BREAKING: Cuccinelli To Announce Bid For Governor

As mentioned here first back in September, two MSM news sources — the WaPo and the Virginia Pilot — are now repeating what Bearing Drift readers have known for weeks…

Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will be announcing his bid for Virginia Governor in the coming days, possibly as soon as the RPV Advance this weekend.

One more reason why the blogosphere trumps the MSM.

UPDATE:  Boom.

A senior Republican official says crusading conservative attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, will run for Virginia governor in 2013.

Cuccinelli’s candidacy was confirmed to the Associated Press by someone close to the attorney general. His candidacy creates a clash with Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling for the party’s nomination in two years.

I’m going to assume that’s Bob Lewis with the AP.  If so, good on him for confirming.

UPDATE x2:  Bob Lewis with the AP has the definitive write up:

The official spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli, 43, had served two terms in the state Senate when he was elected in a 2009 GOP statewide landslide, just one year after Democrats had routed Virginia’s GOP in the presidential election. He was among the first state attorneys general to file suit challenging President Barack Obama’s health care reform law just days after a Democratic Congress approved it.

He has become a darling of Virginia’s tea party movement and a devil to Democrats for his aggressive efforts to dismantle their landmark initiatives. He’s also had become a staple for television comedians and pundits for some of his actions in his first two years in office.

Well done.  We’ll see how this pans out at the RPV Advance this weekend.

  • Tyler Spires

    I cant wait to see Ken crush Bill. Ken got the most votes statewide, and will win in 2013.

  • Conservativa

    I just wish I had the concession on synonyms for “divided” or “divisions.” I could retire rich just from the autopilot spew that will be in every column turned out by local papers for the next couple of years.

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  • valentinus

    Hmm, should we react the way Mr Cuccinelli acts with Repub Presidential candidates? That is , publicly express our limited high regard for the Repub candidates running for Governor and wish someone better were available?

  • Nobody else in this state fills a room and turns the place on fire like Cooch. This reason enough to celebrate.. Pouring a glass of GrGich Hills and proposing a toast on this news.

  • If we elect a Republican president in 2012, then history will be a bad omen for Cooch. In each of the past nine gubernatorial elections in Virginia since 1977, we have elected a governor of the opposite party of the president that was elected the previous year.

  • Ken, with all due respects, none of them measured up.

  • Conservativa

    He can fire up a lot of the base. Can he fire up the center? He’ll need that to win.

  • the old dominion

    Cuccinelli doesn’t care about Virginia. He’s just a crazy power hungry carpet bagger

  • The Cuccinelli campaign will be an interesting test-case for the theory Ward Smythe wrote about in his piece today. To me–and probably many Americans–no one represents the Tea Party movement like Ken Cuccinelli, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.

  • I want to know who this source is, because Cuccinelli’s campaign is locked up tighter than Fort Knox. They just ain’t talking. And the folks who I thought might be talking, aren’t either. I just want to know where I failed this audience and how to do better next time. I also want to know why this source felt the need to speak to the Washington Post, which is always a friend to conservatives, instead of going somewhere else first.

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  • Turbo- By definition, every losing candidate in every race is the one who didn’t “measure up.” It’s a pretty amazing coincidence that in the past 36 years, the candidate who didn’t “measure up” was always the candidate of the party of the incumbent president.

  • What strengths and weaknesses did the few who beat the odds posess?

  • Roxie Hart

    Its not too late: Bolling for U.S. Senate in 2012!

  • SE VA MWC Alum

    Ken F-I think its partly coincidence, partly the gov candidates, partly backlash against unpopular presidents by swing voters. (Allen, Kaine, McDonnell) and partly losing the presidential race gets the based fired up. But I agree that the not having the president in your party has to be seen as an advantage to whoever is in that situation on Jan. 21, 2013

  • Mike McKay

    The DPVA has alot of infighting going on right now coming off of two bad years for them.With very poor leadership but if you want to unite them just let Ken Cuccinelli run for Gov.The DPVA will come together like they never have before.

  • Steve Vaughan

    This is “news” by the loose definition. This has been inevitable and totally predictable since 2009.

  • I don’t buy this: “The official spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for Cuccinelli.” Anonymous sources are barely sources for a rumor that has been in existence since 2009. Also, going to the post suggests it is not someone intimately tied to the Cooch.

    Like Steve Vaughan said, this is predictable.

  • B LaPorte

    Absolutely, I will support Attorney General Cuccinelli for Governor! He’s been an excellent Attorney General, an excellent conservative and an excellent human being.

    I will support and donate to Ken as soon as possible!

  • Paul Roszel

    I heard Mr Cuccinelli speak at a AFP session held in Washington recently. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the law and the Constitution, and his grasp of the actual issues this country faces. He has served Virginia well, and seems a man of good character. I will support him for Governor.

  • L Miller

    He has been an excellent Attorney General in regard to Obamacare and the Constiution. However, he will not recognize the Islamofacist/Sharia threat. He answered my question at a lecture by saying he believes it is a 1st Amendment issue and will treat a problem that arises in this issue from that perspective. That does not provide our state with the leadership that we need in regard to this growing problem of their encroachment on our American Constitutional liberties.

  • Peggy Hess

    YES! Cuccinelli all the way to the governors office. He has been an alert and aggressive attorney general. He knows our law and our state. He will not let the Feds take over our commonwealth. Go Ken

  • VAValuesVoter

    Ken Cuccinelli for Governor!

  • Madge M. Eicher

    Ken Cuccinelli is the candidate that can bring the Virginia Republican Party back to it’s solid foundation as intended and exemplefied by our founding fathers. He is solid on issues and a man faithful to his promises. Bill has served and we wish him well in helping Ken bring Virginia back to the top in honesty and government by the people. Without Ken’s strong leadership we are awash in broken political promises w/o delivery.

  • Alex Vallecillo

    For all eligible voters in Virginia Mr. Cuccinelli is a leader who has consistently fought for preserving the rights of states, against the growing expansion of Federal power, that will choke our freedoms and transfer them to the will and choices of bureaucrats in Washington,DC allegedly sacrificing themselves for us. Mr. Cuccinelli is a leader of those of us that believe in individual decision making and less government.

  • Charles Riegel

    I would rather have seen Ken enter the contest that really counts– the 2012 presidential race. That move would have put the right candidate in the right place at the right time, while permitting Virginia’s conservative Republicans to continue building their organization without the upsets caused by costly Primary contests which sap our strength and lead to electoral losses. Just a thought!!

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