I’ll be hearing from them about this column.  His supporters point to his libertarian policies as essential to restoring the Constitution and the American republic.  But once a man has been exposed as a bigot, he forfeits the right to have any of his views considered, regardless of their objective merits.  For example, Louis Farrakhan advocates the important principle of personal responsibility, but because Farrakhan is a virulent racist and antisemite, he is undeserving of being dignified by having any of his other views considered.  As with Louis Farrakhan, so with David Duke and Ron Paul.

There is no place in the Republican Party for bigotry, and so there is no place in the Republican Party for Ron Paul.  It is no longer acceptable to tolerate Paul as a quack with a limited following and no possibility of winning the presidential nomination.  Now that Paul’s history of bigotry has been exposed, if he wins Iowa, he will provide fodder for the leftist “news” media to perpetuate their ongoing libel that the Republican Party and conservatives generally are a bunch of bigots.  Ron Paul must be immediately denounced and disavowed.

  • VA Patriot

    Wow….BD must be looking for Google ad revenue.

    Let’s fire-up the click/post counters now!

  • Bill

    I agree with every word, but I’m also concerned that if Paul is emboldened to run as an independent, it throws the election to Barack Obama. I think disowning him gives him nothing to lose in that vein.

    That said, our party — the party of civil rights that came into existence to fight the Democrats’ devotion to human bondage — has looked the other way on bigotry a few times in the last 50 years for the sake of short-term electoral advantage, and I’m not sure that’s helped us in the long run.

  • Paul M

    Excellent column, Ken!

  • Henry Ryto


    I agree that Republicans should disavow Ron Paul, as Paul has never been a Republican. (He’s a Libertarian trying to masquerade as a Republican.) However, denouncing him on his anti-gay sentiments would offend the Religious Right. (Have you forgotten the Constitutional amendment we passed in Virginia?)

    That said, the funniest part of Dondero’s piece was where Ron Paul was afraid to use a gay person’s toilet.

  • Not Macaca

    Congressman Ron Paul has shown a severe lack of judgement and should be held accountable for his actions. No individual wishing to withdraw their support from Congressman Paul should feel any guilt about their decision. However, absolutely nothing stated here proves him to be a bigot.

    Labeling someone a bigot or a racist is a very serious charge on one’s character. While I may not choose to support Congressman Paul or consider him to be a good Republican, I most definitely do not believe him to be a bigot or a racist.

    I believe Mr. Falkenstein’s entry here to be inappropriate.

  • wow. I didn’t realize that we here on BD also perform character assassination. It is well known by anyone who spends more than 2 minutes investigating the story that Lew Rockwell wrote the newsletters but let’s not hurt our argument.

    Ken also conveniently leaves out the following section from Eric Dondero’s statement:
    Is Ron Paul a “racist.” In short, No. I worked for the man for 12 years, pretty consistently. I never heard a racist word expressed towards Blacks or Jews come out of his mouth. Not once. And understand, I was his close personal assistant. It’s safe to say that I was with him on the campaign trail more than any other individual, whether it be traveling to Fairbanks, Alaska or Boston, Massachusetts in the presidential race, or across the congressional district to San Antonio or Corpus Christi, Texas.

    He has frequently hired blacks for his office staff, starting as early as 1988 for the Libertarian campaign. He has also hired many Hispanics, including his current District staffer Dianna Gilbert-Kile.

    One caveat: He is what I would describe as “out of touch,” with both Hispanic and Black culture. Ron is far from being the hippest guy around. He is completely clueless when it comes to Hispanic and Black culture, particularly Mexican-American culture. And he is most certainly intolerant of Spanish and those who speak strictly Spanish in his presence, (as are a number of Americans, nothing out of the ordinary here.)

    Is Ron Paul an Anti-Semite? Absolutely No. As a Jew, (half on my mother’s side), I can categorically say that I never heard anything out of his mouth, in hundreds of speeches I listened too over the years, or in my personal presence that could be called, “Anti-Semite.” No slurs. No derogatory remarks.

    regardless, if we want to make cheap shots at an honest man, here’s a little more ammunition for you:

  • Amit- Those bigoted statements appeared over and over again in the newsletters bearing his name, that he published, and from which he profited, and some were written in the first person. And, btw, Rockwell, who was a “contributing editor,” denies having written them. Whether Paul wrote them or not, he published them repeatedly in his name, and it is absurd for him to expect us to believe he never knew about them.

  • And in 1996, he admitted making the comment about “fleet-footed” young blacks and doubled down on it.

  • By your standards Ken, GOP must disavow and denounce Allen. Ha, aint gonna happen in spited of the fact that neither has a spot clean record on comments.. Neither passes the lily white test for purity but you dive in the tank for Allen?

    Who butters your bread?

  • even in Texas during the 90’s, no politician could make such absurd statements and get re-elected to US Congress. I have met RP many times and I personally would never support a candidate I thought to be racist, antisemitic, etc.

    anyway, on this last day of Hanukkah, I made a little present for you to use in future postings:

  • I agree that terms like “bigot,” racist, “antisemite,” etc. are thrown around too loosely, especially by leftists. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t real bigots, racists, and antisemites in the world. I quoted the actual words published in Ron Paul’s newsletters and from his own mouth in interviews, and there is no room in the GOP for those kinds of sentiments.

  • John Jackson

    Funny how character assassination works because at some point, you’ll be the target.

