Corey Stewart Ends His Political Career

Of course, it’s not as if the Catholic wing of the Virginia Republican right has been all that receptive to the HISPANICS OUT! Virginia Rule of Law Act in Prince William County.  Heck, we’ve been outright benumbed that this sort of politicking even survives in the 21st century.

But Virginia is the home of massive resistance after all… and Corey Stewart is doing everything he can to pick up a battle standard left by Virginia Democrats about three decades ago.

First, let’s take on the Washington Post’s analysis of Stewart’s reaction to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s legal opinion on the HISPANICS OUT! Virginia Rule of Law Act:

“I was very surprised by Cuccinelli’s opinion,” Stewart said. “I’m attacked by a lot of pro-amnesty and liberal groups because of my position on illegal immigration, but I never expected to be attacked from the rear by a fellow conservative.”

“Cuccinelli has been less than helpful on this issue,” Stewart said. “His opinion expresses fear of being challenged in court. …I don’t care who challenges me on this – if it’s Cuccinelli or the pope – I am not going to back down.”

Do what?  …and I was inclined to ignore it, until others pointed at this with the “did he just say what I think he said?” response.

Yeah — looks like someone doesn’t like the Catholic opposition much and chose to lash out.

Now I’m a believer that words mean things, and that people in elected office choose words carefully to exact an impact.  It’s no secret that Catholics within the GOP have been giving Corey a hard time — myself notwithstanding — about the reckless and discriminating effect the HISPANICS OUT! Rule of Law campaign has had.

Now defenders of the Rule of Law campaign have assiduously maintained that it has nothing to do with Hispanics per se.  No no no… even if it was 20 million Canadians, they insist this is about illegal immigration (and that alone).

Which, of course, is why Prince William County uses as a metric how many Hispanics they’ve driven out in order to judge their success.  Read it for yourself… 8,000+ Hispanics out of PWC.

Meanwhile in Prince William County, Corey Stewart's political operatives celebrate throwing 8,000+ Hispanics down a well. Film @ 11.

So what’s next?  A trip to Disney Land?

No kids!  It’s a trip to Channel 8 where Corey Stewart — now having earned his anti-Catholic bonafides — chooses not to be outdone by a “mediocre” senator

It’s worth watching Corey Stewart struggle for the right words to envelope his true feelings about George Allen… amusing and angering at the very same time.

So I have a theory on how George Allen redeems himself after “macaca” — how’s about running mano-e-mano against Corey Stewart on the merits of his HISPANICS OUT! Rule of Law act?  How’s about we measure up how much more good Allen did both as a governor and a U.S. Senator and ask the 8,000+ Hispanics and their families what they think of the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The path to George Allen’s redemption in Virginia politics runs through the broken, tattered remains of Corey Stewart’s political career.

Between the Tea Party favorite in Cuccinelli, the mainstream GOP Senate ’12 nominee in Allen, the Catholic Church, and everyone with even the slightest twinge of doubt that this one-man crusade against “illegal aliens” is really about targeting Hispanics… that’s an army of conscience right there.  I’ll gladly march in that army.

Corey Stewart, I agree with you on a lot of things.  But this?  Way, way over the top.

  • Conservativa

    Hmm. If had a bunch of money lying around, would I put it on Corey Stewart’s campaign? Or George Allen’s? Allen, no question. Not that he is without issues, but, come on. Between those two? Yeah, Allen.

  • I can’t see Ken running.

    So that leaves us with Allen, Stewart, and Marshall as the near-certainties. If that winds up being the case, it seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Though having a primary opens the door for a larger field.

  • McDermott

    Stewart is Catholic. Do some research before you decide to call someone anti-Catholic.

  • Allen, Stewart, Marshall, and someone else are all running. Very simply this is going to be a repeat of VA-5 and VA-2. A bunch of people decide to run against the frontrunner. Split the non-candidate x vote, and then candidate x wins the primary and general. I will almost certainly vote for Marshall, but I’m not certain how much campaigning is going to matter in a primary with a field like this.

  • D.J. Spiker

    Stewart needs to fire whoever is advising him at this point. This entire toe in the water process has been an unmitigated disaster.

