How do Virginia Congressmen score on spending cuts?

The Heritage Foundation has released its analysis of the vote on H.R. 1 – the Continuing Resolution passed on February 18th.

Under the most open process in recent memory – if not ever – members debated and voted on amendment after amendment. Heritage explains its process of analyzing the votes:

Heritage Action compiled all of the votes on the amendments that proposed to cut non-security spending. We excluded amendments that proposed to shift spending from one program to another or sought to block various Obama policies—whether it be the many amendments to defund Obamacare or turn off the EPA’s rule making authority. For this exercise, we chose to look solely at the unambiguous spending cuts and to see how Congress did.

21 votes were scored in this analysis. Those who voted for each unambiguous spending cut received a 100%. Those who voted for none, 0%.

Here’s how our Virginia representatives stacked up:
5th District – Hurt – 100%
6th District – Goodlatte – 95%
9th District – Griffith – 95%
7th District – Cantor – 90%
4th District – Forbes – 67%
2nd District – Rigell – 67%
1st District – Wittman 36%
10th District – Wolf – 33%
11th District – Connolly – 10%
8th District – Moran – 0%
3rd District – Scott – 0%

Robert Hurt was one of just 47 Representatives (all Republicans) to score 100%.

Frank Wolf and Robert Wittman were two of the was among eighteen Republicans least willing to trim spending.

Jim Moran and Bobby Scott were among 95 Members (all Democrats) who were completely unwilling to cut spending.

Next week will likely see more controversial votes on spending cuts. Let’s see if any Virginia members become more willing to save taxpayer dollars.

Update: Rep. Rob Wittman missed 10 votes to be with his late father who passed away last week. First, our condolences to Mr. Wittman and his family. Second, Heritage Action has posted to “correct the record”. We’re also confident Rep. Wittman would have voted all 10 times to cut spending.