On the air with Neal McCluskey and Ron Utt

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Neal McCluskey, the associate director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom, talks with Scott Lee about the President’s proposal to spend oodles of federal dollars refurbishing local school buildings — everything from new windows to new science labs. But does any of this spending make sense? Or is it just another way to energize the teachers unions in advance of the 2012 elections?

Continuing with our look at the federal jobs bill, Scott talks with the Heritage Foundation’s Ron Utt about the planes, trains and automobiles portion of the measure. Do these infrastructure ideas make more sense than the education proposals? Or is it, too, merely designed to placate the President’s base (and the Chamber of Commerce)?

And Scott and I talk about “The Score’s” merger with the 800 pound gorilla of Virginia politics, Bearing Drift. Plus, GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry headlined a fundraiser for the Republican Party of Virginia last week. We talk about how the speech went and what, if anything, the burst of Perry-mania might mean for the event’s other featured speaker, Gov. Bob McDonnell.

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