Bishop E.W. Jackson to run for U.S. Senate in 2012

Bishop E.W. Jackson of Exodus Faith Ministries intends to run for Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat in 2012, according to credible sources.

Jackson, who has appeared at numerous political events over the past year, including being a featured speaker at Freedom 1650’s “Freedom Fest” with Sarah Palin last year, is said to have announced his intentions at the Council on National Policy, held this past weekend.

Jackson is also affiliated with the Family Foundation.

Jackson is a Republican and will likely join Jamie Radtke and George Allen who have already announced their intention to seek the nomination.

  • HisRoc

    Who is going to be next, Alan Keyes or David Duke? The Crackpot Index is rapidly approaching 9 on the Richter Scale. Jim Webb must be laughing his ass off.

  • D.J. Spiker

    This is disastrous for Radtke, and George Allen is loving life right now.

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  • Yes, DJ. This is good for Allen. It also potentially dillutes support for Radtke.

    I think it to be a bit pre-mature to call it a disaster. Let’s see how fast he raises his first 100 k in donations. That will help determine if he is a viable candidate. He can be an exciting speaker. Seeing him debate Allen would be fun.

  • Looks like the race for the senate seat might be a bit more interesting.

  • Good stuff on that clip for sure. Far better than Allen or Webb. I would like to see either of them defend their records in a debate with Jackson.

  • HisRoc


    Yes, I would like to see Jackson debate Allen and Webb, too. He would have two insurmountable difficulties. First, Jackson has no record to compare with Allen or Webb. Second, from what I have seen of Jackson, he is the master of the mesmerizing speech of lofty ideals but comes off as a lightweight when it comes to specifics. He reminds me of that charlatan Allen West who got elected to the US House in south Florida this cycle by re-inventing himself as a Tea Party patriot. Ugh. Personally, I give the voters of the Commonwealth a lot more credit than I would the brain-dead denizens of Miami-Dade.

  • John Jackson

    Yes, Britt, Virginia voters would never go for a generic theme like “Change we can believe in” What are you thinking?

  • Lol, HisRoc, I don’t know the guy. All I know is he is an exciting speaker and I like a lot of what he says. I don’t know enough about him to respond to your allegation on specifics. Same goes for West. What I have seen, I liked. Can’t comment further.

    Not having a record? Webb’s record and Allen’s record is enough for me.

    At this point I still support Radtke, but still would like to see Allen & Jackson in a debate.

    For John: still supporting Radtke. Just because Virginia voted for Obama doesn’t mean it was due to a stupid slogan. Maybe it was a vote against two horrible choices. I hear McCain post election, is already sprinting to the Left. Maybe it was a vote for racial healing given the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario.

    Clearly Virginia screwed up badly and under estimated the damage that Obama could do. Clearly John, Virginia later repudiated Obama’s policies by continually electing Republicans to oppose his agenda. Virginia miscalculated, but I give them more credit than you do.

  • I will continue to support Jamie AND Bert. Bishop Jackson has every right to throw his name into the ring. I regret seeing so much criticism. He and Mrs. Radtke have not voted for pork barrel spending, cap n trade or other big government spending fiascos such as obamacare and either of them would offer a fresh alternative to our former governor then senator then Rino Macacawitz Allen, yes, a proven RINO or Webb a tie breaking vote for irresponsible spending.

    Let the man speak. When it comes down to the time of the primary vote I hope that Jamie and the Bishops common sense prevails and they help one another defeat Allen and yes that will mean one drops out and supports the other.. Same is true of Bob Marshall and Corey Stewart.

  • This certainly makes things interesting. It’s starting to boil down to whether we’re going to see a replay of VA-02 or VA-05….

    Bishop Jackson is a great American who will certainly raise issues none of the other candidates so far mentioned will raise, and will appeal to a demographic (not race, but class and individuals) that might not otherwise consider voting Republican.

    …whether he can raise enough money to get his message out? That’s the kicker, and I still don’t see any candidate measuring up to Allen’s fundraising capabilities.

  • Kathy Mateer

    Turbo, I regret seeing all the criticism as well. I have a great deal of respect for Bishop Jackson. He is a man of character, his works and life are to be commended . I don’t see him doing any worse than many I’ve voted for, that’s for sure.

  • John Jackson

    @Britt, We’re just out of sync.

    Yeah, as for McCain, typical RINO. As for Radtke, I do not support her yet. I only heard of her about a month ago and I don’t just blindly follow someone because they say they’re a TP.

    Quite honestly, I think Karen and Jamie could’ve done more for the movement if they would’ve stayed where they were. There is a lot of work to be done at the grassroots because Obama’s propaganda machine is going to be cranked up. And it’s been fed a lot of slush fund money. OFA is already out in full force and quite honestly, don’t think the current TP leadership will be able to muster the onslaught of last campaign.

    I’m in the boat with Turbo right now and seeing who the players are, I believe everyone in the game hasn’t arrived.

  • HisRoc


    I hope that you didn’t take any comments I made as being disparaging of Jackson. I’m sure that he is a good person at heart. The problem is that I see him and Radtke, along with Sharon Angle, Joe Miller, Christine O’Donnell, and other so-called Tea Party movement candidates as belonging to a group that I call URICD–Unelectable Republicans In Conservative Drag. These are the candidates who will capture the Republican nominations, particularly in convention states but also in primary states, but lose big in the general election. They are like empty calorie snacks–they make you feel good but in the end the liberal Democrats remain in control of the Senate. No thank you.

    BTW, I was a Reagan Democrat and then a Rockefeller Republican before I gave up on the major political parties and became an Independent.

  • Bishop Jackson preaching to the choir.

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  • Well I doubt anyone can beat Allen, but that could be an exciting candidacy. 🙂

  • So much for the accusation that the Tea Party Movement is a bunch of angry reacist white people.. I see this candidacy as having positive implications.

  • Kathy Mateer

    Me too Turbo. I am not a Tea Party person, but if the Republican party doesn’t stop bashing the Tea Party, we will be bashed.

  • HisRoc


    I disagree. The Tea Party will do for the Republican Party what the McCarthy faction did for the Democratic Party in 1968. They are an angry, irrational, single-issue group (taxes) that will banish the Republicans to the wilderness for 10-plus years if they are allowed to influence the mainstream agenda. Their failure at the polls last November should be a refutiation (sic) of their centralist appeal.

  • @HisRoc

    If you want to repeat the 2010 election without the energy, votes, and yes strong and successful candidacies of tea partiers across the country it would be a very different result.

    Were there some bad general election tea party candidates? Yes. But there have also been some bad moderate/establishment candidates in various cycles as well.

  • Lauren Yoder

    The tea party has more issues than just over taxation. They support cutting spending and down sizing government as well.

  • HisRoc


    “The Tea Party has more issues than just over taxation.”

    Well, excuse me, but how is cutting spending and down-sizing government a different issue than taxation?”


    Please name one Republican “moderate/establishment candidate” who lost last November, not to mention one who got creamed like the Tea Party candidates for the US Senate.

  • This was from Bishop Jackson’s closing remarks.

    “If you will not stand and fight for your liberty now, the day will come when there will be no liberty left to fight for.”

  • Well I think there is more to 2010 than Senate races, but… Three of the tea party races that lost were really tight, and an RNC GOTV effort could have helped there: WA, NV, CO. The one we lost big was DE, the other mod races that we spent a lot of money on and still lost big were the CA Gov and Sen races.

    That said, Radtke reminds me way too much of O’Donnell as far as being unqualified and unvetted, and scares me as a result.

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