    I speak for just about everyone south of P-Dub when I say: Who is Corey Stewart?

    Getting your name out there by bashing (arguably) the leader of the modern conservative movement in Virginia (Governor George Allen, Senator not-withstanding) and the current darling of the base (Ken Cuccinelli) while not telling anyone who you are and why you’re important?


    Corey Stewart and Bob “Karma is a b—-” Marshall are both now Dead on Arrival candidates.

    Who’s next?

  • There’s plenty of Catholics out there who pick and choose. Cafeteria Catholics are nothing new.

    So yes, do some research “McDermott”…

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  • Shaun, I really admire a lot of what you write and do, but you’re way, way off base here. I’m tempted to fire back, but instead of wrongly impugning your motives or criticizing the shallow understanding on display here I’ll just make you an offer: Come out of Fluvanna for a while and let me give you a tour of some of the places where the impacts of illegal immigration remain disturbingly significant. Let me show you personally what this looks and feels like, and allow me to introduce you to some folks who have suffered from the impacts of illegal immigration.

    I can pretty much guarantee that if you really understood what so many law abiding people had to go through with this you’d find a much more productive way to address the issue than by casually branding many decent people as simple racists. I know you want to be responsible in this debate, so let me put some facts in front of you.

  • Bert Mizusawa keeps looking better all the time

  • MB

    Aww, come on now, there’s plenty of hate to go around for everyone. Even Greg L can’t corner the market on that.

  • Colts Fan

    Corey will bash Allen…. Marshall is a freak- ask anyone in the assembly, not sure what’s up with Cooch?

  • Since about July, I’ve been willing to bet money that it will be a Allen/Stewart/Cuccinelli primary in ’12.

    People say that I’m crazy to even think that Cuccinelli would run, but reorganizing his volunteers in 100 out of 135 counties, relaunching his website with a new logo and raising money like theres no tomorrow, all of my instincts point to a U.S. Senate run.

  • Random Conservative

    Great post, Mr. Kenney. Once again, you continue to be a touch of class in a sea of ass.

  • Thomas May

    I am pretty sure that Cuccinelli is more likely to run for Governor in 2013 than for Senate, just how I see it.

  • You have some room to talk Greg about race bating, give me a break! You, who posted that “illegal alien criminals” were good for dog food. So many people on your blog post hateful racist comments about hispanics. On your blog, hispanic morphed with illegal alien and you are quite aware of that fact.

    How about children being refered to as parasites or latino women as “breeders”. I could go on and on, but you know exactly what I am talking about.

    Shaun is right on when it comes to Corey. Corey’s only concern is Corey. If he spent as much energy on PWC issues as he did on advancing his own political career, we would have a much better BOCS.

  • Lee Talley

    Hey if you are hear illegally and breaking the law then you need to go period. That being said how come no one is talking about reforming the INS. The INS is one of the worse run agencies in the Federal Government.

    I’m solidly a George Allen supporter but this is really dude nothing but Catholic A saying Catholic B ain’t Catholic enough…

    If you want to judge Corey for his issues look at the results… Crime rate sure is down in PWC. They ain’t hurting money. I mean yeah he could use some better political advisors maybe but really are you saying illegals shouldn’t be dealt with?

  • Hi Lee,
    Actually, crime has been decreasing steadily for the past 15 years in PWC. Corey has, as usual, misused the crime stats to fit his need.

  • Lee Talley

    Well you just said crime hasn’t gone up under Corey so good for him!

  • HisRoc

    Lee Talley,

    “The INS is one of the worse [sic] run agencies in the Federal Government.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more, esp. since the INS was abolished seven years ago. It was replaced by ICE.

    But, it is good that you are staying current.

  • Lee Talley

    ohhh oh Acronym scholar please forgive me… but at least my point was made… INS, ICE, or ASS its run piss poor and needs to be fixed.

  • HisRoc


    If you think that the difference between the INS and ICE is just a matter of acronyms, then you are hardly knowledgeable enough to be criticizing either organization. It is like saying that there is no difference between the US Life Saving Service and the Coast Guard.

  • Lee —

    Totally agree with you on this: it’s a federal problem of federal enforcement, and it needs to be fixed at the federal level. ICE/INS/ASS/whatever. Enforce the borders, do it ASAP.

