Democrats use Japan tsunami for political gain


  • Brian Schoeneman

    That’s about parmfor the course over there. I’m surprised they didn’t blame the earthquake itself on global warming.

  • HisRoc


    You realize, don’t you, that you’re dealing with Lowell Feld and Miles Grant–the Butt Brothers of Non Sequiturs?

  • Valentinus

    So what else is new.

  • D.J. Spiker

    His opening quote is wrong; there is little if any comparison to Chernobyl. Chernobyl’s reactor was not protected or covered, Japan’s is solidly.


  • Jay D

    There is a very old line, “Considering the source, I’ll ignore the remark” that is likely applicable here.

    Worth noting … authorities are evacuating 200,000 people living near 2 power plants. This isn’t something officials would do immediately after a natural disaster – unless chances of real danger are high.

  • Lee Talley

    Imagine the libs using this to make hay against Nuke power. It’s by far the safest energy source you can use and is very plentiful. Look at how much uranium we have in Virginia. We need more nuke power in this country.

  • The latest I’ve seen is that the one reactor everyone is worrying about is in meltdown – at least, that’s what the Japanese government says they are assuming.

    This was, clearly, a worst case scenario coming true. Sometimes worst case scenarios happen. They are rare, but not impossible.

    Why this should have any impact on the American nuclear energy industry is beyond me. Unless these guys are building reactors on the San Andreas fault, which I doubt, the chances of some kind of serious act of God taking out a nuke plant are microscopically small.

    But that won’t stop Blue Virginia and their coterie of paid environmentalist wackos from using this disaster to further their agenda to have us all riding on bicycles, living in thatched roof huts in the dark (candles emit greenhouse gases).

  • Kathy Mateer

    Brian, you are a parent and so am I. I have a son, Nathan in Japan and a son, Jonathan in California. Nathan is affected now and Jonathan will be in the next few days with radiation with the trade winds if this thing did or does blow. I always believed in nuclear power now I’m just frightened for my children. Scared. Now it’s not political, it’s personal. Not just close to home, in the most inward parts of my heart.

    It would be decent if both sides of the aisle would take politics out of this heartbreaking disaster.

  • Jay D

    Kathy, I’m very sorry for your worry and hope you find some comfort in knowing your sons are safe at the moment and Japanese officials appear to be doing the very best at containment as is possible. Local wind conditions are favorable to Nathan (over the next few days) and Jonathan should have plenty of notice to act, should conditions turn. Prayers are with you, your family, and with the many thousands still looking for lost loved ones.

  • Kathy, I agree. That’s why – at most – you’ll only see criticism of those who don’t from me. Policy can wait until our loved ones are out of danger.

  • John Jackson

    I hope your son the best…I am sure he will be fine. From my dismal research, it looks as though there have not been but a few deaths attributed to nuclear meltdowns and all of them were plant workers who were directly exposed to the radiation. For what its worth, I’m sure your son will be fine…but I am talking to a mother.

    As for politics being personal, I believe all politics is personal. Look at Brian, a normal “Center-Left” guy who went Mao (or Obama) liberal on us for a few weeks. This was because his emotions took hold and their was no convincing him otherwise.

    I’m just curious, my nuclear meltdown history is not to keen, but I think if the true information about these is exposed it would set us at ease. Have there only been two nuclear power plant incidents in our history? Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.

    Of course, every anti-nuclear power proponent wants to attach every cancer victim within a 100-mile radius to these incidents but real victims appear to be minimal. I believe our environmentalists have led us to believe that if something goes wrong that it’s the end of the world. I drive through PA all the time and it seems OK. Can’t say much for driving through Ukraine.

  • Brian Kirwin

    Brian, that’s a big difference between us and them. We think that out of respect for those in danger or who have lost lives, we should put politics on hold.

    They see it as the perfect opportunity.

  • John Jackson

    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste?”

  • Cute, John.

  • Calling into question safety issues involved with nuclear is partisan?

  • John Jackson

    Brian S. – Just having my weekly fun.