  • Thomas Conway

    @Ken – your hit piece was just that – a half truth, vitriol laden rhetoric that is hoping to sway those who are too lazy to do their own research. You try and bolster your argument by cherry picking the facts that you present. If one thing can be said, Ron Paul doesn’t contradict himself – his entire career is based on his legendary consistency. Funny how you mention these articles, which were authored from 1989 to 1994 – the total number of articles with insightful language totaling perhaps 10-15 out of more likely tens of thousands of pieces – basically less than a percent of a percent. As for contradictory – The pieces that made disparaging comments of MLK and Rosa Parks were published post 1989 – if you’ll remember and ADMIT – Ron Paul voted for MLK holiday when it was first brought to the floor in 1979. He has also written and said on MANY occasions that MLK was a personal hero, as well as Rosa Parks. He even offered to pay $100 out of pocket as his share to provide Ms. Parks a Congressional medal, while staying true to his principles by not sticking the bill to the US taxpayers. For every newsletter quip you posted, i can come up with at least 5 instances that undoubtedly contradicts your conclusion. I notice you didn’t directly respond to Amit’s charges or fact that you cherry picked Dondero’s quote – do you think you are opining to a mindless mob? Do you even realize the widespread support of GOP that Paul has in VA, let alone in the country? Don’t you realize we see right through your infantile attempt at manipulation?
    Which brings me to the real question – if you know (which you must, since you SELECTIVELY chose your facts and purposefully sidestepped ones that would torpedo your argument) that the charges against Ron Paul are suspect or at the very least, arguable – what is the motive behind your article and the sentiment of the national mainstream media in total of trying to dissuade voters to support the man? Whats wrong with personal liberties being restored? and end to endless wars? fortifying our currency? reducing our national debt? giving parents more choices for schooling their children? allowing more food choices and empowering a fading population of local farms? (do you know that famous “Virginia ham” isn’t even cured in VA anymore due to USDA constraints?! whats wrong with getting TSA off the highways and bringing back habeus corpus? what is your problem? and worst off, why can’t you see that we have one in this country now? my god – from what is going on – you would think we were in the USSR or Nazi Germany… the NDAA? SOPA? might as well be Hitler’s “enabling act” all over again.
    You like the status quo and the mainstream media have gotten too used to ruling our minds with fear. You put a threat in our minds and expect us to react out of irrational response. How about this? how about we vote on PRINCIPLE, on the tenets of our CONSTITUTION – the golden rule…..????? How is this even a contest?
    …. as for your comment that in 1996 Ron Paul admitted to a newsletter remark (“fleet-footed”) where is your source? i’d like to see that – and what exactly does “doubled down” even mean?! stop trying to be sensationalistic

  • It seems quite interesting that a short while ago, Ron Paul was ignored only because his Constitutional adherence countered the status quo, and of late, (10 years) the Neocon Middle East realignment policy and “nation building”.

    Now, that Paul has touched the major pulse of the American voter the fear-mongering and character assignation to divert attention from the domestic primary issues, the economy and civil rights, has begun.

    First, I believe the contributing author is biased not because of newsletters, but his underlying allegiance to the state of Israel and Paul’s self-reliance policy.

    Second, all things being equal, now that the shift of negativity has been directed at Paul, a candidate that is relatively unknown because of media blackouts is now getting major press. This blow-back can only help get his message out.

    So as a Ron Paul advocate, I agree. Let the status quo GOP denounce and disavow Ron Paul. Perhaps we will become pro-life and save the lives of our teenage military.

  • Thomas Conway

    as for the GOP disavowing candidates – there are PLENTY more reasons to disavow the others rather than Paul!

    and PLENTY of reasons why we SHOULD vote for Paul

    do you even realize that Ron Paul and Romney are the only candidates on the ballot in VA?! so are you saying we ought to just vote for Romney?!!!! Did you know that Gingrich had to pay contractors to collect signatures, while Ron Paul had a dedicated grassroots effort? Time to wake up Ken – the GOP is CHANGING – it is going back to the tenets as was upheld by Reagan (who was a vehement supporter of Ron Paul) (true conservatism/constitutionalist) if YOU don’t like it – why don’t you join the democratic party… because the way the GOP and the Dems have been acting – seems like there is WAY too much in common.

  • Greg Prine

    Wow, this publication must need traffic, as a Ron Paul hit piece will give.

    He disavowed them, and explained, but we know, …you guys need the money.

  • Conservativa

    Thank you, Ken.

    Link to the Dondero piece:

    Worth reading the whole thing.

    We do NOT need someone like this in the party, at all. Shame on his constituents for voting for him.

  • Brian Kirwin

    Seeing the negative ads Ron Paul is putting out, his minions complaining about negativity is a little weak.

  • Ditto +1 Thomas and Wally.

    Ken, Does your post truly represent your own personal beliefs or is there some underlying component to your jihad on Ron Paul?

  • all of Ron Paul’s ads go after Gingrich’s positions on issues and how they have changed and they are sourced directly to him. not sure how that is the moral equivalent to pinning a ghost writer’s article and a fired staffer’s statement to call RP a racist, bigot, antisemitic, etc. but the nice thing about a blog is that we don’t have to worry about the facts that don’t support our viewpoint.

  • Brian Kirwin

    I’m not interested in someone who ran for President under another Party now pretending he’s a Republican.

  • David

    They should rename this to Bearly Afloat – Virginia’s Fascist Voice.
    Ken, you are so full of it your eyes are brown. Only an idiot would fall for your unfounded slurs. Your talent would be better served as a used car salesman. LOL!!!!
    This election boils down to the Status Quo vs Ron Paul, and it’s easy to see which side you are on. The establishment is going down (Ron Paul or not) and we’re not going to forget jerks and traitors like you.

  • James Hartzog

    Pon Paul was the publisher of the newsletter, not the editor. He was more or less financing the day to day operations, at the same time Paul had a family practice as a OB/GYN. He was also a sitting Congressman flying back an forth to Washigton. There was no way for him to monitor every publication. He has never spoke in that manner and do you think this is the language he would use if he were trying to get relected as a congressman?

    I heard Gingrich say yesterday that Paul wanted to see the destruction of Isreal. WOW, how things get blown out of proportion. All Paul has said about Isreal is that he wanted to end foreign aid, this was not aimed at only Isreal, he wants to eliminate all foreign aid. Isreal would have a net profit if this was the case because we actually give Isreals enemies a sum total greater than what we give Isreal. Ireals President Netenyahu has also said, “We don’t need Americas help anymore”. Here is a link,..

  • Govgirl

    Well, the Paulians are out in force this morning … question, would you rather I believe he is racist for making the comments, or incompitent for not noticing over the span of YEARS that ideas he does not advocate (per his statement) were being published under his name? Neither option is a real confidence booster in his ability to govern.

  • Bob Flinchbaugh

    Mr. Falkenstein, here’s another fact for your article: on Dec 5, 1979 Ron Paul voted in favor of creating Martin Luther King day. Newt Gingrich voted against it. Is Newt Gingrich a racist?

