QandO: Children Are Barbarians

So what’s new, the parent might answer. Dale Franks over at Q and O puts a different spin on things in light of the youth riots around the world:

Children are widely believed to be a blessing, and I suppose, in many ways, they are. But children are also a problem, in that each new generation of kids is a vertical invasion of barbarians. They have to be taught the details of how to behave in civilized society, to be instructed in its standards and norms. Moreover, those norms must be enforced, and violators must face the appropriate penalties for violating those norms. Doing all of this is an important charge, and you fail in it at your peril.

It’s an interesting thought that every new generation of children are indeed “barbarians at the gate” that we — as good little inheritors of Roman civilization — can either civilize… or allow to sack Rome.

Worth reading and considering with all this objectivist nonsense followed by a get-for-me-and-mine mentality floating about in both parties.

  • Jamie Jacoby

    “QandO: Children Are Barbarians”

    That’s what parents are for. That’s why single-parent households are supposed to be the exception and not the rule. According to a recent statistic, 75% of black and 48% of white children are born out of wedlock.

    We will find out that it is not possible to enforce rules on tens of millions of fatherless teenagers. We will find this out just as soon as the checks (child support and welfare) stop going out. In this arena we have sown the wind and we shall truly reap the whirlwind.

    Feminists, rejoice. Your destruction of the Western family unit is complete. Expect neither pity nor quarter from me.

    Alea iacta est.

  • Tim J

    It’s interesting to note that at the left sidebar of the site is an advertisement for “”.

    The piece is a case study of the breakdown of a socialist society collaborating with politics that for many years has cultivated liberal “tolerance, understanding, and correctness”. The results of this social engineering at a national level has produced a stratified class system, each class with its own morality, norms, economic expectations and behaviors which has produced “predators” and “victims” in a civil war that is spreading. As the authorities escalate their response to the unrest, the problems in Britain will be reduced to a slow boil that will again boil over as the world economy continues to deteriorate.

    Unfortunately author Franks jumps to the outcome: “What these rioters need is the type of lesson that armed property owners convey with an immediacy that the police are unable or unwilling to provide.” where armed “property owners” are now charged with disciplining these latent “children” with a ternary choice… live, die or be wounded. Those kind of choices, along with crack downs by the authorities, would balkanize their society even more which may develop into organized insurgencies like we have been fighting in other countries for years.

    Maybe they should consider reopening the Tower of London for business?

  • Kathy Mateer

    jj, – While I agree that having children out of wedlock happens far too much, there are single parent homes for more reasons than just feminism. Married women who’s husbands died or left because of the husband’s own narcissism is not the woman’s fault, or the children’s fault. Misogyny is always ugly.

  • So, Shaun, you connect rioting in countries that lean further to the Left than we do with “objectivist nonsense”. They don’t understand Objectivism and clearly, you don’t either. You confuse how protecting the individual’s rights and their logical attention to self interest serves the collective far better than collectivism. You paint it as greed transpiring the natural rights of other individuals. That couldn’t be more untrue. Objectivists, Randians, or Ron Paulers don’t advocate theft or violence.

    And yet…… connect Objectivists with criminals using bad times as an excuse to do others harm. Go figure.

  • Kathy Mateer

    I look at what’s happening in Britain. Let’s face it, they are brats with a “everybody owes me”, “it’s my world, everyone else just lives in it” disease. It’s common here in America too. That’s what happens when you give too much, for too long to anyone who has no gratitude.

  • Absolutely, Kathy. I was taught at a very early age to “walk in another man’s moccasins”. I learned early that other people besides myself lived in this world. I learned they too had needs, wants, and rights of any human being. Unfortunately for my liberal parents I ended up far more conservative person than they. However, my classical liberalism did indeed grow ironically from their teachings. I learned about theft, property rights, and shame when my mother dragged my 4 yr old brother back in the store and apologize to the cashier for shoplifting gum. I’m not sure he understood it was wrong when he did it. Both of us sure knew after she forced that crying little boy to apologize.

    I heard on the radio that unemployment pay in the UK is forever. I haven’t confirmed that, but if true, I could see how that would generate a sense of entitlement. Over there you can’t defend yourself. You will go to jail for shooting an intruder in your home. How do you have any rights or do others recognize your rights if you are not even allowed to defend yourself? The criminal becomes the victim!

  • Listening to a segment on NPR yesterday about something entirely different, a gentleman in his 70s said something that is relevant:

    “each generation is wilder and weaker”

  • Kathy Mateer

    Each generation of parents try to give their children more than what they had. It grows each generation of children with a greater sense of entitlement. In generations past, the children actually had to work to help make the family successful. Now it’s the parents that do all the work.

  • Jamie Jacoby


    The misogyny thing doesn’t impress me, but thanks for showing up and throwing the charge anyway. 70% of divorces in the West are initiated by the female. One may rationally inquire “why,” even at the risk of being called names. The point is, who suffers the most? The children, of course. And if the children suffer the most, and if 70% of divorces are female-initiated, what does that say?

    You go, girl.

  • Kathy Mateer

    Yea, the misogyny thing doesn’t impress me either so when I see it raise it’s ugly head it’s hard to not call it out. Blaming the woman started with Adam so you go guy!

  • Kathy Mateer
  • Steve Vaughan

    As the parent of a 3 1/2 year old son, I agree that children are barbarians. I’d note that male children are more barbaric than female children.

  • Kathy Mateer

    Steve, as a mother of five sons and one daughter, they are green headed aliens until about, hmmmmmm. My philosophy is they are so adorable when they are little, when they are teenagers you can’t get rid of them because you are in love, but the teenage years definitely helps you in looking forward to letting them grow up and be adults. As it should be.

    Of course, my grandchildren can never do any wrong. At all.

  • It is indeed the job of parents to civilize the little barbarians. And, let’s face it, it is much harder for one parent to do this than two, simply because providing for children and rearing them is a huge job for just one person. Successful single parents (and there are many) often credit the help of extended family, church community or other friends who came alongside to help them in their job.

    But I totally agree w/ Kathy. Single parent households are not all women’s fault (or all men’s fault). Both men and women are responsible for the messes that families are in and it is more than a little childish for either sex to focus on blaming the other. It’s easy for the man who was divorced by his wife while he was unemployed and who now has high custody obligations to blame all women for social ills. It is equally easy for the woman whose husband traded her in for the younger model to blame men for the problems. There is more than enough blame to go around.

    And the children who aren’t civilized, the property owners who are victimized by them and the society that has to pay for an overburdened judicial system and overflowing prisons – are the real victims when grown ups don’t do their jobs (which is of course an oversimplification when kids become parents and when their own parents didn’t bother parenting)…

  • Steve Vaughan

    I’ve also got a daughter. She’s 21. Much easier to raise a girl. I’m just sayin’. They don’t jump off things as often and they pay attention when you yell at them. Little boys are cute as an evolutionary adaptation that allows them to grow into bigger boys without being abandoned;-)

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