Corey Stewart Ends His Political Career

Of course, it’s not as if the Catholic wing of the Virginia Republican right has been all that receptive to the HISPANICS OUT! Virginia Rule of Law Act in Prince William County.  Heck, we’ve been outright benumbed that this sort of politicking even survives in the 21st century.

But Virginia is the home of massive resistance after all… and Corey Stewart is doing everything he can to pick up a battle standard left by Virginia Democrats about three decades ago.

First, let’s take on the Washington Post’s analysis of Stewart’s reaction to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s legal opinion on the HISPANICS OUT! Virginia Rule of Law Act:

“I was very surprised by Cuccinelli’s opinion,” Stewart said. “I’m attacked by a lot of pro-amnesty and liberal groups because of my position on illegal immigration, but I never expected to be attacked from the rear by a fellow conservative.”

“Cuccinelli has been less than helpful on this issue,” Stewart said. “His opinion expresses fear of being challenged in court. …I don’t care who challenges me on this – if it’s Cuccinelli or the pope – I am not going to back down.”

Do what?  …and I was inclined to ignore it, until others pointed at this with the “did he just say what I think he said?” response.

Yeah — looks like someone doesn’t like the Catholic opposition much and chose to lash out.

Now I’m a believer that words mean things, and that people in elected office choose words carefully to exact an impact.  It’s no secret that Catholics within the GOP have been giving Corey a hard time — myself notwithstanding — about the reckless and discriminating effect the HISPANICS OUT! Rule of Law campaign has had.

Now defenders of the Rule of Law campaign have assiduously maintained that it has nothing to do with Hispanics per se.  No no no… even if it was 20 million Canadians, they insist this is about illegal immigration (and that alone).

Which, of course, is why Prince William County uses as a metric how many Hispanics they’ve driven out in order to judge their success.  Read it for yourself… 8,000+ Hispanics out of PWC.

Meanwhile in Prince William County, Corey Stewart's political operatives celebrate throwing 8,000+ Hispanics down a well. Film @ 11.

So what’s next?  A trip to Disney Land?

No kids!  It’s a trip to Channel 8 where Corey Stewart — now having earned his anti-Catholic bonafides — chooses not to be outdone by a “mediocre” senator

It’s worth watching Corey Stewart struggle for the right words to envelope his true feelings about George Allen… amusing and angering at the very same time.

So I have a theory on how George Allen redeems himself after “macaca” — how’s about running mano-e-mano against Corey Stewart on the merits of his HISPANICS OUT! Rule of Law act?  How’s about we measure up how much more good Allen did both as a governor and a U.S. Senator and ask the 8,000+ Hispanics and their families what they think of the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The path to George Allen’s redemption in Virginia politics runs through the broken, tattered remains of Corey Stewart’s political career.

Between the Tea Party favorite in Cuccinelli, the mainstream GOP Senate ’12 nominee in Allen, the Catholic Church, and everyone with even the slightest twinge of doubt that this one-man crusade against “illegal aliens” is really about targeting Hispanics… that’s an army of conscience right there.  I’ll gladly march in that army.

Corey Stewart, I agree with you on a lot of things.  But this?  Way, way over the top.

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