    Have a nice day 🙂

  • William Pace

    Mr. Falkenstein , Should You visit the Original Jamestown Area , You will find a National Historical Marker there , placed in Honor of My Ancestor Richard Pace . In 1622 , He was credited with warning the Colonists of an imminent Indian Massacre . I question the sincerity of Your comments as I believe at one time You were a fervent supporter of Mitt Romney and for reasons unknown switched to Newt Gingrich . Please allow Me to enlighten You . This is a matter of Record in the United States House of Representatives . Ron Paul voted FOR an MLK Holiday and Newt Gingrich voted against . I haven’t copied and pasted here to avoid further embarrassment to You . It is cerainly not a secret and can be sourced by anyone and being an Expert Jounalist I would think that would be less than problematic for You . Please Be Well and I hope You have a complete recovery from Your Blindness .

  • Alan

    Calling Ron Paul a racist is irrelevant. Libertarians believe in individual rights, and do not pass laws effecting people in groups, or labels. To say the Republican party is not racist is to ignore years of passing laws to help blacks. By putting people in a group based on the color of skin is the definition of racist.

  • Matt

    Ron Paul his disavowed the newsletters many times before. He was practicing medicine at the time – by the way, he would offer his services for free if the patient was financially strained (some of these patients were ethnic minorities). He’s said that his inspirations to civil libertarianism are Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi – hey, both of which aren’t white Protestants, you know? Nevermind that he is the best chance for the party to secure the “minority vote” because of his strong support from non-whites (because he will pardon all non-violent drug offenders and end the worst attack on the African-American community since lynching – the federal War on Drugs). He didn’t write these newsletters, and while it may show a lack of judgment on his part of being a publisher, he was hardly even involved with the newsletter. And by the way, he’s not anti-Israel – in 1981, he was one of the few Republicans to support Israel’s right to self-defense and its sovereignty despite what most Republicans at the time wanted, and he advocates for the same now. This is obviously a hit-piece and the last hailmary for the establishment Republicans, because it is looking ever-more likely that with the new delegate allocation process, the drawn-out nomination will come down to Romney and Paul, and you’re afraid that Obama will have to face someone with real convictions who provides to be a legitimate threat to Obama securing the prized independent vote.

  • And for those of you too young to remember, “Remember the USS Liberty” where and an Israel air force jet and Israel gunboats willfully and deliberately attacked a U.S. Naval Vessel flying a size two flag in International waters. The rockets, napalm, and cannon from air followed by 20 and 40 mm attacks by gun boats killed 34 US seamen and wounded 171 out of a crew of 297; the worst loss of American naval personnel from hostile action since World War II. The atrocity included the attack on two life rafts that had abandoned ship. Rather than foreign aid, why aren’t we denouncing and disavowing Israel “our friends”. But then again, I am biased. Losing shipmates make you that way.

  • Maybe I should write a piece on how the GOP should disavow George Allen for the comments he made a few years ago that offended so many of Indian heritage. Personally I don’t think Allen is a racist but if ignore the facts I can call him one anyway.

  • Brian Kerwin sez: “I’m not interested in someone who ran for President under another Party now pretending he’s a Republican.” Uh.. Reagan

    And Ken, enough antisemitism charges bud. That is pure BS. No other candidate except for Obama has as many jews volunteering for him as far as I can tell. Paul has friends of all stripes, some colorfully bigoted, most are not.. Tell me your guy has no friends who privately or publicly harbor any bigotry.. C’mon, you know what real antisemitism is and you also know what real bigotry is and you know what real anti Israelism is too. Name the republican congressmen who stood fast in support of Israel after they bombed the Osirak nuke reactor.. C’mon, don’t wuss out.

    RP has been consistent and stands out against the rest of field for the things that so many of us believe in.

  • Wally, its off topic but why did we the US tell Israel that we did not have a ship in the area at the time? There was a very real screw up in communications. I won’t name names here in public but someone quite well versed on this particular shed some light on it for me and this was a huge blunder on our part and it made the ship appear to be a lookalike of a possible enemy.. Huge error on both countries and a tragic loss of life.

  • Sara

    “Mr. Falkenstein , Should You visit the Original Jamestown Area , You will find a National Historical Marker there , placed in Honor of My Ancestor Richard Pace . In 1622 , He was credited with warning the Colonists of an imminent Indian Massacre”

    @William Pace, wow. That is soooooooo cool. Can I touch you?

    Maybe some of that insight and credibility will rub off on me, since it so clearly runs deep within your veins!

  • Wow, a publication that is tolerant of all including homosexuality (a direct violation of the Republican Party platform of family values) has NO tolerance for an opinion other than theirs. And you claim Ron Paul has no credibility.

  • By the grace of GOD my family is from Virginia, but if this is the Conservative Voice of Virginia I’m staying in Georgia.

    There are 25,000 Jews living in Iran and 36 synagogues spread through-out the country in public view. Iran has the largest Jewish population of any Muslim state in the world. Contrast that to our good ally the Saudis. The are ZERO synagogues in Saudi Arabia with all Jews living in secret for fear of their lives, so their numbers can’t be counted. I say if you insist on bombing someone, let’s bomb Saudi Arabia, it is absolutely more anti-Jewish than Iran. Oh and btw all the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. None from Iran.

  • Michael

    How about “disavow” the non-conservatives and that would leave ONLY Ron Paul? Luckily for Dr. Paul, a lifetime of Integrity and “walking the walk” of protecting individual rights, regardless of race, speaks volumes, while the rest of this flip-flopping “I’ll tell you whatever you want to hear” crowd is busy explaining those flip flops, and desperately trying to convince us they are Conservative, in spite of their track records. Americans are not the idiots that the MSM/establishment counts on them to be, which must be why Ron Paul’s poll numbers go UP after these lame attempts, and incidentally he is the most popular Republican candidate among non-whites, as it should be. He’s a good man, and he espouses the intent, and importance, of our constitutional founding. Give your children, and grandchildren, their “exceptional” country back! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Wait, isn’t Mitt Romeny a Mormon? You can add sexism along with racism to his list of associations.

  • weaving spider

    So let me see if I understand what the media is telling me I am suppose to believe these days:
    1. If Ron Paul wins Iowa, it doesn’t matter, nor does the Iowa caucus, but who gets 2nd and 3rd matters a great deal.
    2. Ron Paul is a racist, even though among blacks, he is polling HIGHER than all the other candidates.
    3. No true patriot should support Ron Paul (says Dick Morris), even though our military men and women support him more than all other candidates combined.
    4. Ron Paul can’t win a general election even though he polls highest against Obama in many polls, provides a true alternative to the status quo, and has more independents, young people, democrats, and other groups supporting him than all the other candidates.
    5. Not wanting to get into a war with Iran is a ‘radical’ idea that disqualified him from consideration, while the majority of Americans agree with him, and while political analysts with integrity warn of WW3 if we do.