    Nevertheless, I completely disagree with you that George Allen’s record on crime and immigration is “mediocre” compared to that of Corey Stewart. That’s crap right there — and more seriously, is the solution *really* to cattle car 8-20 million people back to their point of origin? I doubt Allen supports that sort of solution to illegal immigration…

    And all this time I thought you were on board with the A-Team… B-Team, maybe?

  • First off, I’m a George Allen supporter. Second, I’m a Hispanic Catholic. Third, I oppose illegal immigration and there is nothing “anti-Hispanic” about Stewart here. As Catholics, there is nothing in Catholic Social Teaching who supports open borders immigration so I don’t even get your train of thought.

  • which*

  • Well see there, Dan — right off you commit the prime fallacy most folks do in this argument.

    No one is saying “open borders” — in fact, there’s universal agreement that the federal government should enforce federal laws and regulations, and yes, enforce our borders.

    The question is, what do you do with the 8-20 million people already here?

    Now the answer to that Q is not “close the borders” — in a hypothetical world, that’s already been done. The question is, what do you do with the people here?

    Now obviously, as any good Catholic grounded in the social teaching of the Chuch would answer, you treat them with the human dignity they deserve as created in the image of God. Right?

    So… you’ve given this some thought. Let’s hear answers:

    Do you ship back 8-20 million people?
    How do you do that?
    What resources would you use?
    How would we ferret out those who go into hiding?
    What of those with children who are American citizens?
    What happens to those families torn apart?
    What if government gets it wrong a generous 1% of the time? What do you do to restore the basic rights of 80,000 to 200,000 American citizens who forcibly had their rights ripped away from them by their own government?
    Who repatriates these American citizens?
    Can they sue the government for stripping them of what was rightfully theirs?
    Who enforces this massive transfer of people?
    Who pays for the enforcement?
    What liberties are you willing to surrender to enforce these laws?
    What sort of police state are you willing to endure to fix this problem?
    Since this is not about Hispanics, but about illegals, are you willing to see *all* Americans interrogated?
    What about families who hide illegals?
    What portions of slave fugitive laws should we reactivate in order to enforce the law?
    What should happen to Americans who harbor illegal aliens?
    Can an American legally feed an illegal alien?
    Can an American even provide shelter, provided he turns in the illegal alien?
    What are the penalties for feeding an illegal alien?
    What if their point of origin will not accept them back? Can they claim refugee status?
    What sort of benefits will we give these refugees?
    Should we start shipping back Cubans fleeing their government as well?

    (specific to a Catholic like Dan)
    How would any of these measures size up to the basic dignity of the human person?
    Further, are any of these measures ethical?
    …are they moral?

    Come on fellas. You’ve thought this all out, I’m sure, as such a radical step requires much thought and contemplation before just throwing 8-20 million people out of an immense geographic area.

    So let’s hear the grand plan. Boxcars? Concentration camps? Or just crossing our fingers, closing our eyes, and hoping the undesirables just leave?

    I’ll hear a serious answer… but I suspect I’ll be disappointed.

    Let’s hear it — because it’s not about border enforcement, it’s about throwing out 8-20 million people. THAT’S the kicker…

    *(note — you immediately forfeit this game if “just make it undesirable to be here and they go back across the border” is an answer — deduct 50 IQ points and produce your racist card, because it’s not about Mexico… just giving advance warning)*

  • Henry Ryto

    McDermott and Lee,

    A practicing Catholic would never attack the Pope like Corey did. In fact, it’s grounds for excommunication.


    Are you in denial? PWC is using figures from overall Hispanic population to determine the success of it’s policy. They’re not counting the number of illegals in PWC, but how many total Hispanics are being forced from PWC. That’s clearly anti-Hispanic.

  • Monica

    In addition to cafeteria catholics don’t forget the Narthex Catholics – the ones that posture inside church for all to see but drop their beliefs as they pass through the narthex to the parking lot.

  • Brian Kirwin

    Shaun, just because I haven’t seen in mentioned in this thread, a huge part of this problem has nothing to do with “borders.”

