Jeff Frederick attempts a recast

After being removed from office by the Republican Party of Virginia as Chairman, the once three-term state delegate, Jeff Frederick, is trying to cast himself as an outsider in his bid to become the Republican nominee for state senator.

In a recent mailing to voters in the 36th District, Frederick says he wants to “End Politics As Usual in Virginia.”

“Our families deserve someone who will stand up to the career politicians. They deserve an honest, independent, common-sense voice.”

It’s interesting to note that Frederick, who did serve for six years in the House of Delegates, wants to serve another four in the state Senate, was chairman of the RPV, and is running for the Republican nomination, is not actually running as an independent candidate; he wants the endorsement from one of the two political parties that dominates our political system to back his bid.

He writes:

“The career politicians in Richmond have made a mess of our economy and have put future generations at risk.”

Interesting choice of words. So, would that mean that Governor Bob McDonnell and his leadership team who have built Virginia into being #1 for business and balanced the budget without raising taxes have “made a mess of our economy”?

This coming from the man who almost buried the Republican Party of Virginia? RPV is just now overcoming the tens of thousands of dollars in debt Frederick ran up on the party’s credit card. If you want a Microsoft Office product, just visit the Obenshain building on Grace St. in Richmond.

“Sure, they talk about creating jobs, but, in reality, they vote time and time again for job-killing tax hikes, new regulations and more wasteful government programs.”

If he’s talking about his presumptive Democratic opponent, State Sen. Toddy Puller, then, yeah, he has a point. But Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, the state’s chief jobs creation officer, has done more than talk – he’s delivered. And Virginia has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. It’s still not good enough, because there are people still out of work, but it could be much worse if not for public servants like Bolling.

Frederick has every right to want to earn votes from the people of the 36th District, but he could try to do so with a little more discretion and credibility.

  • Lee Talley

    Discretion and Credibility is something that man truely lacks!

  • At some point in time, folks are going to get tired of the catch phrases. What precisely is J-Fred going to do any different than his tenure in the House of Delegates? RPV? The guy not only brought the state party to its lowest point, he did it by tossing overboard every conservative friend he had at the time.

    How is that going to work for conservative values in a Virginia Senate that prizes itself on collegiality?

  • Conservative Gal

    No one in their right mind would vote for an individual ousted by his own party, that now bashes the party and the wonderful leadership of our Governor and Lt. Governor! Democrats are salivating at the thought of a general election against Frederick! People better wake up and figure out that supporting this individual is a recipe for flat out throwing out this election and handing yet another victory to Toddy Puller.

  • Anyone slamming McDonnell has a brain that needs a vacation. We have a lot of carreer dead wood in the republican party and McDonnell is NOT in that group, not by any stretch of the imagination. Neither is Bolling. The only disagreement I have is Bollings endorsement for Retread Macaca. I hope McDonnell steers clear of endorsing anyone other than the republican nominee after the people have spoken in the primary. Regardless, These guys are not what is wrong and anyone grouping them all together should consult with their quack and up the meds.

  • Wall Eye

    The nerve Jeff Frederick has to run as an “outsider” is galling.

    Here’s a guy who has served six years as a delegate, served as RPV chairman, and been a member of the Republican National Committee.

    Oh, and let’s not forget his illustrious leadership of the state party and all of the successes he enjoyed there [sic].

    But yet, he’s against politicians?

    The guy is either a compulsive liar or completely delusional.

    I’m sure Gov. McDonnell really enjoys hearing that he’s one of the “politicians in the way.”

    Well played, JFred.

  • Conservative Gal

    Delusional just about sums it up!

  • Jesse

    J.R.: Frederick left RPV with a surplus after getting it out of Hager’s debt, and Microsoft’s in-kind of software happened before Frederick became chairman. Facts are pesky things…

  • Steve Vaughan

    Frederick: “Those career politicians are awful. Please put me back in office, I can’t take it out here in the real world.”

  • Confused

    Maybe Jesse would like to explain to the folks working at RPV where that alleged surplus can be located. Indeed, facts can be pesky things, especially when they can’t be found.

  • TwoGun

    JFred’s presentation is indeed puzzling. Anyone running against Gov. McDonnell at this point can’t possibly be serious. But an old politician, a Republican at that, running against a highly acclaimed and exceedingly successful governor from his own party is what? Someone trying to out democrat the democrats while running for the republican nomination? It’s not going to work, bucko, either in the primary or the general. Democrats vote for genuine democrats, not phonies.

  • There are few things I find more distasteful in a candidate than treating the voters like they are morons.

    We’re all tired of the cliches.

  • Pat Hall

    I marvel at this column and the lack of the facts. Jeff Frederick wasn’t just ousted by the “so-called Republican” base, he was railroaded. The way I see the Republican party nowadays is that there are those who just step over the dead bodies on their way to fame and glory and no substance. Fortunately, we still have a mainstream Republican Party that is not filled with these extremists (who will kill the party if they ever actually gain credibility). Jeff was elected chair of the RPV at the convention and was able to discredit all the hocus pocus they drummed up. I was asked the other day to come up with my thoughts on voting for Jeff and they were as follows, accountable, accessible, believable and able to get things done or tell you why he can’t. That doesn’t always ring true with today’s politicians.

  • This is standard, if rather generic, GOP direct mail copy. Those picking nits are free to do so, but understand that with a few substitutions here and there — say “DC” for “Richmond” — and you have the guts of just about every RNC mailer since the mid-1990s.

    Legitimate criticism would be that the very few snippets Jim cites assume Democratic control of far more than the Senate. As he is running for the Senate, Frederick has a point. The Senate has a penchant for spending and taxing more than the House, because it is in Democratic hands (not that some Senate Republicans aren’t also part of the problem, but that is a point for a different post). If he is making a broader case against the entire Richmond political class, which the writers here infer and take great umbrage to, then Frederick is on shakier ground.