  • AlexFrey

    Dear Ken Falkenstein,
    I will pray for your poor soul because it seems you have sold it. If you hadn’t ignored Ron Paul in the media for decades, if you hadn’t discredited him for on everything he said, this revolution would have never happened. Now it is in full motion and people with no reputation such as you or Mr Dondero are calling for high profile actions against the most honest man in this circus.
    All this talk has achieved nothing, it was debunked 4 years ago and Ron Paul supporters don’t buy it. His numbers will never drop, rest assured about that.

    Manipulations has worked before the the social media.. we know now, we know people like you, we hate people like you because you play unfair.

  • Sara

    Don’t forget that, in addition to fighting for the Constitution, Ron Paul will make sure not to build a border fence, because it would be used to keep American citizens from fleeing to Mexico!!

  • Denise Robirds

    This Racism ploy is not going to work for you Dear. You can keep playing it since that’s all you have, but the truth is there and you will be played out before the end. Ron Paul supporters are smarter than you think and you won’t be able to muddle the message for much longer because they will be able to raise more support with the truth. You should be ashamed.

  • David

    GovGirl, your name says it all. Our current government under the Republicans and the Deocrats can only be described as evil, and that applies to anyone that supports the status quo. If you want incompetence look in the mirror. The alleged “racist” comments in the letter are not even that. If would take the time to read the actual newsletter you would see the comments IN CONTEXT are not racist at all but merely factual observations.
    Even some black people are not afraid to speak the truth.

  • Turbo:
    Thanks for allowing to make my point; although my comment is off topic, so is the basis of this contributing editor. Bring up decade old instances have no relation to our current positions. Point made!

  • Stephanie Catseye

    I will not even respond to the defaming article of Mr Falkenstein, he knows best that none of this is true because it was debunked by the mainstream media 4 years ago. It’s the only dirt they have so they repeated it.. din’t work.
    Ron Pauls is the perfect man for the Repuplican party, he is just not the perfect man for what the party has become.

    This character assasination makes Ron Paul and us supporters stronger, we are out there telling the truth to people based on undeniable facts, we explain them why you lie and what your agenda is (war) People hate wars and they hate crooks, that is the reason why Ron Paul raises in the polls whenever you try to attack him.

    We are the people and the only way to stop us is to manipulate the vote count.

  • Jamie Jacoby

    It should be really obvious by now that this election boils down to this choice:

    1. I like things just the way they are, I’m quite comfortable thank you very much. – these are the people who have the position, access and/or money to have political influence. Wall Street, for example, overwhelmingly supports Romney. How’s THAT for change?
    2. The country is going the wrong way, government power and debt are both ramping upwards, and the last time we heard the word “change” we were lied to massively; things are going the same way as they were before, nothing has really changed. – These are the people who are looking for someone who has consistently supported actual Constitutional government principles; sadly a return to these principles now would represent real “change.” Active duty military members overwhelmingly support Ron Paul. There’s a message in there for the status quo.

    What is the reason for the obsession with Israel in American politics, anyway?

  • Lisa Jones

    This article is the BIGGEST JOKE AND A TOTAL LIE. Because you are furthering this lie God Almighty is going to deal with you and it won’t be pretty. You have got to be a total and complete MORON to even believe this man would say such a thing. He never even heard of the writings for 10 years after they were even put out. Ron Paul is the next president of this country and you’d better shape up because you are going to be free with more money in your pocket instead of the federal government. Quit doing their bidding. They take you for stupid and it’s working well for them. You fight with them and help spread the lies and they get more of your money. When would you like to keep your money? Maybe you never do but i do want mine and it’s not for you to decide whether i can or can’t. The feds have overstepped their bounds in so many ways-it’s time for them to go!!! Ron Paul 2012 for President of these United States. No other is remotely qualified, not even a close 2nd. It’s Ron Paul only.

  • Danina

    Is this really your best shot?Please stop insultng the intelligents of the America people.I’m pretty sure that by now most people are wake up to- Ron Paul is winning! Someone is very scared of a man who was taken as a joke,guess the jokes on you.I believe most of his supports will go 3rd party if that the only way,bu this is bs!.We love the USA ,Ron Paul Does too!If you aren’t voting for Paul your voting for the machine!

  • Jamie Jacoby


    Be careful what you wish for. Capital controls are being openly discussed in Europe, and people are fleeing the EUR into hard assets, right now, as we speak. In other words, the bank runs appear to be starting, and “officials” are discussing how to keep people from controlling their own money. This is a recognized beginning of an oft-witnessed chain of events that does not begin and end with capital controls.

    I understood Dr. Paul’s comment metaphorically. The image he conjured with that comment made perfect sense to me.

  • Thomas Conway

    @Sara – maybe Paul had in mind the NDAA and SOPA initiatives, as well as the expansion of TSA on our highways – because with that and all of the mindless police brutality going on, its not a surprise that there have actually been REPORTS that more and more americans and moving abroad – Australia being one of the magnets… if you don’t know what NDAA is or about the TSA VIPER units – you are part of the problem, not the solution – in fact the GOP should disavow EVERY GOP member who is ignorant of the assailing of civil liberties of our citizens!

  • As a 30+ year republican voter (and former resident of Virginia), I will be disavowing and denouncing the GOP if Ron Paul doesn’t get their endorsement!

  • Thomas Conway

    @Govgirl…. so the Paulbots are out in force… funny – Paul’s poll numbers have been steadily rising for months – when you wind up voting for Paul against Obama… will you also consider yourself a Paulbot? funny that someone would try and disparage someone for educating themselves and making a correct stance on an issue a “bot” of any kind – its the kind of automatic reaction that the media expects from us that you’ve fallen into here and now – if anyone is exhibiting the characteristics of an automaton, it would be you and the other paul bashers here on the comments page

  • Brian Kirwin

    Turbo, are you trying to tell me Reagan ran for President under a party other than Republican?