    It has to do with the federal government’s woeful mismanaging of the visa program. A huge number of illegals (estimates are over 5 million) in this country are not people who sneaked across a border, but got a visa, overstayed and government has no idea where they are.

    That’s something completely within government’s control, and government’s has basically done nothing in this regard.

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  • Steve Vaughan

    He should have avoided picking a fight with the Pope. Calling Allen a “mediocre” senator is true though, perhaps even kind.

  • I’m not Catholic, although I go to the law school, so I don’t care what he said about the Pope.

    What bothers me is that Corey has picked two fights in the span of a week, and both of the folks he’s picked fights with are considerably larger and more powerful than he is.

    I can understand that he wants to make a name for himself, but going after Ken Cuccinelli – whose supporters he shares – and George Allen in the same week is not a good idea.

    I don’t know why he’s eyeing the Senate race anyway. He’d be a shoo-in for the Lt. Governor job in 2013, and he’s got his own race for PWC Supervisor Chair in 2011 to be worrying about.

    We’ve seen what happens to candidates who spend too much time jockeying for a bigger election than the one they’re running in – they lose sight of what matters and they get beat by Jim Webb. Corey should take that as a cautionary tale and stop throwing elbows.

  • No you can’t


    The Elena posting operates a local liberal blog site who has cornered the market on disgusting,vilifying,and inappropriate rhetoric. As the women on this blog site are calling out others,the comments on her blog site about well meaning citizens and local Republican officials standing up to the “rule of law’have included but are not limited to calling them Nazi’s,xenophobics,racists,to name a few of the comments which have appeared on “Elena’s” blog site. Not to mention the comment by one of her local illegal immigrant apologists about the minor child of a local Republican official.

    So Miss Elena needs to cleanup her own blog site’s history of attacks on citizens before calling out others comments.

  • It shouldn’t be surprising that Shaun Kenney is vigorously defending The Cooch here. And is anything deemed anti-Hispanic now anti-Catholic just because a majorit of Hispanics are Catholic??? This is a huge over-reaction, and once again, being anti illigal immigration is not necessarily anti-Hispanic. This belongs at Blue Virginia!

  • The mention of the Pope should cause concern as it’s Corey Stewart taking shot at Ken Cuccinelli’s faith. While that may have shaped Cuccinelli’s personal politics, Stewart can target his politics but to go at his core? Merely because Stewart didn’t like what he said in his official capacity as Attorney General?

    Sure, bringing it into play in the debate may be an attempt to fend off any attempt by Cuccinelli to eye the 2012 seat. Remember: Cuccinelli had to fend off questions about his faith during the AG’s race regarding the triggerman rule as well. But he’s burning a bridge he doesn’t need to destroy.

    Stewart has bitten off a bit more than he can chew here. Not only has he gone after the Cuccinelli after the AG was merely doing his job (and offering some good insight on what any proposed law needs to get fixed) but taking a swipe at George Allen when he has no name recognition or publicly known record with which to defend himself. It’d be one thing to go after one or the other, but he’s attacking on both his flanks with no structure or base of his own statewide and out the gate alienating a lot of people.

  • Lee Talley

    Where in my original post did you see me go after George Allen? I never said anyone’s record was mediocre at all. Get that straight right now. I am nothing but on the A-Team and no other team period. I didnt question Gov Allen’s efforts on immigration at all but wat questioning your post to be honest. I think you need to go back and re-read what I wrote. Trust me. George Allen for Senate in 2012!

  • Get real !


    Illegal Aliens committed 4 out of the 9 homicides in PWC in 2007. The number of illegal aliens operating vehicles in PWC unlawfully at the detriment of residents has dropped,gang activity has decreased,aggravated assaults have also decreased since the implementation of the illegal immigrant mandate.

    As a Catholic and a PWC resident Shaun you don’t speak for me on this issue.I have seen the devastating effects of the presence of illegal immigrants in our community.

    Shaun why not use your talents to advocate on behalf of the women and children in the Hispanic community who are victims of sexual battery from members of their own community?

  • Get real !

    Another reason Corey’s “Rule of Law” should go statewide!

    An illegal immigrant charged with manslaughter in connection with a weekend crash in Ashland was ordered held without bond after a hearing this morning in Hanover General District Court.

