Who is Jamie Radtke?

(temporarily removing the tongue from my cheek, check out Jamie Radtke’s brand new campaign website at www.radtkeforsenate.com)

Who is Jamie Radtke?

Accordingly to early polls, somewhere in the ballpark of 75% of people have asked themselves or will be asking themselves that very question over the next year.

Since the announcement of her candidacy, the Radtke campaign has produced a flurry of anti-George Allen press releases, some relevant, some not. The issue here isn’t her campaign challenging George Allen; he’s a primary opponent, essentially running as an incumbent and his record is fair game. There’s plenty not to like in his Senate record and plenty to like in his record as Governor. Those things will have their debate throughout the course of the campaign.

But not now.

For a Senate candidate on a longshot bid, there’s one thing you’re doing right now. Fundraising. When you’re not fundraising, you’re making calls or plans to fundraise. You’re working city and county committee events, women’s clubs, party platforms and the like. You’re working to spread your positive message and get to know the voters but most especially let them get to know you.

While Radtke has been a staple recently at local events, and while she had a eye-opening haul in fundraising for the final quarter last year, her campaign continually falls into a pattern of “Can You Believe George Allen Did _______” press releases and statements.

If there’s one thing Virginia voters have consistently rejected, it’s outright attacks (whether valid or invalid) on candidates before they ‘know’ the candidate attacking. Playing the political offensive game in Virginia has backfired on numerous occasions. Put simply:

Virginia voters want a reason to vote for YOU and not why you shouldn’t vote for the other guy.

Creigh Deeds, Jody Wagner, Steve Shannon. All launched ‘pro-active’ attacks on their Republican opponents in 2009, Deeds for the thesis, Wagner for no-show meetings and Shannon for Cuccinelli running on an agenda. Voters rarely heard of Creigh Deeds’ record on education or some of his positive virtues, they just saw angry clips of Deeds spitting at Bob McDonnell during debates and in appearances. Jerry Kilgore. Ollie North. (I’m sure those of you more seasoned than I can come up with numerous other references or critique my own)

There’s been very little publicized on Jamie Radtke and why to vote for her. Sure, she’s a got a wonderful family, she’s a powerful activist within the Tea Party grassroots movement. She has people that believe in her candidacy. She wants to shake-up Washington. I get all that, I really do. It’s commendable what she’s done in the last two/three years. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Jamie as an individual. But as a candidate? Not once have I seen, you should vote for me because _______. Or anything resembling ‘I deserve your vote because…’

The early poll (largely only name ID) has her favorables lagging behind her negatives. With Virginians historically rejecting outright negative campaigns from the get-go, Radtke’s campaign’s early focus on George Allen’s Senate record will continue to backfire. Any points gained at this early at Allen’s expense are outweighed heavily by the inevitable increase in her negatives. Rather than continuing to inform political hacks and the media (generally the only people paying attention right now) why they shouldn’t support George Allen, why don’t we hear more about Jamie and her background, her education, why she is qualified to be a United States Senator, her goals for the grassroots and for the Senate.

Because while Radtke’s campaign get flummoxed at weekly George Allen press releases and recaps, George Allen is reassembling the team that won him the Governor’s mansion in 1993 in a landslide and helped him win the Senate seat in 2000. Republicans who have been a part of the party in the Commonwealth for the last two decades frequently comment on the impressiveness of both campaigns and the subsequent irrational deviation in 2006. I can see how it would be easy to jump after George Allen for anything and everything, but Virginia voters have shown time and time again the tried and true path to victory.

They don’t need Jamie Radtke’s campaign to point out every flaw George Allen has or every poor vote he’s ever made. Everyone has mistakes and typically everyone is held accountable for their mistakes. But right now there’s three announced candidates for US Senate, and of the three the only one that even comes to close to knowing what you’re getting is George Allen.

Tell us why to vote for YOU, not why we shouldn’t vote for him.

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    “irrational deviation in 2006” Sure that is not a typo? Try “delusions of a potus run in 2006”.

