What if the leftist Revolution finally arrived and no one noticed?

In case you hadn’t noticed, over the past couple of weeks the leftist dregs of society have all gathered together to mount their big Revolution.  Specifically, they have “occupied” Wall Street and from there spread their Revolution to “occupy” cities across the country.  As Norm Leahy notes, they even plan to “occupy” Richmond.  (If the Revolution goes international, maybe they’ll occupy the West Bank and Gaza Strip too….)

They’ve come with their signs and chants and demands to end to capitalism, guarantee jobs and health care to all (with, of course, no plan as to how it should be paid for), and re-elect their messiah, Barack Obama (who has stayed away in order to give his news media the opportunity to ignore the fact that his rhetoric and agenda are specifically what has inspired the Revolution).

So, here, finally, is the big Revolution predicted by Marx and Kruschev!  The people have risen, and a new day has come for America!  Vive la Revolution!

Except for one thing:  No one has noticed.

Even as the Revolution takes place outside its windows, Wall Street continues to be the engine of capitalism, with its stock exchange in full operation.  American banks continue to function with the confidence of the people (much to the chagrin of Democrat Senate Whip Dick Durbin).  In cities and states across the country, the machine of American democracy remains intact, and elections are on track to be held as scheduled (much to the chagrin of North Carolina’s Democrat governor, Beverly Perdue).

No one – and I mean no one – is talking about the Revolution.  It is not water cooler conversation.  It is not Facebook chatter.  It is not even fodder for late-night comedians.  The big collectivist Revolution has arrived, and America has met it with a collective yawn.

And there’s a reason for that:  America is not a leftist country.  No matter how bad the economy, the American people are rugged individualists who abhor the leftists’ collectivist agenda.  And so, while the uneducated, unsanitary, uncouth leftists of our country take to our streets to start a Revolution in lieu of finding honest work, the American people go about our daily lives, working, producing, raising our children, loving our spouses, worshiping God, and pursuing happiness.  And we do so complete in the knowledge that we have the opportunity to do so because we live in a free country with a free enterprise system that gives every American unlimited opportunity for anyone willing to work for it.

And so, the unwashed leftists march on, President Obama continues his campaign of class warfare, Dick Durbin tries in vain to further cripple the economy by trying to spur a run on an American bank, and Governor Perdue seeks to suspend elections.  Meanwhile, the American people laugh at the spectacle and go on with our lives.

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