On the air with Paul Goldman, Bart Hinkle and Stephen Slivinski

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Democratic strategist Paul Goldman talks with Scott Lee about the Ames straw poll, the GOP presidential field and who they think will become the Republican presidential nominee.

Also joining Scott is Richmond Times-Dispatch editor and columnist (and reason Magazine contributor) Bart Hinkle. Their topic: how property rights are still under assault in the commonwealth.

I interview Stephen Slivinski, an economist with the Goldwater Institute and a former senior editor at the Richmond Federal Reserve, about Rep. Ron Paul’s idea to forgive $1.6 trillion worth of Treasury debt on the Fed’s balance sheet. Plus: is it really a good idea to keep interest rates low through the middle of 2013?

And Bearing Drift’s own Jim Hoeft applies the rough discipline of the Two minute Drill to the Iowa straw poll to determine what, if anything at all, such party fundraisers do to help shape the Republican field.

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