  • If you’re tired of reading DJ Spiker’s diatribes, there’s a new conservative blog for Virginia- http://redstatevirginia.com

    And if you’re wondering why you shouold vote for Jamie Radtke- it’s because she keeps her word. http://radtkeforsenate.com

  • HisRoc


    Thanks for the links to the echo chambers. I think that I will stick with Bearing Drift. Call me crazy, but I kind of like the give-and-take among this bunch here, versus the mental masturbation of the “me-too” blogs on both ends of the political spectrum.

  • @Karen this is the most positive article I’ve put out yet about about Jamie, with sound campaign advice. As someone hoping to stay relevant in Virginia politics, take some notes, you clearly need them. And I looked at her website thoroughly, didn’t see anything about ‘keeping her word’ on her talking points. Nor is that a reason to vote for someone for US Senate.

    @Turbo, fair point, that he took eye off the ball is something universally agreed upon on by people involved far longer than me. But not a typo 😉

  • Lee Talley

    Thanks for validating his point Karen.

  • Pffffttt!!
    No. You continue to point out George Allen’s sorry senate record. You continue to find ways to bruise the Allen campaign. He is the front runner with the name id and record. You abosolutely go after him and that is why you reccomend against it.

    Out of those Democrat campaigns Creigh Deed’s campaign was incredibly weak. I freakin’ laugh at that being an example of a negative campaign. Jody Wagner? She faced plenty of negatives(deserved like Allen) and wasn’t effective either.

    Shannon had the only campaign with lots of attacking. Too bad he was facing Ken Cuccinelli. Shannon isn’t GA material and nowhere near the same leauge as Cuccinelli. The performance of Cuccinelli as AG speaks for itself. The man is incredible.

    Fundraising now? Darn right on that. Jamie has been campaigning pretty hard, but yes, you can’t rest on the successful raising of $100k last period. That should be the number 1 agenda item on Jamie’s personal list. That doesn’t mean you don’t continue opposition and current event research.

    I do agree the Radtke campaign needs to focus on reasons to vote for her and delivering that message.

    And yes, DJ, this is probably is the most positive article you’ve written about Jamie, but let’s face it……that isn’t saying but so much. You are dependable source for negative views on both Radtke and the Tea Party.

  • Forgot to say, while I do check out Redstatevirginia.com, I’m not going anywhere. It does seem to me that this blog is in the tank for Allen, but I don’t generally agree with some of the recent allegations.

  • John Jackson

    Even though I agree that the BD allows for give and take arguments, it seems ironic that you mention the “me-too” blogs as DJ touts his most positive article sandwiched between a GA made Pro-Life History and wins poll article.

    Doesn’t seem to be the most balanced coverage.

  • @Britt Howard and @John Jackson

    While it’s true that certain Bearing Drift bloggers may have declared their preference for Senate, that’s hardly the case across the board. And in the past week there have been more Radtke articles than Allen.

    That Radtke keeps shooting herself in the foot is hardly the fault of anyone at BD. On more than one occasion, we’ve offered sound advice, which she has ignored.

    So, right now since Allen and Radtke are the most active candidates, it does appear to be lopsided coverage. That will change as we hear more from the other candidates.

  • DJ This is the first thing I’ve read from you that makes sense. I agree 100%. Didn’t expect that did you?

    I agree especially with this:

    “Virginia voters want a reason to vote for YOU and not why you shouldn’t vote for the other guy.”

    That was something I kept getting on Robert Hurt about during the race last year.

    As far as http://www.redstatevirginia.com being an “echo chamber” only time will tell. Time has told us that yours is an echo chamber for neo-conservative republican cheerleaders (something you guys admit) so we will see what happens. It’s been 6 days.

  • Ward, there have been several Radtke articles, but the vasy majority are negative in one respect or another. Some mild and some a bit harsher. You pretty much haved to go back to the article on her raising $100 k to find a positive article.