    Just as questioning man-caused Global Cooling/Global Warming/Climate Change has become such a partisan issue. Every scientist that questions it gets blackballed. All science was taken out of that equation and its been made into an emotional/political debate.

    There are around 250 nuclear power plants worldwide, some countries being powered by it and we have two instances (now three) to where there were issues. But to have three instances in over 30 years, that’s really good.

    We’ve had more devastation from hurricanes in Florida. There’s been hundreds of tropical storms and thousands of deaths but we don’t see people fleeing the area. Heck, they’re even rebuilding a city that’s under sea level (New Orleans), so this must be an off-limit discussion.

    There are risks in life and we need to weigh those risks. We can go back to horse and buggy with windmills on a unproven theory of Climate Change. Or we can discuss true alternative fuels and deal with the consequences on our own terms.

  • Valentinus


    The point is that the leftists are not interested in solving any of the issues that they raise whether valid on some level or not. They only want cover for agenda items that will not fix the identified problem and most likely cause greater problems that they expect to insulate and enrich themselves from. To take a couple of random examples: 1)the response to Katrina and then the Gulf BP oil spill. 2) Cargo and port security is another one that most people have forgotten now. In both cases Dems hysterically attacked the policy or the gov response mixing a few valid points with mountains of misinformation and personal smears. Then of course when they have their chance they either do worse or forget about it. But they go further and use them to advance all kinds of agenda items such as cap and trade. Even leftist scientists at Scientific American thought cap and trade was a lousy idea that would not solve any environmental issue. But it would make Al Gore etc rich. Yes Repubs can misbehave but there are more checks on them. There are virtually no checks on the Dems at least until recently.

  • Without regard to the merits — there may be some, particularly about the wisdom of building nuclear plants in earthquake zones — the simple fact is that we all should be deeply skeptical of blogging cowards who create an echo chamber, and seek at all costs to avoid debate … which describes the website to which you link.

  • HisRoc


    I must chime in on what John posted. Questioning nuclear safety is not partisan, but the left has made it a partisan issue. The left created a hysterical reaction to Three Mile Island in 1979 that stymied nuclear energy development in this country. As a consequence, we have consumed trillions of tons of fossil fuel to generate electricity that could have been produced by nuclear reactors. The left has ignored the risk analysis that would have rationalized nuclear power. It is safer than manned space flight. It is thousands of times safer than living in coastal areas of the southeast US. It is thousands of times safer than living in the tornado corridor of the south central US. And yet we blindly and irrationally prohibit the development of nuclear power generation. And now that we have our third nuclear incident in 32 years, the left will crank up the rhetoric even more.

    One of the themes that the left will use is the canard of wind and solar alternative sources. If you spend 30 minutes researching those you will find significant problems that make wind and solar impractical. We put a man on the moon over 40 years ago. If wind and solar were viable replacements for fossil and nuclear electrical generation, then don’t you think we would have deployed them long ago?

    As tragic as the events in Japan are, and I’m very sympathetic to the loss and misery the Japanese are suffering, the bigger tragedy is the disaster that this is going to visit on the US for the next 30 years.

  • Brian Kirwin

    I am simply sickened by those who climb upon a tragedy to crow about their political agenda while the bodies are not even recovered.

    We know the leftie whackos are anti-nuclear. We know they are emotional waifs who use every tragedy to their advantage.

    Thankfully, cooler heads will prevail.

  • Henry Ryto


    With what’s happening in Japan, you do a case study after the fact for lessons learned. Make improvements to reactor design in case of similar future mishaps.

    By the “logic” on Blue Virginia, everytime a particular car model was in an accident due to mechanical failure, the manufacturer would stop building it.

  • What is the problem with the “Sickening!” post? Think of it as a very old woman in a bikini. She may be long pass the point where we would want to look, but we are so amazed we do.

    At this point we don’t have very much information about the situation in Japan, but here is the latest.

    Reuters sounds much like Blue Virginia. Whether significant or not, the leak of any radiation creates a publicity disaster.

    Unfortunately, if the Japanese want nuclear power, they have to build near earthquake faults. However, it does looks like their safety systems worked. Therefore, given the severity of the earthquake, what appears to be failure may eventually be regarded as a success.

