On the air with Randy Forbes and Brenda Pogge

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Republican U.S. Representative Randy Forbes of Virginia’s Fourth Congressional District, who voted for the “Cut, Cap and Balance” debt and deficit reduction plan last week, talks with Scott Lee about that vote and the latest from inside the House. Representative Forbes has written in detail about CC&B and been one of its most vigorous proponents.

And the Virginia General Assembly is still in session (which may help explain the beastly heat the region is enduring). The worthies are still trying to finalize the new congressional district lines as a result of the 2010 census. What does that have to do with how Virginia selects its judges and if the system needs to change? That’s one of the topics Delegate Brenda Pogge, (R-96, James City County), a leading social conservative in the House, discusses with Scott Lee.

In the Two Minute Drill, Jim Hoeft takes a look at the debt ceiling theatrics in DC and wonders about Gov. McDonnell’s walk-on role in the production. Jim suggests that the Governor, while motivated by good intentions, may want to reconsider his call for a compromise that could very well include tax increases, and focus instead on putting some distance between Virginia’s economy and the federal leviathan.

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  • Yeah, I guess Governor McDonnell was wrong to side with the majority of Republicans who say the federal House should compromise?

    I understand some of you guys are trying to provide uncompromising leadership. But what happens when the majority of the herd is headed somewhere else? Some of us realize it is wrong to be like lemmings just following the one in front of us off the cliff.

    If you want to win elections, you have to get the majority of the vote!

  • And somewhere, Edmund Burke weeps…

  • Norman,

    I wonder if Edmund Burke wept any tears after he thrown out of office by his constituents?

  • As he was out of office for a only very brief time, I suspect not.

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