    Feliciano Aguas-Suarez spoke in Spanish through an interpreter in a video appearance from the Pamunkey Regional Jail. A lawyer was appointed for Aguas-Suarez after he said he could not afford counsel.

    Hanover County Commonwealth’s Attorney Trip Chalkley, in arguing that no bond be set, told General District Judge Peter L. Trible that Aguas-Suarez, 29, has used at least two other aliases and is wanted in Caroline County and Prince George’s County, Md., for failure to appear on various driving-related offenses.

    After the hearing, Chalkley said that he wasn’t convinced that Aguas-Suarez was giving his actual name, and that he was awaiting the results of further investigation, including fingerprint examination, to confirm the suspect’s identification.

    — Bill McKelway

    (This has been a breaking news update. Check back for more details as they become available. This morning’s story from the Richmond Times-Dispatch is posted below.)

    A man charged with manslaughter in a weekend crash in Ashland and who told authorities he is an illegal immigrant also used an alias, Hanover County investigators have determined.

    Feliciano Aguas-Suarez, 29, now lives in King William County but in recent years had lived in Caroline County under the name Fernando Ruiz, Hanover Sheriff’s Capt. Michael J. Trice said.

    Aguas-Suarez is scheduled to appear this morning in Hanover General District Court on felony warrants for DUI manslaughter, maiming and driving on a revoked license.

    Meanwhile, the family of Casey Ryan Bohr, 23, described him yesterday as a tragic, innocent victim who preached to family, friends and his church about the evils of driving under the influence.

    “He wouldn’t let you get near a car if he thought you’d been drinking,” said brother Brandon, an animal-control officer in Henrico County. The youngest of three boys, Bohr stood 6-foot-4 and weighed 280 pounds. He was a softball fanatic and was known among his friends as “Big Dub Diesel.”

    “I couldn’t even holler Casey’s name,” his mother, Bobbie, said in describing what threatened to be a head-on collision Friday about 10 p.m. when a car suddenly veered into their lane. They were returning home to King William from a Christmas shopping trip to Wal-Mart in Ashland.

    Casey Bohr was driving and not wearing a seat belt, police said. He was traveling east on state Route 54 about a mile east of Interstate 95. The cars sideswiped each other, which sent Bohr’s vehicle tumbling off the highway.

    “I can’t feel any pain, but my heart is breaking,” Bobbie Bohr said yesterday, after she was released from the hospital. She was able to call 911 on Friday, and sheriff’s deputies found Aguas-Suarez about 400 yards down the road in his vehicle.

    Casey Bohr lay dead on the highway, thrown from his car. “I screamed and I screamed,” said his mother, “but I couldn’t bring myself to go to him.”

    Bohr violated a longstanding family rule by not wearing his seat belt — something that mystifies his mother.

    “He’s been buckled to the seat since the day he was born,” she said.

    The two-lane highway divided by a double solid line where Bohr died is nearly the exact spot where Aguas-Suarez was stopped and charged in June 2007 with crossing the center line to pass and driving without a license. He was convicted in August 2007 and fined.

    A spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said yesterday that ICE placed a detainer on Aguas-Suarez on Saturday. ICE was not aware of his earlier encounters with law enforcement, she said.

    The case is raising comparisons with a head-on collision Aug. 1 involving illegal immigrant Carlos A. Martinelly Montano, 23, and a carload of three Richmond-based nuns from the Benedictine order who were traveling to their convent in Prince William County.

    Martinelly Montano illegally entered the U.S. from Bolivia as a child and was in the process of being deported before the collision, which killed Sister Denise Mosier, 66, and seriously injured Sisters Charlotte Lange and Connie Ruth Lupton.

    Martinelly Montano is scheduled to be tried next year. He is charged with felony murder, a third offense of driving under the influence, driving on a suspended or revoked license, and DUI maiming.

    Like Martinelly Montano, Aguas-Suarez for some period of time used an alias — Fernando Loyola Ruiz.

    Caroline court records show that a man by that name has multiple arrests and convictions for driving offenses in that county, including reckless driving, no driver’s license and failure to stay on the roadway.