  • Thomas Conway

    if you EVEN read the newsletters and EVER read any or all of Paul’s writing… they do not match up – first of all…. the sarcasm dripping from those newsletters feign humor – Paul does not write humorously – nothing matches up – the principles the letters are based on fly in the face of every writing Paul has actually put his name to or every public statement he has ever made or any vote he took part in – anyone here bashing Paul isn’t doing it BECAUSE of the newsletters on the basis of the newsletters – they are just using the easiest ammunition at hand to attack the man personally because they don’t support his platform already – so don’t act as if this “newsletter” fiasco has changed your mind on Paul and you can’t “live with yourself” if you continue to support him – you are sell outs and never supported him to begin with! his message is spreading like wildfire now – you tried to keep it bottled up, but its out – like i said – if you don’t like where the GOP is going – join another party

  • Thomas Conway

    @ brian – not so difficult to find out – not surprised though that you are waiting to be spoonfed the information: here it is – look under early political career (democrat)

    this is the trouble with all of you people so willing and so quick to question paul – you never do any of your own research – you just lap up what the mainstream media dishes to you – how about (SINCE OUR COUNTRY’S FUTURE IS AT STAKE) actually looking up the FACTS – not a regurgitated biased punditry – actual facts and actual explanations from the man himself and then (novel idea for you) for-mu-late your OWN opinion

  • William Pace

    @ Sara , I find Your sentiments very Touching . Where shall We meet ?

  • LOLZ @ the LIES!
    ANYONE who does their own research and understands Ron Paul is not fooled by hacked articles like thie.
    The reason ron Paul is winning, and the message of liberty beating the pants off the neo-con shill professional-criminal politicians is b/c of one word.
    And the truth is,
    Only available to those who seek it,
    And easily exposes lies from desperate hacks like this article writer and the big-government swine he supports.

    The internet revolution is here.
    The Ron Paul rEVOLution is here.
    The truth revolution is here.

  • Come on, Republicans are seriously thinking Ron Paul would stand a chance in the general if he was elected.

    I’m a reluctant Obama supporter (still waiting for someone better to run) and I say bring it on, nominate Ron Paul!

    Ron Paul wants to destroy Social Security, legalize prostitution and legalize recreational drug use. Something tells me a whole lot of otherwise stout Republicans will end up voting for Obama if Ron Paul wins the nomination.

    Now, if Ron Paul wins the Republican caucus in Iowa, it would seem to me it begs a question. Why in the heck does Iowa possess such a protected right to be first anyway?

  • Simon Zur

    What a strange article. What happened to Republican’s sticking together? David Duke I can understand, but Ron Paul? His entire career is marked with his support of all people’s civil liberties and defending the Constitution. He didn’t write the letters, and he is not a racist. By your logic, Ken, we should also disavow Rick Perry for “N…..head Ranch” and Newt Gingrich for “The Palestinians are an invented people”. Or, why not disavow Mitt Romney because he is a member of a church that excluded blacks from certain roles in the church as recent as 1976? Was Ron Paul neglectful of the newsletters? Sure, but that is no reason to disavow the only true conservative in the race. Let me tell you what we should be disavowing as Republicans. Neoconservatives and RINO’s who support Big Government policies, preemptive war, putting ahead of America’s interests and security the security and interests of other nations, the dismantling of the Constitution and states rights, the treading upon the liberties of the people in the name of national security, raising taxes and spending, carrying large deficits and increasing the national debt, supporting socialized healthcare, etc… So, lets disavow Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, John Huntsman and everyone who even looks like a Bush! And that is what we are in the process of doing, right quick! Down with Neoconservatism, the greatest danger to our Country and our Party!

  • Govgirl

    @David – that is the best you have … typical
    @Tom Conway – funny, I did not use the term Paulbot … you did. If I end up voting for Paul, it is because I am willing to do what most Paul followers are not – choose the lesser of two evils. Those who live in glass houses ….

  • MD Russ

    weaving spider,

    “No true patriot should support Ron Paul (says Dick Morris), even though our military men and women support him more than all other candidates combined.”

    Would you care to source that assertion?

    As for more blacks supporting Ron Paul than any other candidate, don’t bother providing a source since the total percentage of blacks supporting ANY Republican candidate is less than the margin of error of most polls.

  • Govgirl

    Oh, and still no one has answered my charge that allowing your name to be used over a period of YEARS attached to things you did not read, smacks of incompetence. So, he did not write them, ok – good he isn’t racist. But he still (by his own admission) allowed his name to be used on a publication for nearly a decade without reading anything that was in it? And for this stellar oversight ability I am suppose to vote for him? I think not. Oh, and while I am at it – how many of you Paul fans have issues with Obama’s Wright and Farrakhan associations … just throwing it out there.

  • GovGirl and DonVoices,

    I traveled through Nevada during the last primary. I still recall the support there for Ron Paul from the prostitution industry. “Ron Paul rEVOLution” with the letters EVOL highlighted in pink against the black background to show how the prostitution industry spells “love” backwards.

  • Sara

    “to show how the prostitution industry spells “love” backwards.”


  • 4Liberty

    I love it when one lone voice tries to speak for everyone. Ron Paul is the answer and your Military Industrial Complex is about to go away for good. Deal with it or be dealt with. Your choice.

  • Yeah! Get rid of him. What we need is MORE WAR!!! More taxation!!! More inflation!!! More civil liberties lost!!! More corruption in Washington!!! More t.s.a. groping our children!! More bankers writing our economic policies!! More secrecy for the fed!! More expansion of government to steel more of our tax money!! MORE DEBT so we can all be enslaved by the government and banks!! More bailouts, especially to the banks and lame-stream media!! More internet censorship!! More false flag terrorism!! More killing brown people to bring them more democracy!! More false accusations of weapons of mass destruction!! More illegal immigration!! More dumbing down of all Americans!! More fema detention centers!! More corporate well-fare to the .001%!! More free speech zones!! More military patrolling the streets of America!! More vaccines because drug companies need more money, and the government needs to let us know what we can and cannot put into our bodies!! More government controlling everything we do with our lives!!! Let’s just get rid of the constitution all together and become total fascist!! Maybe then, we will feel like real Americans!

  • DFH

    Republicans have 2 choices… you either accept Paul and have a shot at winning the presidency, or you disavow him and we have 4 more years of Obama. Paul supports will take their ball home and you will lose without their support. Man up and quit crying.

  • Joe

    Ya we need more war and less freedom!

    Ron Paul is the only real republican running!

  • Norm Leahy

    What America really needs is more cowbell.

  • William Pace

    @ Sara , thought You wanted some of My insight and credibility to RUB off on You . So say when ?

