Would Cuccinelli challenge Bolling for GOP gubernatorial nomination?

This in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Monday … “Cuccinelli says he may run for Governor, Bolling doesn’t think so”:

Boarding an elevator at the General Assembly Building, Cuccinelli was asked if he might challenge Bolling for the nomination.

“There’s a chance,” he replied.

Moments later, Bolling was asked if he thought Cuccinelli would run against him.

“I do not,” he said. “I think Ken has said both publicly and privately that his intention is to run for re-election to the office of attorney general, and we look forward to running with him as a team. I think we’ll be a strong team.”

The idea of the AG challenging the LG for the gubernatorial spot has been rumored for months but this is the latest shot over Bolling’s bow from the charismatic hero of the tea party movement….

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  • I doubt this as well. “There’s a chance” would involved Bolling involving himself in several — and I mean, repeated and deliberate — serious miscues.

    Bolling will not do this.

  • Lee Talley

    Bill Bolling is one of the most selfless politicians I know. He has done more to grow jobs in Virginia than anyone sans Gov McDonnell. Bill Bolling should be our next Republican Governor… period!

  • Lynn, I’m surprised you posted this, especially since I set “full-mock” to this in my “Contact Report.” According to my sources, Cuccinelli hasn’t made up his mind yet – but I seriously doubt he’s giving the governor’s mansion much consideration.

  • Worth the conversation, Jim. It’s not like folks aren’t whispering it anyhow.

  • Fair point. I guess I only mocked it because we didn’t post it first!

  • When Lee Talley and I agree… Call the press JR… no, wait a minute.. uh..

  • Lauren Yoder

    I think Ken could beat Bill rather handily, the question is does he really want to. I rather doubt he does but who knows, I guess its always a possibility. Whatever happens I hope everything will be settled without a inter party war, I love both of these guys and don’t want to see them going against each other.

  • That’s the problem with Virginia: The Governor has a 4-year term and cannot succeed himself. It’s always a perpetual campaign in Virginia. The yard signs never come down. We have national elections in even years, state offices including legislative in off years, and Lord only knows when for special elections for county officials. Maddening.

  • …and that’s exactly the way things should be. Politicians constantly held accountable to the voters.

    Jefferson was right about non-successive terms.

  • Kinda agree with Lauren. I would rather see Ken run against Warner. Regardless, I would support Cuccinelli in any race. That includes Governor. I don’t care “whose turn” it is supposed to be.

    My gut feeling says he’s leaning against running for Gov but, doesn’t want to write off that option just yet.

  • Steve Vaughan

    If Cuccinelli wants to run, he gets the nomination. Bolling would be little more than a speed bump in his path.
    And he’s the best chance the GOP have to win in 2013.

  • Steve Vaughan

    Shaun: If a guy can’t run again, no matter if he does a good job or a bad job, he’s totally UNaccountable to voters.

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  • I’m with those who’d rather see Cooch’s heavy name and brand brought to bear against Warner…especially after the highlight of fighting Healthscare before the country’s press.

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