Allen in the lead…with liberal trackers

If the polls, fundraising, and public appearances were not enough to convince you that former Governor George Allen is leading his Republican detractors on the road to secure the nomination for U.S. Senate in 2012 – perhaps another metric will help convince you: he has not one, not two, but three trackers from the Democrats and liberal special interest groups.

Clearly the Democratic party is hopeful that another gaffe of 2006 proportions will occur from the boot-wearing conservative.

In modern politics, it’s not unsurprising that the perceived front-runner would warrant attention from the Democratic Party of Virginia – which he has -but Allen is apparently a rock star in liberal circles, warranting a near entourage of paparazzi who happen to be card-carrying members of national liberal special interest groups.

First, we’ve learned that American Bridge – affiliated with Media Matters – is following the governor around like a loyal puppy dog. American Bridge is the brain-child of liberal activist David Brock. We did some easy research and learned something not too surprising about the organization: Shauna Daly is now running research for them and she’s Tim Kaine’s former flack at the Democratic National Committee. The hope of Daly is to turn the fledgling, yet well-funded, firm into the largest tracking organization in the country.

American Bridge, apparently, are not fans of conservatism. Especially when their tracker is Jeremy Koulish. Koulish thinks that metaphors for conservatives are “hyenas” and “vultures”:

“Hyenas. They tend to scavenge on the weak and take any advantage they can get. . . ‘I’m actually going to say vultures. That might be a better example because they again, they scavenge and they hunt on the weak.”


Next, our sources tell us that “Terra Strategies” has taken interest in the former governor.

Big shocker that the organization is affiliated with Terry McAuliffe and the Virginia Democratic Party.

I think there’s probably more to this group though and I’m looking into it.

So, clearly “gotcha” politics is alive and well in Virginia. I’m certain that we will be seeing targeted negative ads against Allen sometime in the near future. But, I suppose, he should take it as a compliment – these national organizations see him as the main threat.

But what is maybe so insidious about this, if not unprecedented, is that the governor warrants this much attention. It’s one thing in Virginia politics for the DPVA to set-up A tracker; that’s expected. But two outside liberal special interest groups too? What is it about Allen that they’re trying to discover and why so early in the campaign?

Clearly these are the questions we intend to explore, in addition to their connections and background, about these organizations and their outside involvement in Virginia politics. This seems to be more about retaining a U.S. Senate seat to advance the liberal, progressive agenda rather than anything that is in the best interests of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

We’re learning more every day about these organizations, but if you also have information to share about those tracking Allen, or any of the GOP campaigns, let me know.

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