  • Sara

    Sorry, @William, what I really need is more cowbell. Norm says so.

  • Yellow Journalism is really slipping these days! Here you have a perfect choice in who you quote and you go with the B Team. Tsk tsk tsk.

    I’ve seen it where Ron Paul is a racist because they asked CHARLIE MANSON who he liked, and he chose our boy Ron (along with some n-bombs) – and here you go with Eric Dondero! C’mon, you can smear better than that!


    …and if you believe that, you’ll buy this watch….

  • Norm wins the prize for most valuable comment!

  • adrian

    i disagree

  • Brian Kirwin

    Thomas Conway, I looked at your link and nowhere does it say Reagan ran for President as anything but a Republican.

  • If Paul really did not write the copy for his newsletter he is still guilty of insensitivity by indifference, and reeks of a lack of control over his own people. He’s gonna make bridges and move congress when he can’t control his own publication? Either way, it stinks to high heaven.

  • Keyser Soze

    The GOP should embrace Ron Paul and libertarianism or they will go the way of the Whig Party… You cannot elect a candidate on your base alone, and NeoCons are a minority and slipping fast…

  • Ellen

    I would trust Ron Paul over any of these others especially Obama 20 year old comments are ridiculous those have been used to smear the only candidate that stands for the peoples freedom the Constitution

  • Clif

    Truly a poor article. You should be ashamed. Never before have I seen a more perfect voting record that stands for the people and this Nation. “Ron Paul 2012!”

  • MD Russ

    More cowbell!

  • Dave

    Did anyone notice that the author of this article is a trial lawyer? I would never give any credibility to someone who lies and steals for a living!! RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • Crisina

    You can’t call for that. It isn’t in your power. Shame on you for your misrepresentation of reality. Paul is the most honest man up there anyone who takes 10 minutes to listen to him will begin to understand what the media is implying vs what he is saying are two different things. Don’t let the media choose who is electable.No one is unelectable if you decide to elect them. The Establishment is really scared of him. He won’t let them continue on with the same schemes . They will be the losers and the regular people will be the winners.

  • William Pace

    I would Bet Grandma’s Bustle , that a vast majority of poster’s here are weak and looking for a Lead Dog to pander to and feel connected to something bigger than Themselves . Some post and stand on Their beliefs and Others look for an opportunity to be a yes person . I think it is all a hilarious ! Far be it from
    Me to spoil a party . ENJOY !

  • Tod Mills

    LOL….what an absurd article! The establishment is really running scared now that the American public is waking up and seeing that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who offers the real reforms this country needs so desperately.

    The rest of the field merely wants to engage in musical funds while the country goes down in flames, fleecing the middle class and laughing all the way to the bank in the manner of low-life scumbag ambulance-chasers.

    The really inspiring thing about Dr. Paul is that not only is he serious about making much-needed reforms, but he also shows a tremendous amount of wisdom and understanding in the approaches he proposes for making the changes. In each case, he is showing compassion and awareness of contracts that our government has made with the citizens and would proceed along a path that would allow businesses to feel secure about regulatory stability, those reliant upon Social Security to continue to best see that promise fulfilled, and every change enacted with similar thoughtfulness.

    This is the sort of change that inspires HOPE and CONFIDENCE in a future based on LIBERTY, SOUND CURRENCY, and a STRONG national DEFENSE, according the Constitution. This is the sort of change that is GOOD and NEEDED. This is the sort of change that every thinking regular American can truly believe in and support.

  • Gail Coleman

    This newsletter was published back in the 1990’s? And he disavows any racist statements in them, but you still want to say he is a racist and anti-semite, right? It could be the whole Israel issue, huh? That he agrees with Netenyahu himself, that they do not need our help. Or is it that he wants to cut defense? Or force a balanced budget? What is it truly, because the man is NOT a racist.Be honest with yourself and the rest of us.

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  • Carol

    The GOP must denounce Ron Paul….? Why…? Do they want to lose to the Democrats again…? Millions of Republicans have already defected from the GOP in order to claim Independent status, as they can’t stand to be associated with the toxic, sociopathic “thing” that the Republican Party has become. Ron Paul is the only thing keeping millions more in the party. If he loses the nomination they’ll be so outta there.

    The GOP had better take a long look at where the neocons have taken them. They have become despised by their own membership.

  • Willie Mae Washington

    I have read postings that Ron Paul pushes the homosexual agenda, and now I see that he is a homophobe. Are his frantic opponents just throwing things out to see what might work? Although he supported the MLK holiday when most Republicans did not, now they choose to throw the “racist” card at him. That may haunt Republicans in the Senate race when George Allen’s yearbook picture with the Rebel flag makes the rounds. The racism charge is a standard of the left, and it is thrown out with no concern for the character of the person being branded. It is a cheap and easy shot, and in this case, it is being done without consideration for the thirty-year public career or for the support of people of color that Dr. Paul has enjoyed throughout those many years.

  • Sharon

    Ken, So when has the GOP ever avowed him? He has been treated like a stray dog at the food bowl by the GOP. He outsmarted you tho didn’t he? Despite the GOP and the media efforts, he got his message out to the people without you. Ron Paul is loved and he is exposing the truth of the one party system of corruption. You and all the rest of you will get to eat humble pie because you can not shut us up or sway us with your lies and half truths. Ron Pauls time has come and there isn’t anything you can do about it. I will not vote for anyone else even if it means Obama wins again.

  • People whine that this is a hit piece, but lets face it, Obama and his followers will run with this same information. Clearly, plenty of Republicans are not impressed by the response. Ron Paul will fare even worse in votes from minorities when this information gets out. The responses once again show that he understands very little about the presidential nomination process.

    Unfortunately, in all of this, I see a no-win scenario being presented. We will either have Ron Paul win the primary, and Obama will spank him, or Ron Paul will lose, run third party, and take away so many votes from the Republican that Obama will still run away with it. I guess the only thing we can look forward to is knowing that Ron Paul will be out of office next year and Republicans may have a better shot against Joe Biden.

