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Politico: Donner Considering Senate Bid

Most Virginia politicos may not know of Timothy Donner, but he certainly has an opinion on the current political climate, and is putting considerable funding towards staking out a claim in the debate:

Politico has a bit of a scoop as to why Donner is making the consideration [1]:

In explaining his thinking, Dornan said Donner is under no illusion about how difficult it would be to knock off Allen, but noted that 2010 proved that frontrunner status can be fleeting.

“We also know that George Allen had a 30 point lead on Jim Webb,” Dornan said, referring to the retiring Democratic incumbent. “He’s held office for 21 years before 2006 and he’s been lobbying for the last six. Frankly, while he’s a nice guy, we think it’s time for new representation in the commonwealth.”

Asked about Radtke, Dornan said, “She’s been working in government since she graduated from college.”


Donner would probably not be getting as much attention if not for the single fact that he is not only wealthy, but media savvy as well.  Not your GOP version of Terry McAuliffe, but close…