On the air with Jim Bacon and Chris Horner

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott Lee talks with “Boomergeddon” author Jim Bacon about the nation’s economy — from the President’s most recent, government-centric prescription to jump-start the jobs machine to what is really required to get America working again (and avoid the looming entitlements crisis).

Scott also talks with another show favorite, Chris Horner of the American Tradition Institute. ATI waged and won a Freedom of Information battle with the University of Virginia over the right to view former professor and climate researcher Michael Mann’s emails. But is the matter settled? As Chris informs us, not by a long shot.

And Scott and I chat about the kerfuffle surrounding Eric Cantor’s call for offsets to federal disaster spending, and recall how Vice President Joe Biden, on a visit to Henrico county in 2009, was touting the return of prosperity thanks to the first economic stimulus plan.

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