  • Kim Bartlett

    Never before have I heard so many people lie about a mans character And have Swill and Swine swear to it and have no clue what they are talking about

  • Dean Triplett

    I will simply say this. I have had no real problem with other GOPers views, and I have put up with hearing them, even if I disagree with them. Now they are saying that Ron Paul should be disavowed simply because some in the party disagree with him? This is a double standard, and goes against the GOP’s famous motto of the “big tent party”. Why don’t people just stop bashing him and start listening? If you disagree, fine! We’ll welcome a nice, healthy debate, but just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you kick them out! Do you want to beat Obama in 2012? We do too. Can’t we share a common enemy and get along, at least through the primary? Do we have to throw temper tantrums like children? I’ll bet the liberals are laughing their heads off.

  • Scott

    WOW,so hard core conservatives sound like hard core liberals ! Ron Paul is the only decent,knowledgable candidate running.He is a lot more committed to this country and citizenry than any of the others.Never voted to raise taxes,bailouts or bullshit wars.If he’s such a rascist then how come all of my black friends are voting for him and he will pardon petty,non-violent drug offenders,which are mostly black when he decriminalizes marijuana ? He also has more contributions from the military than all others COMBINED ! Are you against the military ? So you want criminal Newt or flip-flop Romney,both who are Rino whores.Wake up to who the vast majority of americans can relate to and want as president and quit settling for the same old stepford candidates.You would rather sabotage the best chance for a republican president.Sounds to me like some of you are really working for Owebama and wanting to split the vote so that he gets re-elected !


    wow. I didn’t realize that we here on BD also perform character assassination. It is well known by anyone who spends more than 2 minutes investigating the story that Lew Rockwell wrote the newsletters but let’s not hurt our argument.

    Ken also conveniently leaves out the following section from Eric Dondero’s statement:
    Is Ron Paul a “racist.” In short, No. I worked for the man for 12 years, pretty consistently. I never heard a racist word expressed towards Blacks or Jews come out of his mouth. Not once. And understand, I was his close personal assistant. It’s safe to say that I was with him on the campaign trail more than any other individual, whether it be traveling to Fairbanks, Alaska or Boston, Massachusetts in the presidential race, or across the congressional district to San Antonio or Corpus Christi, Texas.

    He has frequently hired blacks for his office staff, starting as early as 1988 for the Libertarian campaign. He has also hired many Hispanics, including his current District staffer Dianna Gilbert-Kile.

    One caveat: He is what I would describe as “out of touch,” with both Hispanic and Black culture. Ron is far from being the hippest guy around. He is completely clueless when it comes to Hispanic and Black culture, particularly Mexican-American culture. And he is most certainly intolerant of Spanish and those who speak strictly Spanish in his presence, (as are a number of Americans, nothing out of the ordinary here.)

    Is Ron Paul an Anti-Semite? Absolutely No. As a Jew, (half on my mother’s side), I can categorically say that I never heard anything out of his mouth, in hundreds of speeches I listened too over the years, or in my personal presence that could be called, “Anti-Semite.” No slurs. No derogatory remarks.

    regardless, if we want to make cheap shots at an honest man, here’s a little more ammunition for you:

  • Joe Thomas

    It just doesn’t add up folks.

    There are literally 100’s of hours of video of all of the GOP candidates and current President out there so, if anyone wants to see a video of Obama, Newt, Mitt, Perry or any of the other RINO’s flip-flopping on an issue over time or saying something they said they didn’t say, then that’s pretty easy to find the clips of them doing just that.

    The same rules should apply to Ron Paul, there are literally 100’s of hours of video going back to the 1970’s, so it should be very easy to find Ron Paul spewing racist remarks to validate these racist claims, and i am sure the mainstream media would be on top of it. If they can explode a few written lines (that he didn’t write) from a million lines then I’m sure they can easily find that video and share it with us.

    So where is the video? I mean c’mon, just 10 seconds of racist-laced venom from the good Dr. must be out there somewhere? I just can’t seem to find it. Can you?… You know why you or the msm cannot find it? Because it doesn’t exist.

    Get a clue people and stop being ‘played’ by the statist and neocons who are running scared because the good Dr is blowing the whistle on the monetary and political corruption that is driving our country into the ground. Vote for Ron Paul 2012!

  • James

    Ken Falkstein,

    If the GOP is to disown anybody, first on the list should be NEWT GINGRICH who is a ticking time bomb spewing toxic racist garbage out of his mouth at every opportunity:

    * Spanish is the language of the ghetto

    * Palestine is an “invented” people

    * Inner cities must have one master janitor and hire poor children to clean their own schools

    * On women in combat: Women would have trouble staying in ditches “because they get infections;” “males are biologically driven to go out and hunt giraffes”

    * On accepting bribes: “The idea that a congressman would be tainted by accepting money from private industry or private sources is essentially a socialist argument.”

    * On being a serial hypocrite: ““It doesn’t matter what I do. People need to hear what I have to say. There’s no one else who can say what I can say. It doesn’t matter what I live.”

  • Ken

    Ron Paul is the only true conservative in the race.

  • Ken

    Ron Paul = True Zionist!

  • David Greene

    So more overstated BS. Funny how when the person with the most conservative voting record in Congress pulls into the lead the attacks on his character begin. Meanwhile Romney says the mandate is a conservative value. You folks have your heads up your ass. He’s not a racist or antisemite.

  • @Kirwin, I keep forgetting that 12 terms in Congress with an “R” next to his name means nothing. Sorry your guy doesn’t have what it takes to make the ballot. Perhaps Newt can run for president on a 3rd party ticket since he said he wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul if RP was the GOP nominee.

  • not sure why my last comment which I thought I posted this morning is only showing up now.

  • Can’t wait for the Republican Party to denounce the racist George Allen. Quick google:

    “Allen said he came to Virginia because he wanted to play football in a place where ‘blacks knew their place,'” said Dr. Ken Shelton, a white radiologist in North Carolina who played tight end for the University of Virginia football team when Allen was quarterback. “He used the N-word on a regular basis back then.”

    A second white teammate, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he feared retribution from the Allen campaign, separately claimed that Allen used the word “nigger” to describe blacks. “It was so common with George when he was among his white friends. This is the terminology he used,” the teammate said.

    A third white teammate contacted separately, who also spoke on condition of anonymity out of fear of being attacked by the Virginia senator, said he too remembers Allen using the word “nigger,” though he said he could not recall a specific conversation in which Allen used the term. “My impression of him was that he was a racist,” the third teammate said.

    Then you have the sterotyping of the NBC4 reporter as being an athelete..twice, because he couldn’t remember the first time.

