George Allen: Omnibus Bill Must Be Defeated: Another example of Congress’s Dereliction of Duty

Guest post by George Allen

This $1.1 trillion monstrosity masquerading as governing should be defeated. It is a dereliction of duty by a full-time legislature in Washington to pass a rushed ‘omnibus’ bill that increases spending without accountability and violates the trust of taxpayers. The American people spoke clearly this November, they are tired of Washington’s spendthrift ways and the lack of self-control with the tax-payers’ hard-earned money. Congress should pass a short term continuing resolution through March until the new Congress can be sworn in so they can address this mess in a responsible manner.

Our nation’s budget needs to be executed with the same discipline used in the private sector and there are measures that Congress can take to encourage Washington to do its job. In my 2006 ‘Taxpayers Bill of Rights’ I introduced the “Paycheck Penalty” legislation, which would withhold the salaries of members of Congress if appropriations bills are not passed by October 1st . I have also been a long-time advocate of giving the President the line-item veto and have pushed for a balanced budget amendment, both things we have in Virginia. More than ever, we need to enforce a discipline in Congress to rein in government deficit spending and the dangerous levels of debt being loaded onto Americans.

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