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Virginian-Pilot is right three times in a row

Someone must be on vacation. The Editorial Board of the Virginian-Pilot has been right a record three times in a row.

In their view [1] of the sentencing of Del. Phil Hamiton, they note “Still unresolved is who at ODU knew about the arrangement, and who approved it. Bribery requires a briber, and so far nobody from ODU has been charged”

That’s always bothered me, too. Convicting someone of taking a bribe while charging absolutely no one of giving a bribe seems like an imbalance of justice.

In commenting [2] on the practice of policemen videotaping arrests, I almost expected to read something along the lines of some anti-police ACLU tirade right out of the 1970s. I was wrong.

“Cameras are everywhere in our public lives today: on street poles, on dashboards, on cops, in our hands. That may be creepy, and it may take some getting used to. But it also won’t change.”

And Portsmouth has a 100% cost overrun for quaint signs built by a company in Baltimore (of all places), cranks out $1.6 million bucks to a marketing company in a no-bid contract (then a bid contract and surprise! the same company won), and messes up state-funded Sheriff funding, and the Pilot rightfully calls for an audit [3].

3 for 3! Pretty good.