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Virginian-Pilot wants us living in caves

Seems like it sometimes.

Like most environmentalist whackos, the Virginian-Pilot whines about things like progress, freedom and modern living.

Read this latest grunt [1] from the neanderthal-yearners whining that Americans actually like television, DVRs, and electronics while using their newspaper for absorbing the natural results of pet ownership.

According to a story by The New York Times, based on a report from the National Resources Defense Council, the high-definition digital video recorders and cable set-top boxes that are so much a part of our modern media lives are also gargantuan energy hogs.

First of all, who is this “National Resources Defense Council [2]?” It’s slogan is “The Earth’s Best Defense.”

Who is going to be FREEDOM’S best defense?

I looked at their website (which I couldn’t look out without electricity, hypocrites) and oh, it’s just a group of global warming nutcakes who want to protect little furry animals while stopping oil production and supporting “cap and trade” and telling people to stop driving so much and stop using energy.

Or by, as the Pilot wrote, “removing the box entirely and opening a book.”

See, that’s the trouble with these liberal ninnies. They appoint themselves the position of telling us how we should live and what we should do.

I don’t know what country they think they’re in.

Of course, if the Supreme Court gives government the right to force us to buy health insurance, next up would be forcing us to buy a certain television, or a car, or a phone.

Or shut them all down because of our “carbon footprint” and buy the newspaper instead.

I’m tired of these effete snobs telling free people what they should and shouldn’t do.

They keep this up, I’m going to stick my carbon footprint up their tree-hugging butts.