Are you fringe?

According to the MacMillan dictionary, fringe is defined as “people or activities that are considered strange or extreme” so I thought I would ask what positions make a person “fringe”.

1) To balance the budget and get the United States out of debt, which is currently considered our largest national security threat, which would you prefer:

A) Cut absolute Federal spending immediately to prevent any more borrowing from nations such as China and then continue spending cuts in the future to start paying off the debt.
B) Reduce the acceleration of increased spending in turn hoping that increasing the debt at a slower pace will help grow the economy by over 40% to cover our current overages and eventually start paying off the debt.

2) When it comes to the well being of our citizens, how should the Federal government handle health and moral concerns:

A) Delegate to the states to experiment and cater rules and regulations best suited for their populations and enabling the migration of citizens to states most in sync with their personal views.
B) Allow the Federal govt to dictate a “one-size fits all” solution that puts the burden on the individual states for enforcement and imprisonment for failure to comply with laws the majority of the citizens of the state may not agree with.

3) To foster peace, prosperity and democracy in the Middle East, what should the United States foreign policy in the region be:

A) Create economic and diplomatic ties with every country in the region and use America’s consumer market to create financial incentives for goods and services from the Middle East while simultaneously opening up markets for American exports creating jobs in the U.S. Leverage the trade relationship to influence Middle East leaders and their newly created middle-class to cooperate with the West on terrorism and nuclear proliferation.
B) Preemptively attack every nation on the brink of developing a nuclear weapon (but not Pakistan because they already have a weapon and they are our “friends”) and isolate those countries with sanctions and restricted military movements. Once said country has been toppled, occupy country until democracy is restored (even if it was there before) and rebuild and improve any infrastructure damaged during the attack at American taxpayer expense.

4) To enable and foster the Free Market, which should the Federal govt adopt:

A) Allow for competing currencies, which are backed by a variety of commodities and are less susceptible to inflation, pyramid schemes, bubbles and currency manipulation by foreign counties.
B) Centrally manage the economy with a few Keynesian economists that set interest rates once every 3 months but can also inject huge sums of paper money into failing banks to purchase additional bad debts.

If you chose “B” to all 4 questions then congratulations, you are not a fringe citizen in our society. What you believe in is not challenged and you are happy because the status quo is what you want so it really doesn’t matter what happens in the next few election cycles because things will generally be going your way.

If you chose “A” to all 4 questions then our condolences because you are simpleton that doesn’t understand how the world or logic works. You probably are a racist who own more than one gun, believes in all sorts of conspiracy theories and wants to smoke pot all day.

If you chose a mixture of A and B, then you’re a confused soul that is easily swayed by the media and choose who you vote for based on important criteria such as “which guy can I have a beer with” and “boxers or briefs”.

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