Allen surrogates tear into Obamacare and Tim Kaine

I listened in on a conference call this morning, organized by George Allen’s campaign, on the pitfalls and problems of Obamacare — which, for those who’ve been trying to forget, is approaching its second anniversary as the law of the land.

The featured speakers — Rep. Robert Hurt, Sen. Steve Martin and Del. John Cox — all offered their criticisms of the law, of Tim Kaine’s strong support for it, and how Mr. Allen would be a tireless advocate for its repeal. Nothing they said hasn’t been said before, repeatedly, in other venues.

But Rep. Hurt mentioned that while sentiment for repeal is strong, any talk of repeal must be accompanied by discussions of what would replace the law. Hurt wants that replacement to be based upon free market principles. Embracing market principles would represent a revolutionary change in the way the federal government has approached health care. The current system is a mish-mash of directives, penalties and subsidies. Only in a few small areas — like health savings accounts (and then on a limited basis) — do market incentives really come into play. But Hurt didn’t get into specifics.

On his campaign website, Allen has a one line mention of his health care agenda:

repeal and replace Obamacare with personal, affordable health care opportunities including health savings accounts and more competition and choice

Again, great idea with health savings accounts. Here’s hoping Mr. Allen provides more details. And if he’s looking for ideas on introducing more competition and choice, a fine place to start is here.

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