    Radtke has not been shooting herself in the foot. What….one incident where you say she only meant the press weren’t covering the rising gas prices? Please. George Allen is the one inflicting wounds on himself. ( his daughter’s alleged diminishing opportunities and his poor record).

    As for those not locked Allen on BD, I’ll think about believing that when I see their favorable article.

  • D.J. Spiker

    @Kurt, thanks for the positive remarks

    @Britt, has nothing to do with George Allen, though I said repeatedly his record is valid and open for scrutiny. Right now she should be laying a foundation for her candidacy, and laying that foundation on a loop of “Can You Believe George Allen Did ____” isn’t it. Creigh Deeds, while running a weak campaign, put a flurry of anti-Bob McDonnell ads up without introducing himself to Virginia voters. Same with Jody Wagner.

    I’m not saying Radtke isn’t pursuing the right strategy. Hitting George Allen on his record is probably going to be the way to go…in 2012. Right now she needs to be letting voters get to know her, not getting to know why she won’t vote for George Allen.

    If she really wants to generate goodwill, she should be campaigning and making appearances with the dozens of State Senate/Delegate candidates already announced.

  • Red Baron

    In 2013 Jamie Radtke will only be a memory of candidate that lost a primary race.

  • D.J. Spiker

    @Britt, since I’m not locked on Allen, glad to have you believe it 🙂

  • HisRoc

    John Jackson,

    Blogs are not expected to be balanced. They are not news, they are opinion forums. However, the best of them welcome a free exchange of ideas and contrary points of view. The rest use a variety of techniques to squelch dissenting points of view ranging from flaming to outright banning posters whose comments disagree with the contributors. (See Blue Virginia and Not Larry Sabato.)

    Here on BD I have been quite outspoken and taken a position against many of the contributors posts. I can’t say whether or not my comments were always welcomed, but I have been treated with courtesy and respect by the contributors. (Although not always by other commenters, but that is their problem.)

    There is no question that the BD contributors support George Allen while I haven’t seen a Republican candidate yet that I would vote for. But at least they haven’t renamed this blog “Raising Allen” and banned anyone who opposes his candidacy.

  • @ DJ, you should be. You continually criticize Radtke in your articles. This is more moderate this time, but it is not a positive article or even neutral for Radtke. Just closer to some truth. I agree with much of your 2nd to last reply.

    If you’re not an Allen guy, your attacks on Radtke are not what you should be doing. Even if you prefer another candidate. You guys are right, George Allen is the candidate to beat. Your criticisms of going negative in mind, it makes even less sense to be on the “attack Radtke” bandwagon. She hasn’t earned “candidate to beat” status……yet. If you are an Allen guy, going negative on Radtke makes some sense.

    @ Red Baron – Ok, your crystal ball says she will be a “memory” in 2013. The question is, in 2013, will you still be throwing daggers from the shadows as you hide behind your pseudonym.

  • Red Baron

    Britt Howard Radtke will be lucky to get 25% of the vote at best.My guess is she will be in the 16 to 20% range.

  • Whit

    “who is jamie radtke?” – Did you ask her? would make for a good post.

  • Whit, glad you asked.. Jamie Radtke is the America loving mom, wife and woman of faith bringing a youthful yet experienced brand of constitutional conservatism Americans like me yearn to see replace good ole boy country club republicans like Allen. Mrs. Radtke is the constitutional conservative republican and grassroots Tea Party movement organizer more and more people are getting to know at local republican party meetings.

    See what Lou Dobbs, Ron Paul and others have to say about this up and coming alternative to the better known candidate.

  • Radtke has told us what she believes, but what will she commit to doing in terms of specifics as Senator? Allen would prob agree with the general beliefs. The specifics are what matter. When Radtke unrolls those, we may be able to make a decision about supporting her…

    I am not an Allen fan, but I am also not a fan of supporting anyone just to beat Allen. I also will not vote for someone unless they give me reasons to vote for them as opposed to just reasons to vote against someone else.

