So Easy Even A Billionaire Can Do It

Warren Buffett’s statement today requesting to be taxed more will be repeated over and over again by anyone trying to justify why we need to raise taxes. While it took Mr. Buffett only 80 years to come to this epiphany, somehow it has escaped him that he does not need Congress to tax him more to get his money. Warren can simply donate online whatever extra he wants to gives via to pay down the debt or several other options. Perhaps if he actually donated a few extra million a year for a few years in a row, I would have more respect for his statements. Personally I much rather have billionaires such as himself follow the lead of Bill and Melinda Gates and use their business acumen to start philanthropic organizations that are efficiently run and focus on delivering results. I greatly admire Warren Buffett for donating most of his wealth to the Gates Foundation and find it odd that he thinks the U.S. government can use his money more effectively.

Perhaps Buffett is thinking about his legacy but I will remember him for funny Geico commercials.

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