    But never let such niggling matters get in the way of a comment section take-down.

    And as for the idea of voters being tired of cliches…good heavens people, if we took cliches out of politics, the political class would suddenly fall mute, not to mention entire offices full of copy and speech writers, consultants and various hangers-on who would also find themselves struck dumb.

    Come to think of it, perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing…

  • Brian W. Schoeneman

    Norm, I got the original blast email. The entire thing is simply a recast of Jeff’s RPV chairman spiel, which was the same as his Delegate spiel. He tries to cast himself as an outsider, someone who can come in and fix things because he’s not a ‘career poliician.’ It is the same tired nonsense we’ve seen time and time again. This time it rings especially hollow, because Jeff isn’t running for the first time. He’s a former party chairman and a former delegate. He is not an outsider. He’s as establishment as they come. Claiming to be an outsider is just intellectually lazy at this point.

  • Reid Greenmun

    Mr. Leahy, I really enjoyed the thoughts you shared here. Well reasoned and funny too. Nice.

  • What an interesting little establishmentarian pile-on! Funny how no one questions the actual content of the little group that railroaded Frederick.

    From Wikipedia:

    In 2008, Frederick ran for Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) against the will of the state’s Republican establishment, including gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell and House of Delegates Speaker Bill Howell, who endorsed his rival (and later, endorsed his removal). Frederick challenged former Lt. Governor John H. Hager who was the incumbent chairman and father to Henry Hager, son-in-law to President George W. Bush. He won the Chairmanship in a May 31, 2008 state convention, capturing a rumored 60% of the vote, with the actual figure being unknown due to Hager appearing on the convention stage and requesting Frederick be elected by acclamation. The following year, he was removed from the position by 57 members of RPV’s central governing body,after he had been accused of mismanagement (a claim he has denied and the record would suggest is untrue), refusing to cooperate with the 2008 presidential campaign of John McCain, and a series of gaffes, including repeating a comment made by radio show host Rush Limbaugh comparing Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden because of his relationship with Bill Ayers.

    Certainly sounds like the “establishment” fought back in part owing to Mr. Frederick’s refusal to kiss McCain’s RINO rump and because he wasn’t one of the goose-stepping GOP boys in the state.

    Also interesting that the ones who REALLY wanted him gone were the Virginia GOP leadership – not the folks who actually elected him.

    Outsider indeed.

  • Conservative gal

    What a bunch of bull to say he is an outsider! A former party official is no outsider regardless of how much he portrays his dislike for the current administration! An outsider is an everyday citizen that wishes to serve as a public official and NOT a career politician as Frederick clearly is. He claims to be a “recovered politician” in one of his absurd self-descriptions, as well as “trying to find out what he wants to be when he grows up” in another less than adult-like of his tweets. You want to throw the election into Puller’s lap, go ahead and vote for a career politician that has committed more political gaffes than anyone should care for, should we remind all how he compared President Obama to Osama bin Laden? That’s the dems favorite one!

  • Tom Cat

    Frederick is an outsider. He only was elected Chairman of the RPV b/c TEA Party folks dominated that Convention. He was removed as Chariman b/c the establishment hated him and refused to work with him.

    Once he’s in the VA Senate, hopefully he’ll be a pro-freedom voice like he was as Delegate. The establishment really hates that. He’ll do more good there than trying to save the RPV from itself.

  • Conservative gal

    Do you really believe that he can do anything without working with others? How is being against the establishment going to get him anywhere when he bashes the very party he claims to represents and diminishes the current administration? He can’t run VA’s government by himself! I think I’m true grassroots and tea party and cannot identify at all with what you are proposing. Perhaps he should run as a libertarian, as I’m beginning to believe both he and his supporters are in fact libertarian in their views, opinions and proposals.

  • If folks care most about ensuring an outsider gets that seat, they should be looking at Tito, someone who has never held elective office before. There’s no question he’s an outsider.

    Jeff isn’t going to win if he’s arguing about who is more of an outsider this election.

  • Conservative gal

    Touché, Brian, you are right on!!!!

  • Randy Townley

    Pat Hall and Nikki and Robert have it right.

    It’s amazing the vitriol that this provokes. An uninformed political hit job of an article trying to take down an honest-to-goodness gentleman who has served Virginia well. He is a successful small business man who has real CONSERVATIVE values, not just establishment republican values.

    Don’t let the establishment(s) fool you into believing that Jeff has done anything other than honorably serve the Commonwealth and it’s constituents well. Jeff has challenged every known road block that the establishment has tried to put in place. In fact, he helped me re-think my position on a candidate that I was voting for — emotionally.

    When JoAnne Davis died, my congresswoman for my district at the time, I was gung-ho about her husband. After talking with Jeff and confirming with others including sources online, it was only then that I realized that her husband was NOT the Republican that JoAnne was. He was very pro-union and had the support of several very liberally leaning groups.

    Jeff is a great person, a great friend, and a great candidate. Believe NOTHING you hear from anyone in Tito’s camp as they have already tried to land blow after blow against Jeff. Nothing like coming out swinging in our “collegial” commonwealth political environment in a family friendly holiday weekend.

    I stand with Jeff — and will continue to do so unless he ever switches and becomes the McCain of Virginia politics. We don’t need any more liberal leaning RINOs in Virginia, or national politics.

    Wont you stand with Jeff too? Don’t believe the trash here – read and think for yourself when you know the facts.

  • Well said, Randy. The worst part is how the Munoz campaign has pushed all these attacks.

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