PPP: George Allen 68%, Jamie Radtke 6%

George Allen continues his commanding lead over the field of challengers vying for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

The latest from Public Policy Polling showed Allen way out front:

George Allen 68%
Jamie Radtke 6%
Tim Donner 2%
E.W. Jackson 2%
David McCormick 0%

In favorability rankings, Allen is 63% to Radtke’s 18%. After seven months of campaigning, the poll shows Radtke is not gaining traction among voters.

  • Allen actually *expanded* his lead?!

  • There you go again, Lynn, spinning things for George Allen…

  • If I were a dem funded PPP poll I would want my favorite honky Allen to poll well.. He is the best bet for a Kaine victory. Damn right things are looking up.. on a dem funded poll.

  • valentinus


    Respectfully disagree. Allen is hardly the “best bet” for Kaine winning. As you know, I thought Allen would have been a poor matchup for Webb. However, with him gone Allen has a good chance in a Repub year. Kaine has monumental baggage.

  • Henry Ryto

    It’s still early for a 2012 race, but Lynn is correct: Rat-ke’s numbers should be up if she was gaining traction. Obviously her teahadist message doesn’t resonate with the voters.

  • Happy Days

    Turbo, face it, Rat-ke is a loser; just like you. The internal polls I’ve seen conducted by house and senate primary candidates for races this year have asked the Allen-Radtke question and in most, his lead is actually bigger with his number actually hitting 70 percent and beyond…so wave the “its a democrat poll” all you want; fact is, your girl aint going nowhere, and neither are you.

  • sara

    Ah….Happy Days, I’m not supporting Radtke either, but Turbo’s not a “loser”. That’s not cool. 🙁

  • Temporary

    Let’s try to keep it civil.

    I don’t agree with George Allen’s policies, I think he spends too much money, answers to all the wrong people, etc, but I wouldn’t start calling him George All-en just to make my point, and I certainly wouldn’t go after another poster on this board in a personal way just because I didn’t agree with them. Allen is a dedicated, hard working, fine human being, as is Mrs. Radtke, if you want to go after their policies, fine, but don’t dishonor yourself by going after them as people. This isn’t the other popular Virginia blog.

  • @ Henry Ryto and Happy Days,

    Contrary to what some might believe, Bearing Drift has made no endorsement in this race. However, even if we had, we wouldn’t be fond of name calling.

    Let’s not stoop to the tactics of the left.

    In the future when you refer to Jamie Radtke on this blog, use her correct name.

  • Kaye R

    Has the trend of support been done for all the candidates? As with a previous posting on this blog regarding fundraising, there is a failure to see the real story. Allen and Radtke have campaigned for at least the last year–it seems as if the needle isn’t moving much since then. What is an interesting picture, though, is the one belonging to Donner. Donner only recently jumped into the race and has quickly established himself as a candidate with the verve, the momentum and the credentials to bring a fresh face to Virginia politics. Only a fool would attempt to deny the power of Allen’s numbers, but at the end of the day, the one best positioned to beat Allen would appear to be Donner. I think more important is that Donner would be a much more formidable opponent to Kaine. Kaine and Allen have danced that dance already, and there is way too much baggage on both sides. A Donner-Kaine race would be far more interesting, as a well spoken Donner, backed by the GOP in VA, would be poised to take righteous aim at Kaine’s record. Kaine would be hard pressed to diminish Donner.
    I’ve asked before and I shall again–let’s see BD do some REAL analysis on stories like this. Anyone with a keyboard can create a puff piece such as this post.

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