  • D.J. Spiker

    @Turbo, you might want to avoid using the term ‘organizer’ in your talking points. also watched that video, all Lou Dobbs said was ‘like Jamie Radtke’ and Ron Paul didn’t have a word to say about her. Please also explain her experience, that’s one area I honestly haven’t heard a lot about. Staffed Jesse Helms. That’s all i know.

    @Whit, it was tongue in cheek.

    @Britt, I’m gonna do some quick homework and get back to you.

  • D.J. Spiker

    @Britt, I’ve written four articles on the Senate race; this one, one lamenting the quality of the race (my first), one about a Tea Party faction not supporting Radtke and the ill-advised tweet about no media attention to gas prices. Not a single GFA article and one article on David McCormick (who I’ve met and is a great guy)

    The only remotely ‘attack’ I’ve had is the tweet post, which was just a stupid mistake on her part. I can’t speak for everyone else, I can only speak for myself. Feel free to review any of the aforementioned articles and give your critiques to me, but I don’t feel as I’ve unfairly or outrageously attacked Jamie Radtke, or as Karen Hurd would mistakenly allege, ‘diatribes’.

  • DJ, I watched the video too. Only, I saw Lou Dobbs say that he loves what Jamie Radtke has done and the entire organization. That is I believe the first part where Dobbs speaks on the video. See, you’re being deceptive there. You are basically correct about Ron Paul nothing said about her, although that camera shot was at the Tea Party convention which was her baby.

    Great video Turbo. I’ll be sure to use it.

    DJ, you are not fair to her. Sometimes you are in your replies. You articles however, are not. Not that I haven’t seen worse by other contributors. See, your “advice” is often condescending, patronizing, and/or sarcastic. You take something that isn’t a negative really and warp it into a contrived one. Even you admit that this article is probably your most fair, didn’t you?

  • John Jackson

    My point was that Bearing Drift is an Echo Chamber just the same as these others, not that they were balanced. Far from that. Just because you like it does not mean it cannot be an echo chamber.

  • MNR

    I love it when I see people on the side of the road changing a tire, and they take the blown out tire off and replace it with an older blown out tire with worn tread… “It’s got experience!” they think…

  • William Bailey

    I’ll chime in that BD isn’t exactly balanced but at least they give opposing views the chance to respond. Examples:

    Mike Barrett gets to chime in and BD hasn’t banned him…

    And Kirwin is as unbalanced as they come. LOL

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    DJ, why would you suggest avoiding the term organizer?

  • Mike Barrett

    Radke, like many other republicans, will have the challenge of overcoming their opposition to health care in the next election. Fact is, their defense of a system that has produced an obese, fat, diabetic prone population with the highest rates of coronary heart disease, cancer, and hyper tension, makes one question their sanity, their common sense, and most certainly their judgement.

    Politicians in office now doing all they can to remove the new reforms which already fund preventive services meant to ensure that our morbidity decreases, wannabes like Radke, and grandstanders like Cuccinelli ought to be retired from politics. Our political leaders should at least get the big issues right; Cuccinelli and Radke are an embarrassment to thinking adults who wish for the best in health care for all our citizens.

  • That makes for an endorsement of those two individuals! Thanks for the boost Mike! 🙂

    I’m sure Radtke or Marshall would go to great lengths to shred Obamacare. Cuccinelli is proving where he stands every day. Gotta love Cuccinelli! He is awesome.

  • William Bailey

    I think Cuccinelli is a nut case…

  • Mike Barrett

    Yes Britt, on these pages, my opinion does not count for much, yet your inability to engage on the actual effect of the negative performance of our so called existing health care system is most instructive. Fact is, most who post herein know it is a mess, and know that the republicans simply wanted to deny the President a victory, yet at the same time, they know our nation is facing a serious crisis in regard to the health of us and our children. How intelligent citizens can ignore the effects displayed everyday for us to see is mind boggling to me.

  • D.J. Spiker

    @Britt, yes, this article is my most positive about her. The tweet was an unforced error, my lamenting the quality of the field was remarking on the issues the Tea Party will have in the grassroots in 2011 (proving true). The advice in this article isn’t sarcastic. It’s serious.