    Ruiz also was convicted of a probation violation this January in Caroline and faces a February trial date there for failing to abide by a court order directing him to enroll in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program.

    Bohr’s family, meanwhile, is struggling to make the transition from a large family Thanksgiving to a funeral this week for the big-hearted youngest son, a 2005 King William High School graduate who drove a beer truck for a living and fought drunken driving as his mission.

    A funeral will be held Thursday at 1 p.m. at Fort Lee Baptist Church on Charles City Road in eastern Henrico.

    Burial will follow at Sharon Baptist Church in King William.

    Middle brother Brandon sought words yesterday to describe the family’s feelings toward Aguas-Suarez.

    “If I could talk with him, I’d say, ‘I forgive you,’ because that’s what my God tells me. But I would say, ‘You are going to pay a price when your sentence comes on Judgment Day. And it will be your conscience that you will have to live with as your punishment.'”

  • Get Real ! –

    Shaun why not use your talents to advocate on behalf of the women and children in the Hispanic community who are victims of sexual battery from members of their own community?

    I thought this wasn’t about race?

  • Shaun,

    It can be said that Mexico is at the heart of the immigration problem without the speaker being racist. If there is a logical fallacy at play here it is your ad absurdum reduction of the “dry up the opportunity” argument to a requirement to “produce your racist card.”

    Our southern border is perhaps 80%-90% of the source of illegal immigration. That’s not racist. That’s a geographic fact. Simply because we do not have millions of illegals from Canada does not change the fact that we do have millions of Mexicans/Hondurans/Salvadorans, etc. who have sneaked across the southern border. Do we have illegals from Canada? Yes. Do we have illegals from Asia, Europe, Africa who cannot simply drive back across a border if they cannot find a job? Certainly. But the bulk of the problem can be addressed by taking measures that relate to the human traffic across the southern border. If you were on a boat with multiple leaks, would you address the one that most immediately threatens to sink you, or would you think that unfairly discriminates in favor of the smaller leaks?

    The most fair, colorblind, and just way to address illegal immigration is to tackle the problem in two ways: by reducing both the incentive and the ability for illegal immigration. On the incentive side, we enforce existing laws regarding employment of illegal workers. No need for boxcars, thank you. On the ability side, we tighten visa protocols and enforcement, and secure the borders. If we approach both of these like we mean business, they will work in tandem to slowly ameliorate the problem. If we approach it half-heartedly (say, for instance, by granting ’86-style amnesty to those already here while taking firmer measures at the borders) we do nothing but increase the incentive for future waves of illegals, who will undoubtedly find ways around whatever physical or virtual walls we erect. Likewise, a porous border in conjunction with increased enforcement of illegal labor laws further incentivizes the black market in cheap immigrant labor. The two policies have to both be in place for it to work.

    I cannot speak to Catholic social justice teaching, but I can say the policies I’m talking about are not racist, inhumane, unethical, or even unkind. In fact, if a previous commenter is right that that Catholic teaching does not support open borders immigration, it seems to me that such a solution is likely the only practical way to avoid what amounts to open borders without the sorts of scary, draconian straw men you’ve set up.

  • Too bad “No you can’t” has nothing else to discredit Elena’s remarks with other than lies about our blog,

    I would say the blog is far from a liberal blog so if that is what you are looking for its probably best to go to Blue Virginia. We probably have more Republicans and Tea Party people than we do centrists.

    I very much back up what Elena has said.

  • Shaun, I’m running a little late to class so I’ll reply in full later. You made some valid points, but let me ask you this. What about the human dignity we as citizens (and legal immigrants such as myself) deserve? Look at the crimes committed by illegal immigrants in our communities. Look at the death and violence they bring with him. That is not respecting the human dignity of those of us who did it the proper way or were born here. I have the right to live in security in my own country and I should not have to worry about violent illegals.

  • No you can’t


    Who are you kidding? Keep up those lies about your blog site. You are linked into every left wing nut site in the state.

  • I am very proud of the blog that I participate in, as we have made a concerted effort to elevate the conversation, it does not always work, but we try. We try, I might add, even as WE are personally attacked.

