On the air with Ryan McDougle and Jamie Radtke

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott Lee talks with Sen. Ryan McDougle, chairman of the Republican caucus, about what the GOP intends to do now that it has an operational majority in the General Assembly’s upper chamber — assuming the Democratic leadership’s threatened lawsuit doesn’t scuttle the deal. Who will take over the key committees? Will there be peace, or acrimony? Scott and the Senator from Hanover lay it all out.

And while Republicans are ensconced at their retreat (or “Advance,” if you prefer) at the posh Homestead Resort, including would-be Senate nominee George Allen, other Senate contenders have taken a pass. That includes Scott’s other show guest, Jamie Radtke. Scott and Jamie discuss the coming AP debate, whch has excluded all but Allen and Democrat Tim Kaine from the stage, the state of the race, the issues and a lot more.

Of note: Radtke tells us that the AP debate is not only closed to the public, but will not be recorded — at least for now — and with the agreement of the two participant candidates. This makes an already bad situation much, much worse.

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  • A mom

    The Times Dispatch (p. D6) notes that the Kaine-Allen debate will be streaming at TimesDispatch.com, at 1:30 pm Wednesday.

  • “the AP debate is not only closed to the public, but will not be recorded ..” So, the AP is doing their due diligence for Obama, right?

    NOTE: No trees were killed or injured in the sending of this message; however, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced…

  • I’ve heard it said that we owe Allen our trust because he supported the votes benefitting corporations that create jobs. No one seems to want to touch the possibility that Allen got richer off of the efforts of some of his donors. AP will not go there on Kaine. This debate, er, forum, er.. press interrogation coming up should provide a windfall for the democrats, er the media, er, uh.. Team Obama.

  • Leaving Fannie & Freddie alone to be consumed by rot may have been George Allen supporting jobs in Virginia. But what about all the housing jobs lost? What about all the jobs lost and the high unemployment created by by an economic climate devastated by the housing/credit/mortgage backed securities bubbles? Why didn’t George Allen do anything about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae when Sen. Hagel warned him and asked him too? Turbo, we don’t owe Allen anything but outright rejection. When crony capitalism implodes this is what you get and if Allen is nominated, the Democrats will paint the GOP as the creators of all our economic problems and as giant hypocrites. Spending increases, earmarks, subsidies, and more racism baggage than you can shake a stick at. THIS is the guy you “Establishment” fellas want?

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