    @Turbo, are you really equating Jamie’s experience essentially as a ‘community organizer’ as a reason for election? That’s why you shouldn’t say it. Since the Tea Party uses ‘organizer’ with tongue firmly in cheek.

    @Barrett, Republicans agree health care needs reform but inserting the government is not the answer. And they weren’t consulted on it in the first place. But that’s off topic.

  • Mike Barrett

    Yes D.J., herein I guess my comments about health care are off topic. Much better to discuss tweets, and responses to the comments of one commentator about another commentator who sent a tweet about an e-mail from an executive at Fox. Now that’s what has become of politics!

  • Mike, I actually enjoy reading your comments at times. Really, I was having a bit of fun. If one wanted to lock up votes and financial backing from Virginia Beach fiscal conservatives or especially the VBTA, LOL, negative endorsements from you and Henry Ryto go a long way.

  • Mike, I actually enjoy reading your comments at times. Really, I was having a bit of fun. If one wanted to lock up votes and financial backing from Virginia Beach fiscal conservatives or especially the VBTA, LOL, negative endorsements from you and Henry Ryto go a long way.

    I of course agree with you that our past health care system needed work. I just see Obamacare as a great harm and not the help. We must do better. I do see her views on health care as legitimate points to raise. We simply disagree on them.

  • Mike Barrett

    Yes Britt, that is the standard response in the playbook. Great to have universal coverage, wonderful to take out pre-existing conditions and use of too much coverage as reasons for denial, great to be able to cover adult children under 26, great to replace the donut hole, wonderful to have tax credits for small business, but of course, we must deny the President his win. Like I said, increasingly, Radke and tea party radicals will have to explain their aversion to the demonstrated benefits of reform.

  • Red Baron

    Mike what happened to all the Democrats being outraged at George Bush for starting two wars ? So is it just ok when Obama does it ?

  • HisRoc

    John Jackson,

    BD is an Echo Chamber? More like a street brawl conducted under the Marques of Queensbury Rules, if you ask me.

  • DJ, the term organizer was forever changed, no pun intended, when Obama came out of the blue. That does not change the valid use of the term in context. You insinuating that organizer means community organizer is a real dissapointment.

  • Be disappointed all you like. Amongst Radtke’s crowd, that’s the first association they’ll make with the word. Justly perspective.

  • Mike Barrett

    Red Baron, can’t you just for once respond to the substance of my post? Most of us who post herein are the beneficiaries of employer provided health care, so not much has changed one way or the other. But millions of americans across the broad demographic spectrum have seen the benefits of reform. If you, and she, can’t answer that question without being defensive, you, and she, are doomed in the next election cycle.

  • John Jackson

    When it started there was an advice piece sandwiched between two GA won poll and GA made Pro-Life History articles but I have to admit that my argument falls short amongst this chaos. I’ll have to conceded my argument on BD being an echo chamber.

    William Bailey, Even though the words banned from this site have been uttered toward Mike Barrett.

  • Andrea Margrave

    Made the mistake of clicking on your link because I wanted to find out more about Radtke. My bad. Perhaps you should have titled your editorial a little more honestly, like “Click Here to Read My Rant”. There was nothing in your article on what she stands for, just that her timing is wrong? I have read more attacks on her on this website than all the supposed ‘attacks on George Allen’ you keep claiming she makes. She has one major opponent. She disagrees with him. and to say that Virginians don’t like candidates that ‘go negative’ is laughable. The more I read of this blog, the more I see it is part of the problem, not part of the solution. My recommendation? Keep it up so we can all clearly see who the actual conservatives are and which ones are only in it to keep the power in the ‘proper hands’.

  • Andrea Margrave

    oh, and ps – if she ‘goes negative’ on Allen, she would know wherof she speaks. She worked for him as well. She is not some sally-come-lately to politics as some would like to paint her. But I think you knew that already.



