Allen and Kaine win today’s debate

Republican and former U.S. Senator George Allen did what he needed to do during today’s AP Day debate – he repeatedly tied “Chairman” Tim Kaine, the presumptive U.S. Senate Democratic nominee, to the failed policies of President Barack Obama on the economy, health care, taxes and energy.

Kaine, as he stated in the past, stood firmly with Obama, and repeatedly defended the president’s record. Amazingly, Kaine dug-in defending his budget proposal at the end of his gubernatorial term that would have raised taxes on Virginia families by more than $2 billion – a tax increase no Democrat in the General Assembly voted in favor of.

Kaine also made direct appeals to the Tea Party – saying that his record on spending is better than Allen’s in the Senate.

Of course, that is Apples and Oranges. Kaine could never get a tax increase passed through the Virginia General Assembly, so the only way he could balance the budget (as required by state law), was to cut spending screaming and kicking (and shuttering rest stops, not auditing state agencies, etc.)

As for Allen’s so-called “debt ceiling” votes during his U.S. Senate term, deficit spending was by far less than the explosion we’ve seen during the Obama administration…while two wrongs don’t make a right, Chairman Kaine clearly would support Obama’s policies of a more centrally controlled economy and out of control spending.

Ultimately, this debate for both candidates was whether they could show they are ready to go toe-to-toe with one another and represent their party’s interests.

They did not gaffe and showed they each have differing visions of the future.

Both candidates, ultimately, are winners by proving that the preliminaries no longer matter. It’s time for the main event.

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