Corey Stewart lets everyone know he’s interested in running for U.S. Senate

With Jim Webb announcing he will not be seeking re-election, political observers are likely to see their email in-boxes fill-up with announcements of interest or intent in running for the most turned-over Senate seat in Virginia (Trible-Robb-Allen-Webb-???).

Corey Stewart, a Republican and head of Virginia’s Rule of Law campaign, while focused on the Prince William Chairman’s race, seems to have been nudged closer to making a decision on whether or not to challenge George Allen and Jamie Radtke for the GOP nod.

Stewart, reminded everyone he’s still interested in a release today by saying:

Senator Webb’s retirement represents a great opportunity for Republicans to regain the seat in the United States Senate. While traveling Virginia this past year, I have been urged by many in the grassroots base of the Republican party, and those patriots in the tea-party, to consider running for the United States Senate. As Chairman of the second largest county in Virginia, I have the type of profile that is needed to win in November of 2012. In order for a Republican to be elected statewide in Virginia, they must do well in Northern Virginia, and this is something that I have already demonstrated an ability to do.

It is likely Stewart will remain out of the Senate race until after the Prince William County election results.

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