    Bachelor of Science in Government – Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, 1995
    Cum Laude graduate, completed degree in three years

    Masters of Public Policy – College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA, 1998
    Coursework included: Econometrics, Monetary Stabilization, Budget Policy, International Trade Law, International Commercial Law, Antitrust Law, International Finance, Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation – Co-Founder and Chairwoman, October 2009-February 2011
    Leader of a statewide federation representing approximately 50,000 tea party patriot supporters from 35 separate organizations that was organized as a way for local and autonomous tea party and patriot groups to collaborate, coordinate and communicate on statewide issues. The federation (VTPPF) played an instrumental role in securing passage of the Health Care Freedom Act in the Virginia General Assembly (which says that health care insurance cannot be mandated in Virginia), which was successfully used in Attorney General Cuccinelli’s lawsuit in the U.S. District Court. In 2010 the VTPPF staged the largest and most successful Tea Party Convention in the country with 2,800 attendees and 200 credentialed media in attendance. The VTPPF also proposed and introduced the Repeal Amendment in Virginia, a U.S. Constitutional amendment that would allow states to repeal an act of Congress with the support of two-thirds of the states. The Repeal Amendment has garnered high-profile legislative sponsors in thirteen states and in Congress and has the support of Mark Levin, Judge Napolitano, Attorney General Cuccinelli, Governor McDonnell and others. In 2010, the VTPPF was cited in media outlets such as the front page of the Wall Street Journal as the “most advanced in the nation.”

    Richmond Tea Party – President, October 2009-January 2011
    Directed the establishment and growth of the Richmond Tea Party as a non-profit organization with an expanding supporter base of more than 9,000 people, a seven-member Board of Directors, and 15 committees. Mobilized the grassroots on policy issues related to health care, free speech, regulatory overreach, and fiscal and monetary policy. Engaged the national and state elected leadership on legislation and educated the general citizenry in the government and political processes. Helped start and foster new tea parties around the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Restore the Founders’ Vision – Secretary/Treasurer, 2009.
    Mission was to re-establish in the minds of Americans the principles shared by the Founders of the Republic that our right to life, liberty and property is God-given, that government is established by the people to safeguard our rights and that government must be limited so that our freedom can be preserved.
    Restore the Founders’ Vision was an education program initiated by more than 200 Virginians gathered in Charlottesville on January 17, 2009 prior to the rise of the tea party movement. Their purpose was to assure the future of our Republic as the Founders envisioned it by communicating the message that Americans must assume far greater responsibility for themselves, their families and communities. This was primarily done through speeches and events across the Commonwealth. Preservation of freedom cannot be assured unless we reverse the alarming rise in dependence on government. With the rise of the tea party movement RTFV members joined in this movement to continue sharing their message.

    Sovereign Consulting – Founder & Consultant, 2007- 2008.
    Developed campaign strategy, marketing materials, fundraising consultation, and get-out-the-vote plans for school board and county supervisor races. Clients won their races.

    Virginia Conservative Action PAC – Political Director & Grassroots Director, 2004-2007.
    Worked with candidates and grassroots leaders in state races for House of Delegates and State Senate. Provided polling, training, voter guides, and grassroots strategies.

    American Management Systems – Business Analyst, 1998-2000
    Produced project management deliverables on a $139 million project. Analyzed the electronic commerce options for the Virginia Department of Taxation. Provided analysis and recommendations for reengineering Returns and Payment Processing Department. Managed, developed and implemented quality standards and conventions.

    Virginia Department of Planning and Budget – James B. Cook Scholar, Richmond, VA, 1997.
    Prepared the Business Impact Analysis report for the Auditor of Public Accounts. Provided analysis on Virginia’s performance-based budgeting. Reported on federal budget issues and their implications on Virginia.

    Office of the Governor – Special Assistant to the Governor, Richmond, VA, 1995- 1996.
    Managed front office of the Governor’s executive office and receptionist.