    Nonetheless, we can expect the Japanese to reconsider the wisdom of nuclear power. In a powerful earthquake, they risk every single safety system failing at the exact same time. How does anyone solve a problem like that?

    With renewed concerns over nuclear power, my guess is that this disaster in Japan will make natural gas, oil, and coal an easier sell. What happened is Japan creates an opportunity for advocates of these fuels. Their problem is replacing that guy in the White House.

  • Another H2 blast..

    Guys, thou shalt not BS thyself.. if primary water from multiple cores is released the spread of cesium could dwarf Chernobyl in many ways. Multiple redundant safety systems failed.

  • Kathy Mateer

    Radiation levels were increasing on our Military ships so they moved the ships away. It’s serious.

  • I find it amusing to see you all getting rilled up because Lowell dared to make rational arguments that were illustrated by the tragedy.

    I’m willing to say that quite a few of those of you crucifying Lowell for his piece were loudly supporting President Bush when he exploited a national tragedy to push for unnecessary and misguided wars in the middle east. Or maybe, you guys condemned that too? I would like to see it.

    As you guys can see from my last name, it’s Japanese. My grandparents live in Japan, so do my aunt and uncle. Please spare yourself the trouble of lecturing me about for my comment. Most of you here have little to no connection to Japan.

  • The “about” should be stricken from the second to last paragraph in my comment above. There isn’t a “edit” button on this site?

  • Kathy Mateer

    Giovanni, every tax paying American has ties to Japan. Much of our money spent on military goes to support a strong Japan. We have family there, (if you had read everything you would know I have a son in Japan, and our hearts, love and prayers go to our Japanese friends. The point of this post is when faced with devastation, we need pull up our sleeves and help our neighbor, not use it for political harping points.

  • Absolutely, too bad that the right has absolutely no credibility on that point as Rove & Co. used every tragedy to score political points. Where was the condemnation then?

    I agree, political points in a crisis is not a good idea. Lowell’s post wasn’t a political attack against anyone, just an analysis of the situation. Unfortunately, Brian had to use his post to attempt to score political points. As the only person here with any Japanese heritage (as far as I know…), I find that revolting.

    I did see your post about your son, hence why I said “most” rather than generalizing.

  • Steve Vaughan

    A couple of points:
    1. This isn’t something “dems” did, it’s something Blue Virginia did. I don’t think all Republicans wouldnt want to be tagged with the dumbest post on Red State.
    2. The Democractic Party, as a whole, has been consistently wrong on the nuclear power issue for 30 years. Hey, it happens. Republicans have been wrong on abortion for about that long.
    3. I don’t notice that either party has a monopoly on bad taste as far as using a tragedy to try to score political points.

  • Brian Kirwin

    Giovanni, if you think Lowell’s post was simple unbiased analysis and not political, I am deeply troubled.

    Just because you agree with the opinion someone writes doesn’t make it fact. Doesn’t make it analysis. Spin is spin whether you agree with it or not.

    Besides, thanks for your opinion, but me and my FIRST AMENDMENT will write about whatever we DAMN WELL WANT!

  • Brian, everyone has a bias. Yes, Lowell has one and it shows, but that doesn’t make it a “political” post, he was posting more of an analysis from his perspective. You then tried to use his simple, and quite neutrally worded I might add, post for “political gain” by launching an unsubstantiated partisan attack.

    I agree, just because I agree doesn’t make it fact. On the same note, just because you disagree with Lowell’s post doesn’t make it a “sickening” attempt for “political gain” off of a tragedy as you attempted to do here.

    For the record, I support nuclear energy. Your attempt to try to marginalize me by insinuating otherwise is quite ridiculous, but anyways, congratulations on your maturity.

  • Brian Kirwin

    Dude, I posted ONE WORD.

    They are still recovering bodies, and Lowell within hours of the quake and tsunami wants to spout off about his nuclear opinions.

    It’s still sickening.

    Don’t worry about me marginalizing you. I’d never attempt to do what you’ve shown a unique ability to accomplish on your own.

