If Sarah Palin is Such a Non Entity, Why Do they Insist on Going Through Her Lingerie Drawer?

That’s about the extent of it isn’t it?

Tomorrow, the State of Alaska will release some 24,000 emails from the time Sarah Palin was Governor.

The New York Times and The Washington Post are among media outlets asking readers to help sift through them all. Just what are they looking for?

If she’s the idiot they think she is just what do they hope they’ll find?

It’s been comical to watch them trail after her bus tour, refusing to play by their rules. Even moreso when she got her history right, and they didn’t.

If she doesn’t have a prayer of becoming the nominee, much less President, then what’s their fascination?

See, that’s exactly what I love about Sarah Palin. I don’t necessarily want her to be President.

But I love her because of the people who hate her. Or more precisely, because of the people who are scared of her.

Because she’s playing by her own rules, she’s driving them nuts.

And that’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Cross posted to The Write Side of My Brain.

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