    Then you have his noose at his office, his confederate flags, apparently now he admits to having Jewish heritage. Why that took so long, I don’t know.

    So, while your at it Ken, write a hit piece on George Allen for being a racist and needing to be disavowed.

  • Thomas Conway

    @Brian – my mistake – i didn’t read your comment fully before my response – i thought you just meant a person who ran for president at any time who’s political party had at any time switched…. not that one ran for president as one party and then another – apologies…

  • GOP I dare ya

    As an elected PC and Delegate for the Republican party, I am PROUD to vote for Ron Paul!! Trying to make a non-racist person seem racist is a very dangerous tactics to be playing around with. Stirring up the race card plants the seeds for MORE racisms in society. “Race Fraud” being playing by the media AND THE GOP is completely irresponsible and hurts society. How could a man speak out so often against minority abuses be considered a racist? … Especially over news letter not even written by him 20+ years ago?? Yes…I will keep telling it like it is!! Like MANY others, I am a TRUE conservative that loves our Country and I am voting for Ron Paul 2012!

  • The propaganda being waged to crucify Ron Paul is forcing the equasion forward and contrary to the intent is helping to expose the source of the propaganda.. The mind boggling establishment republicans are at the heart of this jihad. Laughable if not so nauseating and harmful to republicans as a whole while helpful to far left democrats.

  • Virginia local campaign headquarters officially opening 1/2/2012 at 7943 Shore Drive. Come on down!

  • Sara


    Interesting that a Paul supporter like you would use the term “jihad” when referring to the Republican establishment, but would fail to comprehend that the ones who coined the term might actually believe in it, and want to do us harm.

    By the way, those “far left democrats” you refer to, make up most of the OWS’ers that Paul wants us to unite with. Guess you’ll have to tone down that rhetoric!

  • Sara.. Job #1 is that Obama loses. I want the most conservative candidate who can send Obama back to Chicago. If I thought Romney could deliver Obama to Illinois I would support him. I don’t think he can. Truth be told I am not so sure anyone can. Taking more of Obama’s base is strategic and scuze the pun, helps win the war for liberty. It takes balls/ovaries or whatever you want to call it to think outside the box and act on it and RP is doing what must be done to restore our founders intent. Speaking of Jihad, you attack Jamie for the same so your argument to tone down the rhetoric rings hollow.

    Its gone with the wind on a national scale this time, Sara. Pick your poison.

  • Thx for the email question. The answer is yes that is a tip of the hat to Texas and a flip of the bird to Chicago. Band and song carefully chosen just for you Sara.

  • Sara


    My suggestion to tone down the rhetoric was tongue in cheek, because I know you too well to think you ever would…your fellow Paul supporters might raise an eyebrow, is all I’m saying. Especially since a lot of them are quite likely far left democrats!

    Taking more of Obama’s base – well perhaps. I’m no Republican strategist. I just tend to look at who I’m voting for, and want to support them because I agree with what they are saying.

    I suppose if he wins I can always short-sale vinegar stocks – his supporters won’t be worried about having to shoot vinegar streams at the chemtrails anymore.

  • Sara, most of them are independentrepublicanlibertarian or sumthin I cant spell correctly. I get along with most of them. The supporters I fear are the far left democrat youth I often find are hostile to mainstream views let alone fiscal conservatives. I would venture to bet many republicans are philosophically libertarians yet align with R due to the size and power of the party, the dinosaur that it is.. no pun intended.

    No doubt Paul has some kooks among the base but most of them are more mainstream common men and women than the media would like you to think. Get in your car and visit the new office opening on january 2. The more you dig the more you might find that clears the reality distortions being thrown at RP supporters as a whole. Some are nucking futs, most are concerned citizens you know from the tea party movement you helped launch in this state, with all due respect.

  • Sara

    OK truce 🙂

    I know all this…. like I said, I took a very serious look at Paul and his campaign.

    Honestly, I felt very uncomfortable among the chatter there. It wasn’t the right place for me. As far as the ‘mainstream’ Paul supporters, like you, or Shaun :), who can really back up their position of support, I respect that. Unfortunately, because he WILL BE defined by the loonies (that’s what campaigns do) – he cannot beat Obama (my best Republican strategist impression.)

    Gotta go accomplish something for the day.

  • Sara, I have fired back at the overzealous fringe that makes up maybe 10% of RP followers and asked them to knock it off since they were making RP appear fringe and outside of the mainstream, which to be honest, I used to think he was 4 years ago in spite of my respect for his carreer.

    It would be a refreshing exercise to ask Ron Paul about his views in person without relying on his political opponents to say what they want you to think of his views. Ron Paul is outside the mainstream establishment and in the mainstream citizenry more than I once imagined.

    Ahh, I feel so much better now, we can get along. The doves are aloft with olive branches in tow..

  • Steve Vaughan

    Wow. Interesting thread.
    Ken, I understand where you’re coming fron.
    Romney migh tbeat Obama, it’s not a cinch, but I think he’d have a good shot.
    Nominating Ron Paul is the only thing Republicans could do to insure that Obama wins a bigger victory than he won in 2008.

  • VA is for Politics

    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama

  • Steve Vaughan

    Va is for Politics: and there’s a pretty good chance that Republicans will still be using that line in the general after Paul launches an independent bid.

  • If Paul or Romney win, Obama still might get a second term.. This is a steep climb yall.. The prince of fools has more fools now than before.. the public trough keeps getting longer and more heads keep going in to forage.

  • Turbo: I do not share your defeatism. Obama has been polling in the low 40s for months, and a generic Republican has beaten him in every poll for months. Romney consistently beats him in those polls as well – and he’s the only Republican who does. Obama is not going to be a pushover, but the gloss is off the rose. He is no longer the messiah and will no longer be able to get reelected based on meaningless drivel like “hope and change.” He has a record that is a goldmine of opportunity for a well-run Republican campaign.

    Also, Ron Paul, as egomaniacal as he is, will not run independent and help reelect Obama because that would kill his son’s political career, and he won’t do that to Rand.

  • The election will be revolving around economy and war. ROmney will have a tough time convincing voters he is not going to put us into new wars while obama is waxing his dolphin to look like an antiwar prez to shush his far left promises to his far left base.. This will become mainstream too.. It worked las time Ken.

  • Conservative gal
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  • Frank Luntz does not share your enthusiasm.
    None of these candidates thrill a majority of R voters.. This is a problem, no?

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