Nurse Bloomberg tries to sway Virginia Senate elections. Again.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to play in Virginia’s Senate races once again, opening his wallet for six Demcoratic Senate candidates from northern Virginia because they, like him, are pro-gun control:

Five of the candidates Bloomberg supports are Democratic incumbents: John Miller, Mark Herring, Toddy Puller, Dave Marsden and George Barker. A sixth, Barbara Favola, is running for an open seat.

We re just happy to have the contribution of people who support our values, said Kiel Brunner, Marsden s campaign manager. We re concerned about Virginians safety – and that has a national impact.

This isn’t the first time Hizzoner has pumped cash into Virginia Senate contests. In 2007, Bloomberg supported, and made a campaign appearance on behalf of, Republican Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis. His presence was unable to save her campaign from a Democratic tide.

And let us not forget that Bloomberg caused a ruckus a few years back when he tried to instigate sting operations in Virginia in an attempt to stem the arms flow to NYC. Then Attorney General Bob McDonnell kindly informed the Mayor:

…that such non-law enforcement activities related to undercover illegal firearms purchases will be punishable as a felony in Virginia.

Unable to run illegal sting operations, Bloomberg resorts to trying to influence the state’s elections. He has every right to do so…just as Virginians have the right to know that the Gotham busybody really has it in for them.

And no, pro-life, pro-gun Ward Armstrong was not among the recipients of Bloomberg’s largesse. Nor, for that matter, were any Virginia Democrats outside of NoVa.

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