    Before people start trying to tie illegal immigration to high crime rates, they should do the research first. Start in PWC, you will find a much different narrative, borne out by the Police Stat facts. Because we are the first county to actually determine status for every person arressted, you will find that illegal immigrants make a very very small percentage of crime. I have posted the link to the county website, read it for yourself, don’t trust me.

    Oh, and just recently, a repeat offender killed two people on route 29 in PWC, he wasn’t an illegal alien, just some loser. Is his crime any less heinous?

  • Anti-illegal immigration and favoring the rule of law does not equal anti- Hispanic or anti-Catholic. Some of you are saying the border is not an issue, but it is. Until we control our borders it will continue to be. There will be no point in talking about doing anything because any fix will be temporary. Amnesty was granted under Reagan and look at the problem we have STILL!

    Once the border is under control, Shaun makes very valid points. We also can’t escape the fact that our corrupt/incompetent government is responsible for those already here. It rises to the level of entrapment, so we might as well take some responsibility for our country practically dangling opportunity and making it damn easy to break the law so vile businesses and the predator class can take advantage of their illegal status.
    1. Control the border before anything else.
    2. Allow states to enforce whatever law checking status so long as probable cause for thinking an arrested person is illegally present is proven. Or they have been convicted of a crime that demands jail time.
    3.Put all illegal immigrants on notice that they will be granted legal status as a guest worker for a period of 10 years at which time they can apply for permanent residence.

  • Oops. Accidently hit “submit” before finishing.

    Once they become “guest workers” they can still be arrested and deported for breaking the law,but your family is not affected.

    After the initial registration if you are here illegally and not a “guest” all bets are off and you get deported asap.

    Some sort of penalty should also be paid even if nominal for breaking the law in the first place and the should pay fees to cover the expense of them going from illegal to “guest” to permanent resident.

    Also, something needs to be done about the immigration policy period. People from all over the world find it massively difficult to immigrate legally.

  • We’re still in the middle of one of the worst economies in the last fifty years. Why are we wasting time arguing over illegal immigration when that’s a federal issue anyway?

  • Dan —

    I’d submit that you’re conflating two issues:

    (1) Violent crime, and
    (2) The presence of illegal immigrants near you and possibly 20 million nationally.

    Now, obviously it really doesn’t matter what (1) is — the real issue is (2). After all, it doesn’t matter if they’re here creating jobs or doing the work you don’t want to do… hypothetically, we still wouldn’t want them here — right?

    Here’s the kicker: Everyone wants border enforcement.

    Obviously, it doesn’t do any good to ship ’em back if you don’t take your border enforcement seriously. Might as well pour water in a bucket full of holes.

    But once we get past Phase 1 — how do we ship back 20 million people due to the lax enforcement of our laws?

    Now there’s where the question of human dignity lies.

    I’ll admit — I don’t have a ready answer. But the solution can’t be for states to perform federal tasks, nor can it be to treat these people as second-class citizens. Nor is it to play three card monte with their citizenship status. Nor is it to shuffle them around the Commonwealth or detain them indefinitely.

    So there you have it. We all know that we have to enforce the borders. It’s developing that second part… there’s your catch. And that (and that alone) is what we should be discussing.

  • @No you can’t:

    I am probably also linked to every right wing extremist blog in Virginia also. Don’t ya love balance.

    I don’t need to lie about my blog. I invited those who question what we are all about to stop by for a visit. I have nothing to hide and neither does Elena.

    Unfortunately there is a small cadre of people in PWC who like to bully and attempt to intimidate by ridiculing those with whom they disagree. We laugh at those minions because they are so transparent.

    So ‘No you can’t,’ what is it exactly that you are trying to do? Bully, intimidate and discredit us? Yawn.

    Even if we bite the heads off of butterflies, what does that have to do with Corey making some very irreparably damaging political moves? Talk to him, help him do the right thing.

    To all,

    PWC has a decent working policy that many associated with worked hard for. Our policy on immigration status went from probable clause to checking everyone’s status who was arrested. We also have been 287g participants since 2007. No one wants criminals on the street.

  • Lee Talley

    Wow… I have to say this. I actually agree with Britt Howard’s points.

    No response to my questioning of you misunderstanding my post? Hmmm interesting.

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