  • Giovanni, this is par for the course with guys like Lowell. They don’t even wait to see wait to see what the outcome of events will be before they start pointing fingers and using the events to make a political point.

    Look at the oil spill in the Gulf. Look at Tuscon. Look at the Big Branch mine disaster. Every time there’s a tragedy where people have died, especially anything that has an environmental aspect to it, Blue Virginia has a post up within hours, spinning it there way.

    It’s distasteful, and I’ve called them out on it a dozen times.

    The fact that some on the right do the same thing does not lessen the fact that Lowell, Miles and the crew over at BV will rush to judgment and push their agenda whenever a tragedy occurs. That’s distasteful and that’s why Kirwin wrote what he wrote.

    If you don’t have a problem with that, we understand.

  • Kathy Mateer

    The sad fact is no one will be able to recover all the bodies. Many were washed out to sea. Quite frankly, our Americans over there are suffering along with the Japanese. Food shortages, water rations, and of course, the fear of radiation. I wish my son were home with me. That’s a mother speaking.

  • HisRoc


    I hope that your relatives in Japan are safe and will not be harmed by what is still developing there. However, I am afraid I don’t see where your Japanese heritage gives you any particular credibility greater than anyone else commenting here on this board. You seem to feel perfectly comfortable commenting on American foreign policy, so don’t try to shut down criticism here with that “no connection to Japan” nonsense. Quite frankly, given your circumstances I would think that you would be at least as upset with Feld & Friends as Brian and the others are.

  • Drifting Aimlessly

    Did anyone here even read the article? It’s analytical, neutral towards nuclear power, and says the chances of an accident like this happening in Virginia are close to zero. What’s the problem with it other than you guys hate Democrats and environmentalists?

  • Brian Kirwin

    “focusing on expensive nuclear power is simply diverting resources from the areas that offer us the greatest “bang for the buck” in terms of energy: energy efficiency #1 (by far!)”

    Drifting, that’s NEUTRAL??????????????

    did YOU read the article?

  • Not Brian Kirwin

    Read today’s newspapers and blogs, there are hundreds of articles and editorials on this subject, including one comparing nuclear power to a bargain with the devil ( Are they all exploiting the tragedy for political gain? Or, are they doing what normal people do, talk about an issue that everyone in the world is talking about, instead of ranting about how people are talking about it and having nothing intelligent to contribute yourself?

  • Kathy Mateer

    The USS George Washington stationed in Japan is doing a blanket drive and asked all Americans to send blankets to the ship. They will in turn give the blankets to those in need. It is cold over in Japan right now and many have lost everything. The address is:

    USS George Washington (CVN 73)
    Box 10
    FPO AP 96650-2801

    God Bless You!

  • HisRoc

    Not BK,

    Quoting Gene Robinson is hardly a defense of Blue Virginia. He taught them everything they know about exploiting a tragedy for political gain.

  • Not Brian Kirwin

    There are literally thousands of articles out there discussing the Japanese nuclear situation, the world’s energy policy options, how countries are reacting to the situation, what we should do about nuclear power, every facet of this issue. About the only people who aren’t discussing this, or who think it’s somehow wrong to discuss this, are on this blog.

  • HisRoc

    Not BK,

    First of all, this thread is three days old. As the danger of a nuclear disaster had increased over the days, the MSM has shifted its focus from the results of the earthquake and tsunami to the nuclear plants. However, even at this point, the only ones who are attempting to link this accident to the overall nuclear generation question are the anti-nuclear crowd. The most absurd example of this I have seen was Chris Matthews on the Jay Leno show last night. Not only did he manage to couch the nuclear accident in terms of poor stewardship of the planet (as if the nuclear plants caused the tsunami), but he managed to somehow weave in global warming (sic) as somehow related to the situation. Speaking of which, several environmental nut jobs have been trying to link earthquakes and global climate change, as if the Pacific Ring of Fire isn’t as old as the planet’s crust.

    The constant use of accidents and natural disasters by the left to push their political agenda is both shallow and outrageous, not to mention transparently pathetic.

  • HisRoc

    Or is that pathetically transparent?

  • Either way works, HisRoc.

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