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In which the Radtke campaign goes gonzo

Jamie Radtke’s campaign has decided that George Allen is not only a “liberal politician,” but also one of the prime reasons why the “Occupy [insert city name]” phenomenon is spreading. From a Radtke campaign press release we learn:

“These left-wing radicals’ claims against Capitalism are fueled by career politicians like George Allen and Tim Kaine and Barack Obama, who are
actually rejecting Capitalism and manipulating the markets for their friends.”

Radtke told WLNI the protesters on Wall Street are wrong to blame capitalism for the country’s economic woes. Instead, she said, *”These protesters should be mad at liberal politicians like George Allen and Tim Kaine and Barack Obama for thinking they have the right to bleed working families in order to reward the fat cats that are bankrolling their campaigns.

Quite a novel approach, linking George Allen to Mr. Kaine and the President. And calling Allen a “liberal”? That will come as a surprise to just about everyone.

There are a few ways to view all this…

It’s an attempt to drive-up Allen’s negatives with a timely press hit.

It’s an attempt to remind people that Allen, with a long political resume and a list of votes that still rankle tea party types, hasn’t always been a small government champion and that crony capitalism (while not mentioned in the release) is a very real and growing problem.

By aping the language and cadence of the “occupy” folks, the Radtke campaign hopes to become organizers for (and maybe inspirational leaders of) the various Virginia “Occupy” protests. Lot’s of votes waiting to be had there for the right candidate, after all…

Or the campaign has gone full gonzo. And as Hunter S. Thompson told us: “There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge.”

With this salvo against Allen, the Radtke campaign seems to have inhaled the whole bottle.