    Senate Foreign Relations Committee – Staff Assistant, Washington D.C., 1995
    Assistant to the Chief of Staff and Press Secretary. Held Top Secret clearance. Research work included Guatemala, Poland, Mexico and Cuba.

    National Sam Adam’s Alliance Award 2010 – for Tea Party citizen leadership

    Featured in Fire from the Heartland documentary on emerging conservative women leaders produced by Citizens United

    Named one of Richmond, Virginia’s “Top 40 Under 40” by Style Weekly.
    Board Member for Summer Lake Home Owner’s Association for three years.
    Recipient of the Thomas Jefferson Fellowship at the College of William & Mary.

  • Charles

    Mike Barrett: Join the real world; there is no such thing as a “system of health care” that is causing people to be sicker. There is no doctor that is selling obesity as a lifestyle choice, no nurse pushing kids to sit on their behinds watching TV, no hospital trying to sell cut-rate drugs and second-rate service. That’s like blaming the road system for bad drivers.

    People have CHOSEN to live unhealthy lifestyles, and your argument suggest you think the federal government has a right to force people to live more healthy lifestyles whether they want to or not, and to force us to pay money to do so. “We’ll make you healthy whether you want it or not” — which by the way doesn’t REALLY describe Obamacare, but which is how it is sold. In fact, Obamacare has somewhat “levelled” the playing field, by gutting health care of those who already paid for it, in order to provide some less benefit to people who refused to pay for it earlier.

    We had the best health care system in the world, in the definition of having the best care available for those who were willing to pay for it, or smart enough to give up other things to pay for insurance before they needed it. Other countries had better “health care for all” as they provided health care to everybody at a cost; the U.S. was still here for people in those countries who wanted better care.

  • Charles

    I’m not saying I’d never vote for one, but it’s a high hurdle to me to start your legislative career as a Senator.

    Maybe it’s not a popular opinion, but I happen to believe that being a legislator is actually a hard job, one that you get better at with experience. You can step into the U.S. Senate I guess if you let your staff do all the work, but I’d rather elect someone who has proven experience at legislating.

    Webb didn’t; and frankly, I think because he was a Democrat that was good for me, because he didn’t really accomplish much in 6 years — the one thing he did he got support from his leadership, and it was something he knew a lot about because he did have serious experience in the military and as a member of the Reagan administration.

    So I am predisposed NOT to vote for a newcomer for Senate. And I think we’ll find that the average voter will feel the same, if the democrats put up a serious, experienced candidate. So if I was giving advice to Jamie, that’s what I’d have her focus on — explaining how her resume proves she can be an effective legislator.

  • Charles, her resume points to an ability to analyze problems that we have. Turbo’s post looked pretty good.

    You want experience? How about experience in doing a POOR job? What about experience in being fired from the senate and being replaced by a Democrat……in Virginia.

    Republicans governed poorly under Bush. The result? The nightmare that is Obama. Sorry, Charles, I’d rather take a chance on someone like Jamie Radtke than repeat the same mistake again and rehire a proven disappointment like George Allen. We need to elect Republicans desperately, but not Republicans that were a part of past problems!

    We don’t need deal making good ‘ol boys. We need someone willing to fight the tough fights to drag this country back to fiscal health. Obviously there was a problem. A whole movement was formed because of it. It is called the Tea Party. Something Jamie Radtke knows quite a bit about. That brand tells me she will actually DO SOMETHING.

    But hey, Charles, if you want someone with experience with ear marks……….experience with over spending…….experience with NOT standing up to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae…….experience at watching bad policy contribute to national problems…..if you want experience at being fired from the senate, then you go and vote for George Allen’s experience!

  • Amy Kingery

    I like Jaime. I have heard her ideas and they are good. I have sat in on a four hour murder board watching her answer question after question. We need somebody like Jaime! NOT the same old people who have been a aprt of the problem for so long! Wake up Bearing Drift!

  • Anonymous

    There are a lot of things folks don’t know about Jamie Radtke. Does anyone live in Summer Lake???? Shame on her, she should know better.

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